Aztec Empire
Mexica Triple Alliance
Timeline: Centralized Empire
OTL equivalent: Mexico
. AD 1810 - Present
[[File: |125px|border|alt=|Flag of Aztec Empire (Centralized Empire)]]
In glory of Aztec, we thrive
Aztec National Anthem
Largest city  
Official languages Spanish
Ethnic groups  Mexican 85%, Spanish 10%, Etc. 5%
Demonym Mexican
Religion Roman Catholic
Government Hegemonic Military confederation
 -  Huelatonani  
 -  Total 1,972,550 km2 
761,606 sq mi 
 -    estimate   
Aztec Empire was once a defunct state due to Spanish colonization but revived by the Aztec Independence movement against Spain. Currently, they are in their largest land expansion. Its other name is Mexico.


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Administrative divisions

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Geography by States

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Aztecs are only have one, autocratic emperor, Huetlatoani. Huetlatoani is elected in the chief meeting after the death of Huetlatoani. Huetlatoani is the law, the judge, the supreme governor. He can make laws, enforce them, and appoints his private ministers to rule the empire. There are no public offices except chief, which could be either hereditary or by appointment. If hereditary chief, even Huetlatoani himself could not fire the man even in treason.


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Drug Cartels

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