OTL equivalent: Mexico and Southern United States
Horizontal Aztlan tricollour Coat of arms of Mexico (1934-1968)
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Tenochtitlán
Largest city Tenochtitlán
Other cities Guadalajara, Santo Didacus, Santo Antonio, Acapulco, Coatzcoalcos
Language Portuguese, Nahuatl
Religion Roman Catholicism
Demonym Aztec
Government Unitary Presidential Republic
  legislature National Assembly
Population 9,500,000 (1835) 
Independence from The Kingdom of Iberia
  declared 1788


Aztlan war of independence

The call for independence was there for a long while since the Conquering of the Mehican alliance and other various Mehican states which happened in 1539 for the Old Mehican Alliance but the great call happened around 1780 when the Iberian Crown decided to tax the Aztlan population heavier to get Iberian buildings Build in their Homeland in Europe. Together with the starting of Enlightened and Liberal ideas philosophers and politicians questioned Iberian Rule over their lands. Another factor that has to be recognised that helped the Independence movement pick up,is the Aid from the then Californian Kingdom and The European Kingdom of England which provided much aid to the ideals of freeing Aztlan lands from. So, on the 3rd of May, the leaders of these ideals declared their Independence from the Iberian Crown. With the Californians' help the Aztlan federation was able to take it former autonomous lands and all Texas which became the third state of the Union. After which, the Californians negotiated peace and the independence of the state in the treaty of Santo Didacus.

The Unification with the californian Empire

The Unification With the Californian Empire Happened shortly after the treaty of San Diego when Unhappy generals of its nation tried to overthrow the Emperor Philipe Augusthino Diltwa I. However, this failed while this did keep the nation from a civil war it did weaken it enough to have the Emperor ask to join the federation as in the treaty of Diltwa Wituye as the state of Grande Califórnia. After which many of the Former Californian institutions like the army model were taken over by the Aztlan federation since the Californians experienced their independence for a long 150 years. After this the nation really began a transitional Period with laws being established and states made this time was one where they prepared for democracy to be granted in a period of 10 to 20 years after the independence. The Alliance between California and the Salish nation was also renewed and edited to fit the Aztlan and Salish needs. During this period parties got also founded like the Mēxihcah Iluitsintli, a party of Aztec nationalists and imperialists, who wish to have Augusthino Diltwa return to the nation to bring the Aztec Empire back to its former glory.

The Overthrow of the Federation.

In 1798 the first elections were held in the then Aztlan Federation and Mēxihcah iluitsintli Won the elections with 79% of the votes going to them and the other 21% to independent candidates who after their heavy defeat formed the Federalist Party. After the burning of churches and other administrative buildings in California happened the Aztec party had an emergency called and then quickly installed the son of the former Californian Emperor and they crowned him Tlahtoāni Moctezuma Raul Augusthino Diltwa I.He quickly there after proclaimed the Mēxihcatl Emperadoryōtl ,Raul quickly changed the flag and began preparing for the liberation of the rest of Cēmānāhuac (the word wasn't in use then yet but he referred to the region of it).

Liberation of Gran Panama

List of Aztlan Leaders.

Leaders of Nation
Image Title Leader name Time in ofice Extra info
José María Teclo Morelos y Pavón
President José María Teclo Morelos

y Pavón

1788-1798 One of the fathers

of independence

Moctezuma Raul Augusthino Diltwa I
Tlahtoāni Tlahtoāni Moctezuma Raul Augusthino Diltwa I 1798-1812 Adopted son of former Californian Emperor
Tlahtoāni Carlos I Portret
Tlahtoāni Tlahtoāni Carlos de Mérida e Augusthino Diltwa I 1812-... His given name was Augustinianus de Mérida e Augusthino Diltwa

The flag of the Political entities.

