Imperial Confederacy of the Azarath
Timeline: Battle for Earth (Map Game)
Azarath Flag
Flag of Azaranian Empire

"May the Guardians Lead us to Victory!" (Azkara)

Anthem "The Banner of Unity"
Capital North Zhetiol
Largest city Azarathium
Other cities South Zhetiol, Nacta'har, Sara'zhan, Lafadita, Azheria, Rozha'kar
  others over 1000 regional languages
Religion Azarathaka, Ladaditism, Nasaria, various regional
Ethnic Group Azarath, Azhuranthia
Demonym Azaranian
Government Imperial Confederacy
  legislature Imperial Senate
Emperor Azkar'Zento XI Scenobeye
  Royal house: Elective Monarchy
Population 25,000,000,000,000 
Established 85 MYA (Treaty of Kunto)
Currency Mirithi

The Azaranain Empire, officially known as the Imperial Confederacy of the Azarath. The Empire's official date of establishment was approx. 85 MYA via the Treaty of Kunto, although that treaty only bound the nations of Mirthiosalya and their extra-planetary colonies to the Imperial Hierarchy, as it was decided that it was the only way to continue to pool the resources, although the Nations of Mirthiosaly continued to have an incredible amount of autonomy. The system of Government was taken from the Hegenomic state at the time: the Empire of Auranthyana The Nations of the Planet reluctantly agreed, as they saw that disagreeing with the Treaty of Kunto would lead to the utter destruction of their Nation by the Azhuranthia. The treaty had been reformed for the addition of colonial bodies, and by that time everyone had come to terms with the domination of Auranthyana on Mirthiosaly.

The Imperial Hierarchy

The Azaranian Empire is Headed by the Emperor of the Azarath, an elected member of the Azhuranthia council, the Azhuranthia are historically the leaders of the people due to their powers (allegedly gifted by the Guardian Energhya who convinced the other six to honor their agreement and give the power to the fist independently evolved species). Even if the power of the Emperor has waned a bit, but the populace is still in favor of an Azhuranthia ruling the Nation, as they take anyone powerful enough to control their Azhuranthian habilities and to argue philosophy and politics with a member of the council into their ranks, and anyone in the council can potentially become emperor, although five families have generally won the elections for emperor on numerous occasions: The Scenobye, Azurkesh, Helyaforna, Nikionov, and Herankur families. Since the Treaty of Kunto 85 MYA, the throne has only passed from father to child only 50 times.

  1. Emperor of the Azarath (the Elected Member of the Azhuranthia Council)
  2. Emperor of the Planets (Appointed for life by the Azaranian Emperor, acts as a 2IC and a successor to the Emperor and acts in his place when he is gone and is the Emperor in the one-Month "Interregnum of Mourning" after the Emperor's Death, can be anyone)
  3. The Azhuranthia council
  4. The Azaranian Senate(representatives from entire empire)
  5. The military Triumverate (Comanders-in-Chief of the Navy, the Ground forces, and the Spec Ops units)+
  6. National governments of Mirthiosaly/The Council of Mirthiosaly(HQ in Azarathium)++
  7. Colonial Presidents(Assemblies of Star Clusters)
  8. Colonial Assemblies
  9. Regional Governments

Each Level of hierarchy can create whatever laws it likes and impose it upon its subordinates, and are completely autonomous in that sense, however, the laws can not contradict the laws made by higher organs.

  • +The Military Triumverate has only Nominal Power, but can not do anything de facto without the Consent of the Azaranian Emperor. The Military Triumverate does not have legislative power, except in cases of martial law. Their position on the hierarchy is to purely relay their equivalency of power and to show at what level they are at during martial law.
  • ++The Nations of Mirthiosalya only have de jure power over organs under them. Any laws concerning anyone but them must be approved by the Emperor of the Azarath or Planets, and the only time the approval was given was in the early stages of colonization, where there were only three of four systems under Azarath control.

The Military

The Azaranian military is divided into three main branches: the Navy, the Ground Forces, and the Special Forces. the Commanders in Chief of these branches form the Military Triumverate.


The Azaranian Navy's Commander-in-Chief's rank is Grand Admiral of the Azaranian Navy. The Position is Currently held by Saerantonzh'Alkomani Haestron

The Ground Forces

The Azaranian Ground Forces Commander-in-Chief's rank is Supreme Grand-Marshal or in certain Cases Generalissimo or Supreme Command Marshal. The position is currently held by Martya'Kornis Val Hartu

Special Forces

The Azaranian Special Forces Commander-in-Chief's rank is Marshal-Director. The position is currently held by Grajanta Antrozha

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