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Aztec Empire
Mexica Triple Alliance

Mexihcah Ēxcān Tlahtōlōyān

Timeline: Celestial Ascendance

OTL equivalent: Aztec Empire,Mexico
Flag of the Mexica Triple Alliance Coat of arms of Mexico
Flag National emblem
Anthem: "The Divine Kingdom"
(and largest city)
Other cities Cholula, Teotihuacan
Language: Nahuatl
Aztec Religion
  others: Buddhism
Ethnic group: Aztecs
Demonym: Aztec, Mexican
Type of government: Absolute, divine triarchy
Huetlatoani: Quatzalzuma III
  Imperial House: House of Tenoch
Cihuātlatoani of Texcoco: Malina Huecoatl
Tlatoani of Tlacopan: Tezozomoc II
1,650,000 km²
  water (%): 2,5%
Population: 200,000,000 
Established: 1345
Currency: Aztec Quatzal
Organizations: United Nations
Native Sinican League
The Aztec Empire, officially called the Mexica Triple Alliance often simplified to Aztecah, and sometimes called Mexica is a sovereign state in North America and Mesoamerica.

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