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  7. Caracas TV war crimes report, March 2, 1958 (Axis vs. Allies)
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FIF (La Federación internacional del fútbol) World Cup participants are requested for. The IOC say the 1964 Olympics will be held in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, the 1968 Olympics will be held in Italy, the 1972 Olympics will be held in Algiers and the 1976 Olympics will be held in Paris.

  • Venezuela: Venezuelans think the "Vert Jet mk 1" (OTL counter-part Rayn X-13) VTOL aircraft and [Peronnin airship] are regarded as one of the most important developments by mankind prior to space travel. Work on the Pan-American Highway begins. The Greater Venezuelan railway and TV networks are slightly upgraded. Work on the Mexican railway project begins in earnest. A railway linking Caracas, Bogota, Panama City, Cali, Quito, Lima and La Plas is proposed by the transport minister.
  • USA: America launches the [Corona (satellite)s] and flies it over Japan, China and the USSR for next eight years to come. America joins the EASA. The US military’s Project Nike is stepped up and 100 [Nike Zeus] and 75 [MIM-14 Nike-Hercules] anti-ballistic missile type missiles are made. They carry a low yield nuclear war head or a large conventional fragmentation on one. Five conventional warhead Nike Zeus missiles are shipped to the Missile command centre in Venezuela and five others are shipped to Hindustan. The issue of Afro-American civil rights is becoming a hot topic in the Deep South, especially in Mississippi and Alabama. Due to the apparent neglect of the Antarctic over the years, America annexes the rest of the mainland coastline between the Argentine and Russian sectors. Work on the Pan-American Highway begins. America joins the Mexican railway project.
  • USSR Oil drilling work continues in Krasnordar. Settlers from the ruined cities are re-settled around the Caspian see and in parts of Soviet Iraq. Kurdestan's Communist puppet government thinks the USSR is the coolest nation ever! In 1960, after Brezhnev was named chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, Chernenko became his chief of staff.
  • Yugoslavia: The Royal Yugoslav Air Force look back to the Vert Jet mk 1 and realizes the plane was
    ALH84001 structures

    Fossilized bacteria found on CL0001.

    advance for the time period and and see a possible future for new aircraft from this plane. Plans for a mk 2 begins to be drawn up. The Meteorite that landed in Coats Land is analyzed and is named Coats Land 0001 abbreviated to CL0001. Upon being analyzed, CL0001 is found way 2.26 kg (5 lbs) and has remains—in the form of fossils—of bacteria-like lifeforms. All Data on the Meteorite is sent to EASA.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: All EASA scientists are called to examine this new find by the Yugoslavians. It seems to be of some
  • France: France officially disbands the border patrol in French Indochina, and sends half the remaining troops to French Equatorial Africa to keep the peace. FEA begins protests near government buildings. The FEA asks Equatorial Guinea and part of Libya to unite into one country, "Central Africa," and they tentatively agree, but this is subject to change. Also, France continues their expansion in Antarctica.
  • USSR diplomac:y 1000 troops and the [Soviet cruiser Molotov] go on a peace keeping mission along the coastal region of the troops French Equatorial Africa
  • Hindustan: Continues is programs of the merchant navy with more ship being rolled. With Venezuela finally taking Hind South American territories, all troops are shipped home with honor. Turkey is incorporated into state affairs and all Turkish provinces become Hind states. There is an exodus between the two areas for better jobs and opportunities. The former Turkish army is incorporated into the Hind army. More capsule launches take place, studying the moon as well as taking pictures of Earth from space.
  • Japan: The Japanese send three missile cruisers the Shiro, Fukutsu no seishin, and the Shi to FEA as peace keepers. They ask the French for permission to attack the rebels in the region. The Japanese Emperor of Iwo Jima dies of a stroke, his young son Akihito comes to the throne of Japan (Iwo Jima). The young Akihito begins a campaign for his nations acceptance into the United Nations. The Japanese Army builds its first tactical high-explosive missiles that can be accurate up to 100 miles.
  • UCSR: A nuclear disaster in Eastern Cuba occurs, killing 500 people.
    • USA Diplomacy: Aid and technical help and medical aid to Cuba.
    • Spanish Diplomacy: Aid is given to Cuba and the USSR.
    • Irish Diplomacy: Aid and medical supplies are given to Cuba and the USSR
    • USSR Diplomacy: Experts and aid are sent to Cuba.
    • Italian Diplomacy: Send financial and material aid to Cuba.
    • UASR Diplomacy: Wants to buy Grand Comore and Mayotte.
    • French response: No.
  • UASR: The UASR brings a new case before the ICJ based on the issue of France's colonies, stating that since France cannot control them, another nation should take control of them or referenda for independence should take place. The UASR-Hindustan-UAIR-Venezuelan Alliance is turned into the Neo Entente. The Anglo Union turns Jamaica into a member Republic of the UASR as it was the last true Anglo Colony.
  • UAIR: The Israeli-Palestinian Republic is set up from OTL Israel and the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Jerusalem becomes the Republics new capital while the IPR Constitution is written, creating three man Presidency, one will be Jewish, one Muslim, and one Christian while the IPR Congress will have a Congress much like that of the USA's Congress. The Supreme Court will have nine Justices, three of each religion. The IPR votes to become a joint UASR/UAIR/Hindustan Protectorate.
    • Just so everyone knows, the UASR occupied Ethiopia a couple of turns ago when it attacked Aden; it is going to be incorporated into the UIAR very soon. DeanSims 15:54, October 15, 2011 (UTC)
  • Venezuela: A new nature reserve is opened near in the Colombian Amazon.

