The Aztec Hegemony is the chief, non-colonial power in the North American continent.  It controls all of Central America, and is making rapid headway into what is the OTL Texas.  This puts the Hegemony into regular conflict with the Comanche Empire, and the Alliance of Natives.  While the Aztecs have not infringed on colonial possessions of any other states, their military actions can strain relations.  It is currently at war with the Alliance of Natives, the Comanche Empire, and the Incan Empire.


Alliance of Natives

Azteca does not recognize either the Plains Federation, or the Tribal Confederacy, which make up the Alliance.  They are at war with both, and while the Tribal Confederacy does not share any borders with the Aztecs, the Plains Federation is fighting a losing battle against the surperior Aztec forces.  As a result, the Federation resorts to guerrilla tactics against the Aztecs, though these only have limited success.

Comanche Empire

Simiarly to the Alliance, the Aztec Hegemony does not recognize the Comanche Empire.  The simiarly imperalistic Comanches made attempts on Aztec territory, but have been unable to match themselves against the Aztecs.  The Aztecs treatment of their Comanche conquests is brutal, often resulting in massacres.

Incan Empire

Unlike the governments of North America, the Incan Empire, which controls most of South America, is capable of fighting on par with the Aztecs.  First contact between the two of them was violent, with their two armies engaging in conflict, sparking the First Aztec-Incan War, which lasted from 1684 to 1701, until a peace treaty was signed with the Egyptians serving as a third party.  The treaty called for mutual disengagement by both forces, and the formation of a demilitarized zone south of the Northern Andes.

Since then relations were strained, as the Aztecs still had territory in the northern most region of South America. Both the Aztecs and Incans accuse the other of making incursions across the demilitarized zone, and into the other's territory.  Military build up between the two governemnts further strained relations.

Conflict finally erupted when a missile struck the demilitairzed zone, though neither side claimed responsibility for it.  This sparked the Aztecs to move a large force into the zone, to which the Incans responded in like.  The two forces faced each other, until they exchanged fire in 1997.  This began the Second Aztec-Incan War.


Egyptian Empire

The relations between Egypt and Azteca are mixed, and are intetwined with Egyptian-Incan relations.  Since Egypt holds no territorial possessions in North America, the most of the Egyptian populace considers Azteca of no issue.  Public opinion of the Aztec Hegemony by the Egyptians is surprisingly favorable, due to anti-Incan sentiment, particularly in the South American colonies. 

However, due the Egyptian government is disinclined to take any action that may bring them into conflict with the Incans, out of concern for their colonies.  They are also vocal critics of Aztec domestic policy, calling it "barbaric" and "inhumane".

The Egyptian Empire was the chief broker of peace between during the First Aztec-Incan War, serving to help establish the treaty between the two empires.  It also considers completely neutral in the conflict, and has repeatedly asserted that it would be willing to broker peace if need by again.

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