Entities of the Aztlan federation
Image State name Joined the Federation in Extra info Capital city
Bandeira galega civil
gouvernate of Novo Galiza June 1787 First state to Rebel Tenochtitlán
Flag of the State Of Guatemalla V3
Gouvernate of Maiam August 1787 Hosts the Federal Navy Mérida
Aztlan Texas flag
gouvernate of Nova Leão January 1788 First state to be created out of conquest santo António
Second mzerkan flag
gouvernate of De Deniae Maris March 1789 Only state with an Emperor as Governor Santo Didacus
Flag of Baricano
Territory of Boricano September 1794 First territory to be created out of bought lands Aguadilla
Flag of Novo Tejas
Gouvernate of Mêcicipi September 1799 Has been created out of Imperial funds Decatur (can change)
Bandera varilla
Governate of Gran Panama 1814 January became a gouvernate after political changes Medellín

Important Symbols and flags

Symbols of the Aztlan federation
Image Name Usage Extra info
Aztlan Collonial Flag
The Yellow Stripe banner On Aztlan Administrative buildings in Non states controlled lands Designed to get the Aztlan tri-collour kown
Horizontal Aztlan tricollour
The Civil victory flag Used by the nationalist A horizontal adoptation of unofficial banner
Municipal flag of Guadalajara
Guadalajara's city flag On Buildings to represent Guadalajara Changed its collour after independence
Illinois Flag V4
Tribal proud Use by the lllnios confedration,member of the Liga de proteção Has been based on an old Mzerkan banner
Monogram ECPU
Monogram of the Company Used by the "Empresa de Comercio Polinésica Unida" Many Use this on top the Mehican flag


The Culture of the Aztlan is best to be split in three kinds of cultures with their own subcultures because of how the state came into existance.


This Culture was a culture with its own writing system. With their language of Nahuatl they spread their culture which heavily involved Human Sacrifice and the Drinking of Hot chili cacao. The Culture split was hierarchical with a king on top with the most known Emperor Moctezuma I. They also were unknown with metallurgy. Even with this disadvantage they used Obsidian which is still use now they know how to use metal for precision knives for human operations. Many of their Mehican Gods have also translated in their adoptions into Aztlan Saints. This is after the adoption of Roman Catholicism took over their region to get higher standing with the New Iberian rulers. After which they adopted their technology and the rich and noble even adapted their clothing and naming customs. The Portuguese language became wide spread because it made people able to get higher up while Nahuatl was taught to other non-Nahuatl speakers to give the Iberians an easier time for documentation.

Novas Astecas/novos californianos

Although these people are not exactly one group of people their feature of European mixed heritage makes them look quite different from their Nahuatl and Californian brothers. Their language is mostly Portuguese with some loanwords from Nahuatl and Athabaskan and other native languages. These people do wear clothing more native Nahuatl and Sinkyone. They also make Use of make up to alter their skin colour to look more their native brothers. They also make use of more Iberian instruments for their music and they use Portuguese surnames with mostly Aztec and Californian names.




The government is Empire ruled by a Tlahtoāni and the former leader of the Aztecs party With him seeing to gain much influence outside Mehico it self with his government creating the "a liga do unionista no Grande Panama" This is a union for the creation of a provisional Novo Granadian Government."o governo provisório do grande Panamá para a liberdade e a causa da liberdade."

A liga de proteção de Cēmānāhuac

This is a Liga that will allow weaker nations and tribes to get Mehican defence and aid in the return that they have to listen to Mehican advise and help during wartime.

Current Relations (1840s)

Liga de proteção Memberstates de Cēmānāhuac.

  • Grand Principality of Gran Panama

Allies and friends

  • Salish nation/Saliya - the Salish was originally a good Ally of the Mzerkans which later became the Kingdom of California. That after it joined the Aztlan confederation kept it alliance
  • Mapuche Confederacy - The Mapuche had been helped by the Aztlan armies in their struggle against the Argentines and because of this, greatly improved the view seen by the Mapuche and due to this aid they have been close allies.
  • Brésil- Aztlan Federation was one of the first nations to recognise the Brésilia independence and it supports it although help and aid has been limited due to the distance.
  • Hawaii/Havaii- Our convoys discovered the Havaians around the turn of the 19th century and directly after it discovery conducted diplomatic relations with it giving Mehico an embassy in 1800

Trade Agreements/Good Relations

  • French Republic - France has recently sanctioned the Aztec enemy, argentine, in favor of new better trade agreements with Aztlan and the Mapuche, this has greatly strengthened the relationship between the two.

Neutral relations

  • Basically everyone else

Negative relations

  • Kingdom of Iberia- Since the Iberian conquering of the Aztecs relations went bad seeing them as oppressors but finally gaining independence from them and since then many proxy wars have come with them support different governments the Mehico did.
  • United Kingdom: supported Aztlan's enemies in recent conflicts and has began to anger Aztlan with the competition
  • Tejas - Aztlan had greatly despised tejas for their independence however have since set aside that hatred to focus it on a greater enemy in a war that they could win.