The Aztec-Aquitanian War was fought from 1435 to 1438 between the Kingdom of Aquitaine including its newly-conquered Viceroyalty of Guatemala, and the Mexica Triple Alliance. Though knowledge of the New World had been widespread in Europe for decades, ever since the resumption of Norse settlement in Vinland, it was only in the mid-15th century that other European nations became interested in what the new continents had to offer. In 1444 the Genoese mercenary and navigator, Rodrigo de Monroy, acting on behalf of the Aquitanian government, undertook a voyage of exploration to South Vanaheim, where his thousand men easily conquered the Mayan cities and plundered thousands of tons of gold.

This sparked a flurry of interest in the region, and over the next 20 years Aquitaine would come to consolidate its control over the region, and over much of the Hespirides as well. Initially the fledgeling colonies of New Gascony maintained cordial relations with the powerful Mexica alliance to the north, but in 1462 Rodrigo de Monroy, hearing of the rumoured wealth of his neighbours, ...

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