The results from the Sudanese referendum on a turnout of 82%% were as follows (, highest number out of 100 wins) -

Axis vs Allies (r) 1960.6



  1. UK rule = 23
  2. Ethiopian rule = 68
  3. Venezuelan rule = 35
  4. Central Arabian rule =58
  5. Independence = 47
  6. Italian rule = 17


  1. UK rule = 66
  2. Ethiopian rule = 42
  3. Venezuelan rule =21
  4. Central Arabian rule= 37
  5. Independence =35

North Western-

  1. UK rule = 23
  2. Ethiopian rule = 86
  3. Venezuelan rule = 51
  4. Central Arabian rule = 71
  5. Independence- 76

North Eastern-

  1. UK rule- 32
  2. Ethiopian rule- 65
  3. Venezuelan rule- 28
  4. Central Arabian rule- 76
  5. Independence- 10

South Western-

  1. UK rule = 44
  2. French rule = 67
  3. Venezuelan rule =34
  4. Independence= 19

South Eastern-

  1. UK rule = 82
  2. Ethiopian rule = 75
  3. French rule = 18
  4. Venezuelan rule = 23
  5. Independence= 6


  1. UK rule = 7
  2. French rule= 28
  3. Venezuelan rule =71
  4. Independence = 13
  • Correct map4

    Dark Green= Tribal Confederation under UASR Possession but locally ruled by the people Grayish/Light Blue= Union of Arabian Islamic Republics Red=Union of Anglo Sovereign Republics

    UASR: Due to the results being overwhelmingly for the UASR, the below map will become the world map:
  • Spain: They think the Official poll by Venezuela was fair.
  • UASR: Ethiopia is overwhelmed in the south east by the UASR's AAA and AHA.
    • Whoa whoa whoa, overwhelming how? You won twice, Ethiopia won twice, and the rest varied. The results are pretty much tied, and I think Oxford's map works it out perfectly. --Chris
    • I occupied Ethiopia a few turns ago, therefor it is mine and Imperium Guy and I agreed on the creation of the UAIR and there borders, ask him and check his talk page, therefor, my map is correct --Dean
    • All right, have your Ethiopia. And that's fine if you and Imp discussed that he would give up his land for this UIAR, but Venezuela's and the USSR's territories (the Middle Eastern territory and that Persian territory) are still Oxford's, and unless he gives it willingly they're still his and you can't just take them. Oh, and you'll need to go to war with Indonesia to take them over. --Chris
    • It's not fine Ethiopia is mine if want it go to war with me and you haven't you haven't even been playing that much and in that time Ethiopia's become at least a middle power there's no way on earth any one conquered me in one turn I mean come on people. --Tim
  • China Annexes small part of Sumatra.
    • All right, if you want Ethiopia back take it up with Dean, or just make an algorithm to see if you can get rid of the English. I'm not trying to make war with you, I don't have a problem with you, I even let you take Djibouti. Your real concern is Dean. --Chris
    • I agree Tim, I had trouble and attempted theft in the Sudan. --Oxford
  • Venezuela diplomacy: Central Arabia willingly join the USA, but keep ties with the USSR and Venezuela.
  • USA diplomacy: Election results for México’s referendum on independence were a 94% turn out.
  1. USA-60%
  2. Independence- 11%
  3. Cuba- 20%
  4. Venezuela- 9%

They are integrated into the USA. Cuba and Argentina offered Nike Zeus air defence missile and membership of a mutual defence block.

