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Reino de Aztlán
Kingdom of Aztlán
— Kingdom of the Hispanic Federation
Timeline: Hispanic Federation

OTL equivalent: First Empire of Mexico
Bandera de Aztlán Coat of arms of Mexico (1821-1823)
Flag Coat of Arms
Location Mexican Empire (1822)

Religión, Independencia, Unión (Spanish for)
("Religion, Independence, Union")

Anthem "Himno Nacional Aztlánteca"
Capital Mexico
Largest city Mexico
Other cities Los Ángeles, Santander, Guadalajara, Managua, Mérida, many more
Spanish (53 indigenous languages accepted)
  others English, French
Roman Catholicism
  others Protestantism, indigenous beliefs
Ethnic groups
  others White, Native
Demonym Aztlánteca
Government Monarchy
Area area 
Population 110,000,000 
Established October 19, 1792
Admission October 19, 1792
Currency Peso
Time zone varies
  summer varies
Abbreviations AZ

The Kingdom of Aztlán (Spanish: Reino de Aztlán, shortened AZ), is the largest and most populated of the kingdoms of the Hispanic Federation.

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