Imperial Confederacy of the Azarath
Timeline: Battle for Earth: Prime
Azarath Flag Possibleazaraththing
Flag Coat of Arms

"May the Guardians Lead us to Victory!"

"For the Imperial Confederacy"'' (Azkara)

Anthem "The Banner of Unity"
Capital Zhetiol
Largest city Azarathium
Other cities South Zhetiol, Nacta'har, Sara'zhan, Lafadita, Azheria, Rozha'kar, Ofay'vse
  others over 1000 regional languages
Religion Azarathaka, Ladaditism, Nasaria, various regional
Ethnic Group Azarath, Azhuranthia
Demonym Azaranian
Government Imperial Confederacy
  legislature Azaranian Senate
Emperor of the Azarath Azkar'Zento XI Scenobeye
  Royal house: Elective Monarchy
Emperor of the Planets Herme'Cure Rastillion I
First Senator Hordane Sortana
Population 25,000,000,000,000 
Established XX MYA (Treaty of Kunto)
Currency Mirithi
Organizations Grand Alliance

The Azaranian Empire, officially known as the Imperial Confederacy of the Azarath. The Empire's official date of establishment was approx. XX MYA via the Treaty of Kunto, although that treaty only bound the nations of Mirthiosalya and their extra-planetary colonies to the Imperial Hierarchy, as it was decided that it was the only way to continue to pool the resources, although the nation of Mirthiosaly continued to have an incredible amount of autonomy. The system of government was taken from the Hegemonic state at the time: the Empire of Auranthyana. The nations of the planet reluctantly agreed, as they saw that disagreeing with the Treaty of Kunto would lead to the utter destruction of their nation by the Azhuranthia. The treaty had been re-formed for the addition of colonial bodies, and by that time everyone had come to terms with the domination of Auranthyana on Mirthiosaly. The Imperial confederacy contains more races than just the Azarath. However, the Azaranian language dominates regardless of species. Colloquially, the Azaranians are referred to as the Tarhzh'Hator, which in translation, means Time worshipers. The Azaranians' religious beliefs stem from the worship of time. However, the three main religions differ on how the Guardians fit into their beliefs. However, one thing they have in common is how the Time Priests are called, in the Ancient tongue, the Azkareth.  However, one of the most powerful groups of Azaranians are the Azhuranthia, and in them, the most revered, are the Tarhzhan'Tari, or in translation, the Timewalkers.

The Imperial confederacy of the Azarath is a Member of the Grand Alliance, An organization founded by the three of the most powerful nations in the Milky Way galaxy, The Azarath, the Regentech and the Dravimos

Origins of the Species


Ancient Azarantica legends and myths tell that the Azaranians were the first species to evolve independently, without the help of Karnazh'tan (Lord-Time/God of Time; Ancient Azaranian religions revolved around the worship of time). It is said that the Karnazh'tan came into being from the disturbances in nothing, and proceeded to create time and matter, creating the universe in three "stages" or "encodings". In one, he created all the matter and energy that would be, and made a utopia. Then he destroyed the universe by changing the way time and space interact, and so started the second age of time, in which Time created the fist life, and all was good, but he intervened, and granted favors, so they became arrogant, and went to war with time. In the process, started a new cycle, a third stage of time, the one we are in now. However, the souls of the living did not disappear, and when the Creator of time looked upon the universe, he created the guardians, so that they would keep each other in check, and so that nobody would hold power over all aspects of life. Each of the seven guardians was given an aspect of the universe to protect: (I'll find the list of guardians later). The guardians decided, that they would give their powers to the first race that appears but they waited for eons, and no life emerged. Then, a great enemy came from beyond the stars and they started war. Amongst the chaos, however, life from time past interacted with the star of the Azaranian home system, and began spitting the essence of life, and so, Mirthiosaly. became the first planet to independently develop life. It took millions of years, but as the war continued to rage, the guardians came out victorious, but came unto internal struggle. Daraye, guardians of Darkness in the Universe (dark matter/energy), went to war with the rest, and eventually, they fought for eons, until the Azarantica stepped out from the ashes. Then the six of light decided that their promise had no more merit since the civil war, all except one, Enerhayea, who gave the Azarantica power over energy. It is then, that the Azarantica, became both, the Azhuranthia, the Azarath, and collectively, the Azaranians. 


