Aztec Empire
Timeline: 1234

'Hono Tu Vera (For Freedom) (Azteckian, later Spanish)

Capital Jaic City (currently Jacksonville, Florida)
Largest city Holy City
Language Azteckian, later Spanish
Religion Azteckian, later Christian
Government Central Control Empire
King Alfred Hunti
Lead Councilor Councilor Beeyee
Population 45,009 
Established 3000 BC
Currency Gold

The Aztecs lived from present day Florida over to Texas and down to Central Mexico. Every time the King died the priests and councilors held a meeting to pick the next King (or once, a Queen). Later when the Spanish invaded they were taken under Spain's control until they rebelled and took back their land, Mexico later lost Florida, California and Texas to the United States, today the Aztecs rule no land but give out a simple way of life and have certain rules to follow.


A King (or Queen) ruled, when he or she 'died' the council would decide who would take over. The King had all the power, he would say what goes and what doesn't. The council were just mainly delegates to watch over the people.


Aztecs believe that the Sun Wjo, San (a Wjo is an honorable person) created the universe. He set up four rules for them to follow:

  • 1) Never kill a person.
  • 2) Marry while living.
  • 3) Listen to the King.
  • 4) Wear the clothing of the Iui.

Also, Aztecs believed that you 'lived' between thirteen and thirty.


The clothing of the Iui is an outfit that was mandatory to wear.


For men it was white pants with a gold belt, in the winter a white sweater was required. In the summer they wore nothing on the top.


Women wore long white pants and a white bra in the summer. In the winter they wore long pants with a golden belt and a sweater on top.


Today their clothing can be found in some store. Cindy McCain has been seen wearing the women's winter outfit.

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