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Aztec Protectorate
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With the Spanish Caribbean established, the question remained of what would happen to the Aztec Empire.


In 1521, Spanish Diplomats and Missionaries, guarded by dismounted conquistadors, approached Montezuma and the Aztec people. Searching for gold, Cortez wondered if they could overthrow the government and claim the land for Spain. However, Montezuma saw these people as a threat, and ordered their deaths. After cutting down 24 warriors down with their guns, Cortez and the expedition party were captured and sacrificed.

Future of Mexico

A Cold War developed between the Aztec Empire and the West Indies Trade Company for the next 5 years. Finally, in 1527, a deal was made, similar to the Granada Deal of the 15th Century. Montezuma, knowing they had no chance of surviving a war, gave his terms to the Spanish Caribbean Government. Disease had killed many of his people, and the priests, unable to do anything, grew less and less popular. Many were in agreement with Montezuma when he said if the Aztecs could remain a sovereign state, they would convert to Catholicism and become a state of the Spanish Empire, free from slavery. The Spanish agreed, but only if the Aztecs would pay tribute with gold. Furthermore, the Mayans and Zapotecs would get their own sovereign state, and the Spanish Yucatan Colony would remain free, population mixed with white Spaniards and brown Mayans. The Aztecs would lose its religion and many of its morals, but the culture of the Meso-American people would survive into the modern day, due to the protective and tolerant Spanish Empire. This treaty would be the first of many New World Agreements.

The charter for the North

With Spanish being an official language in the Aztec Protectorate, the Aztecs now had a voice in all New World affairs. In 1548, the Aztec Empire gained the right to colonize land north up to the Rio Grande River. With Aztec Territory almost doubling, the state would become part of a new colonial country with the Zapotec, Mayan, Yucatan and Guatemala Colonies, forming Spanish Mexico.

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