آزاد ہند کے اسلامی جمہوریہ
Islamic Republic of Free India
Timeline: Mughal Glory
Preceded by 1937-1945 Succeeded by
Hindustan Hindustan
Flag of Pakistan State emblem of Pakistan
Flag of India Allah's Emblem of India
Evil india
Controlled territory in dark green, claimed but uncontrolled in light green

خدا عظیم ہے (Urdu)
("God is Great")

Anthem: "Subh Sukh Chain"
Capital: Dhaka
Largest city: Dhaka
  other languages: Bengali
Islam (Official), Hinduism (Majority)
  other religions: Jainism
Type of government: Fascist Islamic Dictatorship
Area: 14,500,000 km²
Population: 25 million 

Azad Hind was the fascist faction in India during the Second World War.

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