  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways.
  • China: China states that Indonesia is a free nation and China granted it independence. The British are not welcome to recolonize it and should the British attempt to remain, China and Indonesia will fight Britain.
  • Ethiopia: expands its military to protect its new borders and patrol the Red sea. Ethiopia improves infrastructure across Ethiopia even in the new territories.
  • France: The FEA officially declares independence, and renames themselves the "Republic of Central Africa". The RCA offers Equatorial Guinea and part of Libya to be apart of their nation (and because I can't just use to determine if they agree since they both are used by two nations, request Italy and Spain that they may include their colonies.)


  • USA: The USA sends hundreds of G.I.s, several ships (including a carrier and an Iwa class battleship), several planes and many M103 heavy tanks [[1]] to defend Central Arabia. The USA starts to encourage desegregation and the formal education of black people.
    Chukchee Family

    A Canadian Inuit Family, living in apparent poverty.

  • Italy: Italy hands the remnants of Eritrea to Ethiopia. Somaliland stays Italian. The peace of Libya the RCA wants is given to them. The proses of economic integration with Yugoslavia begins. There is talk of a free trade zone and a monetary union with Yugoslavia and Switzerland. A motorway is built from Milan to Napoli via Rome and Turin. Italy suggests a federal state and economic union with Yugoslavia.
  • Spain: Spain, not Portugal, owns Equatorial Guiné and will not budge or give it up. Portugal has Free Guiné. This day have held democratic elections, the Communist Party has lost out the Union of Democratic Center Party led by Adolfo Perez.
  • USSR: Elections return a Communist government (77 of the 105 in the Duma). Soviet forces move into the North Caucuses region. Both the T-54/55 tank [[2]] and the MiG 21 fighter jet is created and dig in. UAER has Iraq, but the USSR gets Kurdistsa .... An Alliance is offered to the USA, Thailand and Cuba. Yuri Gigarin goes into space on his Vostock rocket and is a world celebrity.

A planned Soviet Moon Vehicle, we wish to share this with Yugoslavia.

  • Venezuela: The state of San tome & Principe and Kabinda more economic partnership and agricultural development. The Venezuelan territories in Hungarian are transferred to Yugoslavia. The people grudgingly accept it's better than being absorbed by Austria or left by an ever bewildered Venezuela. Mendoza Alfonse Sánchez starts his research for his Caracas TV war crimes in Europe report, March 3, 1962.
  • UASR: The Anglo 1 is launched into orbit in early January, becoming the first Anglo artificial satellite while the plans for the Anglo-Hindustan-UAIR International Space Station (AHUISS), which have been worked on secretly since the first artificial satellite was launched, are completed and the stations first two parts, the Anglo 2 and 3, are launched from northern Australia in late June. The creation of an International Space Council is proposed by the Anglo government as a way to control space junk and to keep a sense of unity among the Worlds People and Nations. France, Germany, Austria, Cuba, and Venezuela as well as obviously Hindustan and the UAIR are invited to help form the AHUISS and the ISC. The Gandhi 1 is launched in honor of Hindustan's first leader.
    • NOTE: The space station is not like OTL ISS, its more of a small lab where people from separate nations can work together on in Space projects. DeanSims 16:38, October 16, 2011 (UTC)
    • It is like Skylab and this is actually plausible.
  • UAIR: The UAIR sends an astronaut with the Anglo 2 and Anglo 3. The UAIR joins the International Space Council. Plans to see how nuclear bombs act in space are put before the ISC, which as of now only has the UASR and UAIR. The plans for this experiment are only to be activated when five nations join the ISC and approve it by a 3/5 margin as it could have harmful effects on the Earth.
    • The UASR willingly returns Guyana to Venezuela as after a vote was taken, the people of the territory voted by 87% to rejoin Venezuela DeanSims 16:45, October 16, 2011 (UTC)
  • Ireland: Ireland builds a new power station in Dublin and Belfast. There is talk of an alliance or some sort of financial and currency union with France.
  • Japan: The Japanese launches the Isamu Takeshi-27, Isamu Takeshi-28, Isamu Takeshi-29, Isamu Takeshi-30, Isamu Takeshi-31, and Isamu Takeshi-32, all the even numbered launches successfully orbited the moon, all the odd numbered launches successfully orbited the Earth. The Japanese Navy in the Gulf of Tonkin perform the first long distance strike on a ship. The successfully took out a ship suspected of being held by the Viet Cong from over 100 miles away, the ship had been disabled by a nearby frigate but was to dangerous to board, thus it was sunk by a far away missile carrier. This is used as a major piece of propaganda for the Japanese, making their navy look like the best in the world.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways.
  • Hindustan: More funds are provided to continue to upgrade and build new army units as well as navy units with the upgraded battleships starting production. More EASA capsules are launched with more orbiting the moon while others orbiting the Earth only. Hindustan starts to develop its own kind of long-range missiles.


