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Timeline: Premyslid Bohemia
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Tenochtitlan
Largest city Tenochtitlan
Language English and Old Aztec dialects
Roman Catholic
  others Aztec religion
Ethnic Group Aztecs and Spanish
Duke of Americas John the Aztec Emperor (first), Andrew of America (last)
  Duke: Plantagenets

Aztec Empire is greatest American Empire in Premyslid Bohemia timeline, unlike defeat by Spanish in our timeline, here Aztecs didn't know such nation exist until the end of 16th Century. Since big beetles in War of Europe stopped discoveries of the New World and Marco Polo was totally forgotten, until 1598 when ship from Western Empire sailed to sea to find new land found Florida. In 1598 Aztec Empire was everything in our Mexico, Middle America and north part of South America. From 1598 to 1600 this Triple Alliance was part of Western Empire, ruled by oldest living brother of king. First was John called the Aztec Emperor and last Andrew of America. From 1600 it was made duchy and marriage of John to Aztec Emperors only child and daughter made him first in line for Aztecan Emperor. This duchy stayed together until 1997 and then became something between monarchy and republic. Andrew of America had son Peter how became ´´president´´, but this created presidential family. Other than that it is something like our Britain, except king/queen is president.

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