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Azar Alimuddin
ازار طارق الدين
Maharaja of Maguindanao
Sultan mindanao
Reign 2016-present
Full name Azar Tariq Alimuddin
Birthplace Kabuntalan, Maguindanao
Predecessor none
Consort Salma ibn Musa
Offspring Sharif Alimuddin (adopted)
Religious beliefs Islam
Azar Alimuddin
ازار طارق الدين
Sultan of Maguindanao
Mindanao sultan
Birthplace Kabuntalan, Maguindanao
Predecessor none
Consort Salma ibn Musa
Offspring Sharif Alimuddin (adopted)
Religious beliefs Islam

Tuanku Azar Tariq Alimuddin (Jawi: ازار طارق اليمو الدين, Arabic: عازار توفيق العليم الدين, born December 1, 1975) is the current Maharaja of Maguindanao who was the Rajah of the Moro Bumiputra from 2008 to 2012. Born in Kabuntalan in 1975 of the Maguindanao Province, Azar Alimuddin was an officer in the Moro Armed Forces.

In 2008, he took part in the Battle of Northern Mindanao. He led the 4th Ranao Brigade. He served under General Ameril Umbra Kato.

In 2014, he retired from the military. He decided to run for maharajah of the Wilayah of Maguindanao. He would win that election.


Azar Alimuddin was born to a poor peasant family on December 1, 1975. He allegedly traced an ancestry and lineage back to Sultan Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat.

Alimuddin's family could barely make a living, his father, a fisherman had to rely selling fish and other things he caught in order to make a bare living for the family. At one point, they contemplated on illegally migrating to Sabah in Malaysia.

Eventually, the family did leave and legally migrated to Indonesia in 1980, where Azar Alimuddin studied in Jakarta. Due to more money issues, the family re-located to Langkat, where Alimuddin's parents worked as servants for the Sultan of Langkat.

Military career

In 1987, after having lived and studied in Indonesia for seven years, Azar Alimuddin migrated back to Mindanao to "fulfill his role". His parents and family had stayed in Kalimantan, no longer wishing to migrate back to Bangsamoro. In 1988, Alimuddin had joined the Moro Armed Forces, and took part in a series of attacks against the Philippine state forces. He was part of a group that ambushed a group of Filipino tourists in Zamboanga City. He also later took part in a police station bombing in Cagayan de Oro. Several of his colleagues were captured by Filipino forces, he however, had escaped. He vowed to free whatever prisoners remained alive, once he "achieved his goal".

Moro National Liberation Front - 1996-2003

In 1996, after being hunted down by Filipino state police, Azar Alimuddin was promoted to an 3rd Class Officer of the Marawi Division. Alimuddin promised Misuari he'd destroy the Philippines. After a series of bombings in Sabah, Malaysia, the Philippine government suspected it was Azar Alimuddin but he denied any involvement. stating that his focus was in Mindanao and Sulu.

In 1998, he returned to Indonesia and took part in the May 1998 race riots, in which he helped Indonesian militants hunt down ethnic Chinese (who were the primary targets).

In 2000, he visited the Philippines. Manila, he spent much of his time either in Cebu City or Quiapo, which was home to the Philippines' Muslim communities. After the 2000 Manila bombings, he was suspected of supporting terrorist activity.

Independent militant career

In 2005, three Indonesian school girls were beheaded by Islamic militants, members of the Jemaah Islamiyah. Azar Alimuddin was suspected of training and helping the militants in Marawi City, leading Moro soldiers to arrive in Marawi to question him. After thorough investigations found finished, no conclusive evidence could be found linking Alimuddin to any involvement.

2008 Mindanao War

In 2007, Azar Alimuddin heard word of another Moro plan to retake northern Mindanao. Alimuddin used this as an opportunity to free northern Mindanao of Philippine occupation. Alimuddin was promoted to 2nd Class Officer to serve in the Ranao Brigade, under the leadership of General Ameril Umbra Kato.

When he returned to India, he married a woman by the name of Salma bint Musa. Because of this, Salma is the first non-native dayang in the history of South Mindanao. 

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