Dravimos Empire
Orbital Radius 21.2 AU
Radius 678,109 km
Day Length 39.2 Earth Hours
Atm. Pressure N/A
Surface Temp 3 °C
Surface Gravity 1.52 g
Mass 3,273.34 Earth Masses
Satellites 107
Capital Axnveros
Native Species N/A
Population (Planetside) 7.5 Billion
Population (Space Stations) 12.6 Million

Axnzertaos is a gas giant planet in the Zeris system and home to the Dravimosian Empire's largest spaceship building complex.


Axnzertaos is named after the Dravimos father god of darkness, death, truth, and justice. It is also sometimes refered to as "The Guardian" due to its imposing stature and location in the system.


The economy of Axnzertaos is almost entirely dependent on the ship building facilities there. The planet can churn out half a battlegoup of ships in a little over a year, which is quite remarkable.

The planet also is a mining center for Helium-3 and water from its many moons.

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