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Aztèque (French: Aztèque) or the Imperial Republic of Aztèque is a Federal Republic located in Central America right below Mexico and above the Republic of Yucatan and is the only known nation with a French speaking majority (in the region). It was originally established as a join Spanish-French colony until the Napoleonic Wars, when the Aztec population which made up 40% of the population after the the Great Plague (This plague effected only the natives in which many died off killing more then a quarter of the population) and the French colonist revolted overthrowing the local rule. The two Global European Wars brought large anti-German feelings in the area and it soon grew so large that the German citizens living in the republic would be sent to containment camps and prisons and if they did not end up there they would be beat up by the French population and security forces; some writers witnessed or knew from friends, family, and relatives of what was being done to the German population, one example is the famous author George Bernanos who wrote a book about the subject called The Disgrace of Barbarism which talked about the containment camps and conditions put onto these "outcasts". After the Second European War, the rise of Fascism in Asia brought upon the Dead War which spread fear upon the people of Earth, Tensions got even more tight after Fascist loyalist overthrew the Hawaiian government and allowed WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) from the Ming Dynasty to be stationed on the Island, this began mobilisation of the armed forces in the nation and preparation of evacuation; this event known as the Hawaiian Missile Crisis nearly led to an all out war until the Empire of Korea and the various kingdoms of Japan managed to dissolve the situation relieving the people. There was few events after the missile crisis in Azeque other then violence, changes in the government and elections, but finally years later the Dead War ended with the Ming Dynasty collapsing from self-destruction after allowing free rights to be returned to many surrounding nations/territory. Today, Azteque continues to expand itself beyond along with helping other nations, it is at the moment sending relief to the island of Japan due to the Tokyo Storm which has caused massive damage to the infrastructure not to mention failure of cooperation between the kingdoms.

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