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The Azaranian Alphabet is a syllabic script, much like the OTL Japanese alphabets. Here are a few words:

Examples of Azaranian speech 

Tarzha/Arza/Tarza/Arzhi - time
Tarzhe/Arze/Tarze/Arzhed - Time
Arzha - to Govern, to Rule, to hold power
Tarzhan'Tari - Timewalkers
Tarzhan'Tarei - Timewalker
Tarzhan - Tarei - Walker
Tapin - to walk
Tarzh'Hator - Time Worshiper
Azkareth - Time priest/priestess
Zandzhiara - Seal
Arzhatahatran - the one who holds power/ruler
Naraton - Ancient King
Narzhanil - Government
Narzhanan - Of the Government/the Government's
Seinat - Senate
Filapezhan - Confederation
Terapezhan - Federation
Pressaident - Province/Assembly of multiple colonies/group of provinces, etc ...
Dairani - Assembly/Normal parliament
Arzhanei - Colony
Arzhanan - Colonial
Zhior - City
Zhari - Share
Narzhari - tax
Naturiat - Gathering (mirtolian)
Tiosei - Home (mirtolian)
Seinat/Seynat - Place of Assembly/People's Assembly
Miraza - Status
Tafo - Merchant
Tafoga - Merchant's
Fanatazha - Common
Lisar - Coin
Gari'zhenal - Tithe
Risena - Currency exchange

Some word Evolutions

Tiol ► Tshiol ► Tzhiol ► Zhiol ► Zhior → City
Tiosei ► Tisei ► Isei ► Irsei ► Irzhei ► Irzhe → Home

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