The High Senate is the Azaranian equivalent to the Executive Branches of the Legislature in Most Modern constitutional Monarchies, i.e. the Azaranian Cabinet of Ministers. The High Senate is headed by the First Senator, who acts like the Azaranian head of Government (the Prime Minister). The Azaranian Military Have three Representatives in the High Senate, the Military triumvirate. These are the only members of the High Senate Not required to be members of the Main senate Body, and are officially Directly appointed by the emperor and can be anybody. However, in Reality, a bodies of High Ranking Officers, known as the Lords Military, Usually chose to send a "recommendation" of the position of the Head of either the "ground troops" the "Navy" and the "Shadow force", and is expected for any Emperor, whether He be of the Planets or Azarath, to accept the nomination. 

The Assembly of the Lords Admiral chooses the Lord Grand Admiral, and High Senator of the Void and Sea.

The Assembly of the Lord Generals chooses the Lord Grand Marshal, Lord Supreme Command Marshal, or Lord Generalissimo.

And the Assembly of the Lords Directoria choose the Lord Marshal-Director.

The Remaining Members of the High Senate, Including the First Senator, Must Be members of the Senate. 

List of High Senators

This is the Composition of the High Senate During the Events of BFE: Prime. They are given in No Particular Order.

Position Name
First Senator Hordane Sortana
High Senator of the Air and Land Lord Grand Marshal Martya'Kornis Val Hartu
High Senator of the Void and Sea Lord Grand Admiral Saerantonzh'Alkomani Haestron
High Senator of the Dark and Shadows Lord Marshal-Director Trankar Horentek
High Senator of Learning Zar'tebek Mar'Sadina
High Senator of Peace and Law Azh'Garan Torblek
High Senator of Food Znhan'Tiyya Harta
High Senator of Travel and Immigration Transki Trans
High Senator of Leisure and Sport Tori Maltane
High Senator of Health and Well being Selmy Horka'folana
High Senator of Travel Within Coronzha Far'tana
High Senator of Foreign Relations Dor'Tilla Mar'Sares
High Senator of the Treasury Zhupe'Zils Harcho
High Senator of Information Gon'tarak Forza
High Senator of the Colonial Relations Max'an Milli'an

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