Democratic Republic of Azerbaidjan
Azerbaidjan (February's Legacy)
Official Azeri
Capital Ganja
Head of State -


Following the February revolution in Russia, the provinces (Elisavetpol and Shamakha) that would form Azerbaidjan separated as part of the Transcaucasian Republic. This republic however was short lived and soon seceded into the modern republics of Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaidjan.

Almost immediately, a civil war broke out between Ottoman backed Azeri and Armenian communists. The strife was resolved following the invasion of the republic by British forces who, except for a brief Ottoman interval, ruled the country as a dictatorship.

After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, the UK withdrew from Azerbaidjan and recognised the government under president Alimardan Topchubashev.


Due to the multitude of party, the government is formed by coalition, generaly one composed of the Equality Party with some of the following: the Socialist Bloc, the Independents, the Liberals, Endeavor Party (Social-Democratic) and the Union Party (Conservative).

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