Early Histories

The early history of Myrtiosalay started, with five nations, founded by Marton the Great, when the guardians bestowed upon him the mantle of the protector of the Azaranians over 55 million years ago, the guardians chose the King Matron over all the Azhuranthia, and gave him, as a symbol, the shining throne, made of a glass that did not break, and that bent light and time. Around his throne he built a great city, Azaranthium, the Great Capital of the  chosen, and from there, he ruled his empire, ever expanding its boundaries. He founded the first nation, Azuriani Martona. Azuriani Expanded its boundaries so ever more, and it reached where the Zhet river splits, and flows around the island of Landata, and on its northern tip, he founded the city of Ofay'vse, after his son Ofay. 

Legend has it, that when Marton came across a splitting river during his travels, he found the area so beautiful, that he decided that it would be the place for his new capital. However, in the west there was a large rumble, and the comet of days fell from the sky in a ball of fire, so he left to search for it, and any secrets that it may have brought from the guardians. He found nothing. And so, he ordered that a city be built on the Zhet river. And he ordered a group of builders, and gave them directions, and a map, and sent with them a group of 20,000 settlers to help. He himself, retreated to his stronghold to Azaranthium, after a bird came with news of an attack on the city by the Arkha, a group of tribesmen. However, their path diverged. When they got to the Zhet, they split, as the Map had no north, nor south, Only the river. Marton gave two men dual control over the people they led. And one had the map upside down. Their disagreement at the Zhet caused the Death of almost a thousand souls, and when they finally decided to split, the eager colonists were no longer eager. One, with 10 000 went North, and the other, with the Rest, went south, and so, one came to a crossroads of rivers. where the Met flows into the Zhet, and the other, to the isle of Landata. And At Landata, that is where stood South Zhetiol, and At the crossroads, is where the City of North Zhetiol, would forever stand.

He ruled for over a century, and when time finally took him into its long grasp, He gave the five cities of old to his five sons, Hereby founding the five Old Nations, Myrtos, Vilkrosali, Vilcorsalia, Azaran, and Lafanditica. For centuries, these nations prospered, expanded and traded. The peace did not last. However, as the nation of Azaran grew, it incorporated the others. Azaran, centered in Matron the Great's ancestral seat, Azaranthium, took control of Vilkrosali, through conquest, and Myrtos, through Marriage, forming the Auranthyana Empire. Vilkorsalia conquered the Hill tribes, and stretched to the Small Sea, taking almost all its coast. While to the west, Auranthyana expanded to the Great Sea, along with Lafadatica, which was centered, originally, in South Zhetiol, before it was conquered, along with the island of Landata over 3000 years after Matron. And so, the three nations stood, but to the south, and across seas, civilizations were brewing, and it took almost 10,000 years, form the founding of Matron's state, to the time when the Azarath, were ready for the stars.

The Imperial Hierarchy

Since the civil war, where a faction known as the Pax fought for more powers to the people, and less racial superiority, the Azaranian Empire changed the structure of the Old Hierarchy after the Fall of Arcadia, when the Pax rebels got hold of HyperFlooding technology, essentially rendering hyperspace travel, the dominant form of FTL at the time, useless by flooding the hyperstream with directed tachyons, rendering ships essentially immobile on the grand scale. Only a few older ships, and the two dreadnoughts, one on each side, possessed secondary TAD (Tachyonic Acceleraton Drive) FTL systems and/or tertiary jump drives, rendering the perpetually a stalemate, both sides neutralizing the others primary FTL transportation. So the two sides came to a compromises, the new hierarchy, and a bill of rights and of Higher Law (constitution) to protect every citizen and resident equally. In the Imperial Hierarchy, any body expressed in the Hierarchy may create whatever laws they choose to, so long as they do not conflict with the laws established by a higher body (for instance, a colonial president may establish conscription, but may not legalize slavery, since it conflicts with laws of the Azhuranthia council and Imperial edicts). Certain functions, however, such as military actions, matters and matters of state and foreign policy, are relegated to the two special assemblies, and others have special responsibilities. The Military Triumvirate is responsible for the upkeep of the armed forces, and are honorary members of the Azhuranthia council and Senate, so they can voice their concerns and lobby for laws to improve military. Foreign affairs is exclusively the responsibility of the Emperors. However, they usually, during the beginning of their reign, allow the upper four entities to contribute and appoint their own High Senator of the Exterior (Minister of Foreign Affairs). The Military Triumvirate are also collectively referred to as the High Senators of Defence, the ground, the navy, and the dark (ministers of the military).