  • Venezuela: Trade talks begin with the leaders of the RCA and offers Thailand and Portugal an alliance. Mendoza Alfonse Sánchez continues his research for his Caracas TV war crimes in Europe report, March 3, 1962.
  • USA: Digs in all across central Central Arabia and offers the USSR and Hindustan an alliance.
  • Italy: Italy opens Trade talks with the RCA and offers an alliance to Thailand, the RCA and Yugoslavia. The Antarctic south of the Russian sector is claimed.
  • USSR: They dig in across Kurdistan and offer trade talks with China and the USA.
    • USA Diplomacy: Venezuela is offered the chance to unite once in common cause. Merge as one federal union. Argentina and Cuba are offered the USA's massive industrial strength as their ally and path to safety in a troubled world.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: China agrees to restart trade with USSR and finish the building of the northern railway link from Seoul to Madrid via the USSR
  • Ireland: Trade talks begin with China and Japan. The South of the Island the Russians is on are claimed.
    • Venezuela diplomacy: It agrees, but the Mayan republic is to be included and neither Cuba, Yugoslavia nor Argentina are to be harmed.
    • Chinese Diplomacy: China agrees to trade with Ireland.
  • China: Major news as the Korea-Japan bridge is completed. Two convoys carry government officials from both sides and they open the new bridge in triumph. China's economy is booming and is currently the second largest on the planet. Chinese officials declare the Chinese economy will surpass the USA by 1975. China builds a series of aircraft, tank, artillery and ship building factories. These factories are able to churn out over 1000 aircraft, 2000 tanks, 1500 artillery pieces and 15 ships (three aircraft carriers, seven battleships, three cruisers and two destroyers) around every year to a year and a half. Many are sold to other nations and deals are offered to Austria, Ireland, Japan, Hindustan, Thailand, Venezuela, Italy and Ethiopia. Chinese officials protest for Indonesia's sovereignty.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Hindustan accepts the deal and Hind workers used in the construction of the Korea-Japan bridge return home. Hindustan also tells the Chinese that the British have moved of Indonesia (maps are wrong again, I'm afraid). China is asked if they can produce equipment for the planned moon landings. They are also asked if they want to buy Hind-Boeing 707s, 717s or 727s.
    • Austrian Diplomacy: Austria accepts the deal and so therefore the German Line Pact Joins too. Austria asks if china can do some manufacturing jobs for them as their industries are preferably required to recover and upgrade. They also offer the Chinese a production license of 1000 Junker-Mach Ju 56's.
    • Japanese Diplomacy: Is the bridge Japanese or Chinese. Japan would like to have sovereignty over the bridge. We also accept your deal for arms.
      • It's around 60% Chinese and 40% Japanese as it is actually two bridges. The first gets to an outer Korean island and the second travels to Japan.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: As the bridge links two countries, the bridge is in international control of both China and Japan.
    • Ethiopian Diplomacy: Ethiopia accepts the arms deal and proposes a trade deal with Japan and China.
  • Spain: Spain begins to modernize their armies and air forces with the purchase of good materials. In the federal state of Western Sahara begins to extract oil. The President of Spain, announces the departure of Spain from the UN. An amazing thing that the Spanish people have been surprised by this fact.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Ask why the Spanish are leaving the UN?
  • Austria: Austria supports Spain's leaving of the UN, sending 100 freshly manufactured Junker-Mach Ju 56's and along with that the German Line Pact leaves the UN, too. They propose an alliance with Spain and continue the expansion of the enlightenment act to new territories. Meanwhile, Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power are becoming very real ideas for GASA. Germany also releases Denmark as part of the line pact having taken it over in defence of Denmark's sovereignty.
  • UASR: The parliament signs the Treaty of Israel, dividing the Land around Jerusalem into two states
    Palestine and Jerusalem with Palestine joining the UAIR and Israel remaining independent form it within the UASR. Anglo Forces are moved there so that war does not break out. The UASR also starts to expand colonial infrastructure after a new party takes over the government that is neither Conservative, Labour or Liberal. The party is called the Independent Party, promoting the expansion of the military and transition to a Laissez faire economy, Smaller Government and more technological investment by the government into Nuclear defence.
  • UAIR: The UAIR builds industry around major cities like Tehran and Baghdad, in hopes of making the UAIR a modern and powerful nation.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways. The race track undergoes maintenance as well, and decides to also open it up for people to test their cars there or for fun if they wish.
  • Hindustan: More capsules are launched by the EASA, with more groups being sponsored. A new version of the F-6, the F6-A is rolled out. It has better offensive capabilities with improved speed. More Hind-Airways' destinations are added for the growing commercial market to visit, including Tokyo and Kyoto. Hindustan also hopes to better relations with other major countries of the world.
  • Yugoslavia: Vert Jet mk 2 is created, mk 2 has landing gear on the bottom as well now so it can take and land Vertically or Horizontally. The Yugoslavian Government accepts the Italian Alliance offer and wish to make the Union of the two countries happen if the offer still stands. Yugoslavian scientist begin to search for more meteorites in Coats Land.
    • Austria diplomacy: Austria warns Yugoslavia that they will become enemies should Italy join with them due to the Italians subversive behaviour towards the German people.
    • Yugoslavia diplomacy: We do not wish for our neighboring countries to hate each other. We ask that Austria to not to break trade and diplomacy between our great nations, but to allow this union to a have a chance to change thoughts of those that do not see the dawn of a new era approaches for all of Europe's nations as we leave the past brutal era of violence behind.
  • Italy diplomacy: The public vote in a plebiscite as follows-
  1. For union with Yugoslavia- 67% .
  2. No to union with Yugoslavia- 20%.
  3. A close alliance with Yugoslavia- 6%.
  4. A close alliance with Spain- 4%
  5. Don't know- 3%.

