Had Cortes it possible that that the Aztecs could have conquered almost all of America?? Probably not, but some tweaks could have had such an effect on the world at the time. What if....Cortes never scuttled his fleet and instead told his men that he had left without permission, making them all traitors to Spain?? Could this have stopped his men?? Possibly, but now let us look at this another way... After telling his men their actions, Cortes and most of the army would attack the capital of Tenochtitlan while leaving some of the men to defend the fleet. Now imagine a Aztec scout watching this all of this and then returns to the capital to inform Montezuma II of this attack so he sends a allied army to raid the troops guarding the fleet while another force would raid and surround Corte's army. This attack could've left a pale Cortes along with his men dead on the ground, but of course later used for a ritual to their gods and if possible, most of his ships would be under Aztec control. Had it been enough, this new technology could have started the start of a new age for the Aztec Empire and a reform policy would be made due to the fact that many tribes had sided against Montezuma's rule. This invasion could possibly also show the Aztecs that there was another world out there and an age of expansion would begin. Welcome to the America that could have Aztec one.

OTL Differences

  • The British Commonwealth would become the leading world power until its defeat in the First Continental War and would make way for the Aztecs as the new world power.
  • Spain and France's attempts at spreading across the world would be discouraged and the two nations would make do with land claims in Africa due to a powerful Indian controlled Columbia (America)
  • Great Britain would eventually take charge of the Economic Union of Europe (EUE) and become the strongest nation in Europe.
  • The Qing Empire also manages to survive and create its own empire until the Great Rebellion of 1918, due to the fact that the people were mistreated and that the war was unpopular (The First Continental War)
  • Japan, unlike in OTL, would actually become the victor of both the wars and would become the first "dragon" of Asia ('Dragons' where part of a system that determined the economy of the nations of Asia, another example where the 'tigers' of Asia)
  • Poland-Lithuania would be able to get much of its land back during the Warsaw uprising, in which the former nation would be brought back into the world.

(more to come)

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