The Hierarchy

  1. Emperor of the Azarath (elected member of the Azhuranthia council, by the Azhuranthia council), rules for life.
  2. Emperor of the Planets (Chosen by the Azaranian Emperor, acts like a "vice president", takes on role of Emperor of the Azarath in the Interregnum between death and election.
  3. Azhuranthia council (any Azhuranthia can become a member if they prove they can use their abilities and have a philosophical debate with a sitting member, i e, contribute in a meaningful manner).
  4. Senate (main governing body, elected into office by people).
  5. Military Triumverate (only in matters of military and martial law they have true authority).
  6. Nations of Mirtiosalay (mainly for tradition, since colonies were originally colonies of separate nations, they possess little or no influence on other entities other than themselves).
  7. Colonial Presidents (groups of colonies/clusters/Provinces) (elected into office).
  8. Colonial assemblies (elected into office).
  9. Any other hierarchy can be established by Colonial Assemblies to municipalities, etc.

The Military

The military of the Imperial Confederacy is usually divided into three main divisions, the ground forces, the navy and the special forces. All other military units fall under one of these three jurisdictions.


The Ground Forces

The Ground forces' commander-in-chief is  the Lord High Command Marshal (Lord Grand Marshal or Lord Generalissimo), High Senator of Defence, the Ground and the Air (the Ground forces command a small detail of air and space-superiority fighters). The position is currently held by Lord Grand Marshal Martya'Kornis Val Hartu.

The Navy

The Navy is commanded by the Lord Grand Admiral and High Senator of Defence and the Navy. The position is currently held by Lord Grand Admiral Saerantonzh'Alkomani Haestron.

The Special Forces

The Special forces are commanded by the Lord Marshal-Director and High Senator of Defence and the Dark. The position is currently held by Lord Marshal-Director Trankar Horentek.


The Navy

Codex Mass Relays

An Azaranian Dreadnought exiting Hyperspace

The Navy's hard hitters, its largest ships, are its Dreadnoughts, and
MassEffect3 2012-03-14 21-38-30-00

A Dreadnought fires its main Gun

StarSnatchers (Super-Dreadnoughts). They are all equipped with massive MEC cores, able to generate insane outputs of power. Most Azaranian dreadnoughts create their own ammunition, creating massive metal slugs, and then use the principles of tachyonic acceleration, using microshields created during the creation process of the munition, the components distilled from pure energy, to accelerate a 100-ton ferrous slug to 4.5c every 30 seconds. It can perform less energy-intensive tasks quicker, such as accelerating a one-ton slug to that same speed every five seconds. Dreadnoughts can also accelerate "rounds" of pure energy. However, the result when it hits its target is unknown, as many types of energy might emanate. Dreadnoughts can also act as a mobile Intersystem Transportation relay due to the sheer power of its MEC core. All dreadnoughts are equipped with secondary and tertiary FTL systems. Secondary being a TAD and tertiary being a jump drive. Dreadnoughts are rarely used unless absolutely necessary, and usually strike from a great distance. They are rarely seen in numbers more than two, and if they are in an engagement, they are usually the flagship. Starsnatchers, or super-dreadnoughts, are behemoths ten to 15 times larger than regular dreadnoughts.
First contact preview1

The Azaranian 106th fleet assaulting an enemy position. The smaller craft are frigates

