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Aymara Suyu (Vegetarian World)

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Aymara Suyu
Official national language Aymara
Co-official languages Chipaya, Quechua
Capital Chukiyawu
Largest Cities Chukiyawu (or Chukiyapu)
Population 3,056,000
HDI 0.784 (Medium)
Republic Formed 1823 (declared)
1827 (recognized)
Currency Aymara Suyu Dollar (ASD)
Our Timeline Equivalent western Bolivia, northern Chile

Aymara Suyu is located on the west coast of Pacha, south of Kuskalla Suyu. Its climate is mostly tropical, but ranges from warm and wet in the lowlands to cold and dry in the Andes (Antis) Mountains. Inhabited by various Aboriginal groups for thousands of years, and part of the Tiwanaku and Inca Empires. However, much of the region of Qulla Suyu, which is now Aymara Suyu, was often at odds with the Quechua-majority of the Incan Empire and its successor state, Chunkantin Suyu, and eventually declared its independence in 1823, achieving it completely in 1827. The most numerous ethnic group is the eponymous Aymara people.



22% Vegetarian
78% Non-Vegetarian

Ethnic Groups

97% Indigenous Pachans
77% Aymara
09% Quechua
11% other Indigenous Pachans
03% others (Orientals, Europeans, multi-race, etc)


79% Aymara
09% Quechua
11% other Indigenous Pachan languages
01% others (Japanese, Chinese, etc)


73% Intiist
18% nonreligious
10% agnostic
08% atheist
05% Buddhist
04% other

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