The symbol of RNEN

The Bureau of Civil Defense Alert System (the Бюро Гражданской Обороны Система Оповещения or Bjuro Grazhdanskoj Oborony Sistema Opoveshhenija in Russian, with the acronym BGOSO) is the Russian equivalent to the American Emergency Broadcast Alert Service. Created in 1967, the BGOSO is designed to warn of terrorist attack, natural disasters, dangers to public safety and its original purpose, nuclear war.

Unlike the American EBAS, the BGOSO is designed as a standalone channel. Normally, it operates as a news network, though with all stories that are played merely from other networks. Only studio segments are NBS produced. In a time of emergency, all channels are required to switch to BGOSO, and news networks required to cooperate and provide information to BGOSO to broadcast. A full time staff is on hand at the NBS main studio in Moscow and secondary studios in St. Petersburg, Volgograd and Vladivostok in case of an emergency, while other cities and districts have a designated channel to use, namely those of the private-state network Pravda.

The NBS is part of the Bureau of Civil Defense, hence the name of the system, with two officers from the Ministry of Defense to serve as liaisons with the military in case of war.

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