Cruisers form the backbone of the Azaranian Naval forces. less powerful than dreadnoughts, they require a smaller core. Most cruisers are not capable of becoming even Interstellar transport relay. However, the largest Supercruisers can possibly ferry small fighter craft between stars. Supercruisers can accelerate a 20-ton ferrous slug to approximately light speed. Cruisers will mostly be found on the front lines and in all major engagements, The cruisers are considered the most "expendable" of the classes, as they are numerous, and pack a lot of punch for their size, frigates being necessary for higher possible speeds and reconnaissance abilities. There are multiple classes of cruiser, the ones depicted in the image are Celestial-Class SuperCruisers, there are also battlecruisers, for warships of cruiser class testing experimental FTL methods, there are cruisers, and light cruisers, and multiple classes for each. A light cruiser usually acts as a flagship for certain scout flotillas.


Much like cruisers, they are often found on a front line, The Cariztilah-class heavy cruiser is depicted in an engagement above Arkadis in the picture above. More to add ... frigates are the most versatile and diverse class of ship in the navy.


Fighters usually come complementary with things...and some carrier-frigates.

Planetary defences

Telikos protocol rail gun platforms by phoenix 06-d51arud

Planetary guns over Zhardena'ofay, The velocity of the projectile fired is approx. 3.9657c

The Azaranians put a lot of money into their planetary defences, usually powerful rail guns akin in power to dreadnoughts, in orbit of a planet. The Keldarazhia Planetary Defence guns do not need to produce their own ammunition, as it is usually close enough to a planet to use an intercity supplies transport system to get the multi-ton ammunition to the cannon. They can accelerate, potentially, these rounds to ten times the speed of light using tachyonic acceleration.


Azaranian technology, mainly, is based on the manipulation of energy, through a substance known as energhayan. The Azaranians have a natural affinity for the control of energy. In the mythologies, it is said that Nayara, the guardian of energy, gave the Azaranians the ability to manipulate the fabric of energy itself through thought. However, the truth of the matter is much more sinister. Through massive genetic manipulation and experimentation, with much loss of life, an ancient race known now only as the Guardians, was looking for a way to make them able to control energy on a whim, to use in their war. So they used live specimens. the inhabitants of Mirtiosalay worshiped them as gods, so they were used, because of remarkably similar genetic makeup and diversity. however, they were too late, and they were forced to flee, and so, even when all the others in the guardian council said that she could not, Nayara, trying to right the wrongs they did to her "cousins", she spread the ability to manipulate Energhayan, to all Azaranians.

The Azaranians had the ability to manipulate this fine source of blue "energy" from what looked like nothing. And after millennia of research, they finally came up with an answer. Energhayan. All matter, all mass, everything in the universe, is just another form of energy. Energy can be transferred from one point to another, or pass through things, or stay. There are many forms of energy, but sometimes, the form of energy changes. say, from kinetic to thermal. It can not do that by itself. Energy can be absorbed, but it can not change, not without first changing into an intermediary state. This state, is known as Energhayan. It was discovered that those were the mechanics, when the first 100 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 frame per second camera was built, and, it showed up, as a small blue glow, every time energy changed state, for one frame, just as a bullet touched the wall. And some escaped, and it can be harnessed, and by mechanizing the Azaranians' natural ability of harnessing "latent energy" from the fabric of the universe, the minute amount of energhayan that always escapes reactions, they found a way to harness energy from mass, use small amounts of energhayan, to change mass, into energhayan, and use that energy to repeat the process.


Along with having developed near-indefinite statis technology, given enough power for extended voyages, initially intended for cheap sublight interstellar travel, back when FTL was expensive as shit, the Azaranians have developed various methods for traveling faster than the speed of light. Azaranians harness tachyons by punching a small hole through space and extracting them from the Hyperzone. Tachyonic FTL is the only known way to travel through so-called Realspace without breaking the light barrier. Azhurnathia have known that FTL is possible, as they have propelled small rocks using energhayan. However, they did not know how that happened at first.


The Tachyonic Propulsion Drive, or TaPD is one of two methods the Azaranians have developed to travel FTL using tachyonic mechanics, this one using a phenomenon known as achyonic propulsion, using tachyon streams to propel the object or ship in question. The TaPD uses a stream of generated tachyons to simultaneously create a field around an object, and project the object FTL. However, the way it produces tachyons requires exponentially more power every minute, and thus, is not very good for long voyages, and is usually used by civilian cruise ships, as it is only more efficient than most TADs up to 100 light years. This uses directed tachyon streams to propel a shielded ship faster than light, as without shielding, tachyons would escape and any contact with elementary particles could be fatal for the vessel. Shields on this type of vessel usually have holes in the back to enable "excess" tachyons to escape, which provides part of the propulsion.


The Tachyonic Acceleration Drive, or TAD, is the second Tachyon-based method to Travel FTL, and uses a property known as tachyonic fields to manipulate objects around it and allow them to accelerate independently. Tachyons are usually slightly out of phase with the rest of the Universe, and thus, can not usually be detected. unless they come into contact with a second tachyon, producing a tachyonic field around space, changing regular mass to complex mass, and complex mass to regular mass, allowing them to briefly be detected. The amount of mass it can convert in the field is based on the amount of collisions of tachyons happen, and thus, the density of tachyons. Azaranian scientists have discovered, that if you put a double-layer shield, and fill the gap with massive amounts of tachyons, the interactions of tachyon with energhayan shield, and tachyon with tachyon, will keep the tachyons at imaginary mass, keep them from escaping, while keeping the effects of the tachyonic field. 

Scientists have discovered, that if you have a dense layer of energetic tachyons, surrounded by an energy shield and a heat shield, it will enable objects being shielded will enable objects accelerate to faster and to higher speeds subliminally at "subcritical" density, up to light speed at "critical" density, and FTL and beyond in "Supercritical" density. Critical density occurs when the density of tachyonic particles is equal to the average density of regular matter inside the field. This requires large generation of tachyons, generated by a ship's large MEC Core (Matter-Energy Conversion Core), converting Energhayan into Tachyons. This is usually used as a secondary or tertiary FTL method, or used to complement other FTL drives. These are usually used on ships intending to travel more than 100 light years.

Jump Drive

Jump Drives are one of the FTL Drives used by the Azaranians. More expensive energy and cost-wise than TAD drives. This drive uses energy manipulation to make two places in spacetime closer, allowing a ship to travel seemingly faster than light ... think BSG but with larger range. Usually used as secondary or tertiary FTL on warships, and civilian ships traveling 100 to 10,000 light years.


A Hyperdrive or H-Drive is the primary FTL method used by most Azaranian warships and navy vessels, and most energy-expensive of all the FTL methods. Used for any ships trying to travel for more than 10,000 light years. It uses a massive amount of energy to surgically cut a hole large enough for a ship to go through Realspace and into Hyperspace. There, the amount of tachyonic particles, combined with altered laws of physics and size, all enable incredible FTL speeds, making cross-galactic journeys in days or weeks, depending on size, amount of energy, and distance covered. When describing Hyperspace, people tend to describe it as a place where tachyons are created with such frequency that they sometimes come into Realspace in the hearts of dying stars, and then go on to describe RealSpace as a piece of paper, then proceed to crumple it up, and say that now they have created Hyperspace, with the odd mechanics altering reality enough to allow travel at ludicrous speeds.

Transportation Relays

ME3 London

An Interstellar transportation really in the distance, during the Korath wars.

Transportation relays have become increasingly used after the Pax Rebellion, as a means to counter Hyperflooding. It provides near-instantaneous travel between two points. However, due to the way it works, it must have a start and end point. There are many levels of transportation relays, Intercity, Systemal, Interstellar, and Transgalactic. They work by using Energhayan to manipulate the spacial dimensions of an object, adding a "fourth" visible spacial dimension, allowing an object to exist in two places at once in the galaxy (similar to how a three dimensional object can exist in two places at once in a two-dimensional plane), the start and end points, then quickly removing the fourth dimension and restoring the object to a three-dimensional at the end point, it no longer existing at the start. Transgalactic drives usually take the shape of large superstructures, powered by massive MECs on the ground, emitting an immense beam of pure energy into the sky. 

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