Italy is now ready to form a single state by forming a union of the to nations as a single state. Cyraniaca (Eastern Libya) is given to Yugoslavia any how, but Tripolitania, Rhodes, all polar territory and Somalia are retained.

  • Japan: The Japanese Navy steams from the FEA to Morocco. The Japanese test a guided missile, it successfully guides to a moving target going at approximately 30 knots. The Japanese Diet passes a bill which officially defines what temperature scale is to be used by the Japanese, the scale chosen was the Kelvin scale. The JDAC Dragoon Corps lands in northern Indonesia, they begin a massive campaign against the final remnants of the MalayCong. The Japanese ask the UAIR to give Israel all of the Palestine. The Japanese diplomats and Israeli diplomats meet in Jerusalem where they are offered an alliance. ( The Israelis accept the Japanese alliance. The Jewish World Congress meets in Kyoto as a sign of friendship.
    • UASR Diplomacy: The UASR says that the reason Palestine is still there is because the Palestinians also have a right to the land, The Israelis will have to deal with the fact that the Palestinians deserve their own path too.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: The Jewish of Madagascar roar in happiness with the founding of the Jewish World Congress. Many Jewish Diplomats from Hindustan are sent to the JWC being held in Kyoto.


The results of the Polish election to the Chamber of Deputies on a 77% turnout was as follows-

  1. Christian democrats- 67%
  2. Social democrats- 29%
  3. Pan-Slavists- 3%
  4. Communist- 1%

The presidential poll was the same, but the Communists lost their 1% to a Green candidate.

The referendum on union with Russia, Austria or Yugoslavia went as follows-

  1. Join Russia- 22%
  2. Join Austria- 10%
  3. Independence- 45%
  4. Join Yugoslavia- 23%

Poland ofers an alliance with France, Yugoslavia and Russia. The Venezuelan governor leaves the next month.

  • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese recognize you as a sovereign territory.
  • USA: They accept the Chinese and Soviet alliances. The United Republic of the Americas is given the go ahead, with a protectorate being offered to Yugoslavia, Cuba and Argentina.
  • Italy: They accept the Yugoslavia alliance. The Fezzan desert region is given to France, but Tripolitania is retained for ever.
  • USSR: They dig in across Kurdistan and offer trade talks with China and the USA. An economic, military and customs union is offered to Cuba and Poland.
  • Ireland: They accept the Chines alliance and trade deal. A trade deal is offered to Thailand and the FEA. A formal political union is offered to France. A referendum is held with 67% voting for union, 22% voting against, 10% voting for only a mutual financial and defence pact and 1% abstaining.
  • France: France offers a free trade deal with the FEA ( determines they agree). France hears word the remaining French Indochina will declare independence in the next six months.
  • US flag with 60 stars by Hellerick United Republic of the Americas -The URA starts a free trade treaty with the FEA and, RCA and Thailand.
  • Spain: The President Adolfo Pérez clarifies to Spanish people that the UN is completely "ineffective" to resolve conflicts and that leaving of Spain or any benefit or disbenefit. Spain clarified that if the limits of the Third Spanish Republic are threatened by any other country, will make justice their own way. This is not an attack on democracy, Spain has already been threatened in recent years and nobody has done anything. Before avoid another foreign invasion, as in the Civil War (and the former colonies, now fully integrated Federal States in Spain), prefer not to get into treaties "circular" that only lead to division. Spain rejects the agreements with Austria. The president says it's a matter of national security, not expansion. Therefore, the President has called for the troops stationed in South Bohemia to demilitarize the area and return to their home.
  • Italy: Italy requests a formal economic union as one fiscal unit with Yugoslavia immediately after Austria is crushed. Italy sends a mountain warfare division to take out Austrian forces in the Tyrol. A small batch of paratroopers, some selective bombing of bridges and supply drops to advanced units help. Italy is far from combat savvy or well equipped and only gets a bloody 75km foothold. Italy digs in and dreams of taking Innsbruck by about 1964. Yugoslavia, Russia, Venezuela, Spain, Ethiopia, Portugal and France are begged to help it free Europe.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: No attack can take place on Austria because they might have a Führer, but they had a democratic government under him (even the Nazis won the election in Germany to come to power). We should not attack Austria. At least, they have some some of Democracy compared to the USSR. Italy is told to stop its attack on Austria, or it will face consequences (remember Somalia, the Ethiopians are still there).
    • Austrian Diplomacy: Austria notes that Nationalist Republics are democratic, in fact two other parties (while they are still nationalist) have arisen in Austria: the Austrian Progressives Party and the Liberal Nationalist Coalition. However considering Italy has attacked Austria, Austria will return the attack inclined.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways. Thailand also accepts the Irish and URA free trade treaty/deal.
  • Austria: Considering the attack on Austria, the Entire German line pact enters the war against Italy. Austrian armed forces push deep into eastern north Italy, the new Austrian tanks and air force make a huge difference in the way the combat pans out, they break several Italian units and bring the front of the war to Venice by the end of the major offensive and begin strategically bombing industries around the north. Meanwhile, Germany mans the Tyrol offensive sending its Volk Divisions through the mountains, while more casualties are taken ratio-wise than any battle before in the last ten years, they manage to break the Italian mountain Division and push them into Italian Terentino.
  • Japan: The Japanese President continues to advocate for the annexation of Palestine by Israel. The Japanese ask the Chinese, Hindustani, Thai, and Russian to become allies of Israel. The Japanese Navy brings up the first operation guided ship-to-ship missile. The JDAC begins bombing the northern forests of Indonesia in an attempt to flood out the MalayCong. The MalayCong, in response, begin killing innocent civilians in Indonesia.
  • Ethiopia: Seeing Italy's weakness invades Somalia using massive fire power, air superiority, and new Chinese weapons to break through Italian lines capturing all of Puntland and parts of the interior. Ethiopia digs in knowing a counterattack will come.
  • USSR: USSR creates Sovkosmos and secedes from the EASA. Miraculously, the royal palaces in St Petersburg were virtually unharmed and the Soviet leadership moves in. Roskosmos Launches Yuri Gagarin from Baikanor Cosmodrome and brings glory to Russia. Decontamination and reconstruction of Leningrad are being done. the center will remain untouched as a memorial to the nuclear war with Finland.
  • Yugoslavia: Accepts Poland's alliance offer.
  • UASR: The Anglo Union declares its support for the Jewish World Congress and the right of all peoples to have there own beliefs. Racism is now considered anti-Anglo and all racist nations in the world are no longer allowed to trade with the UASR.
  • UAIR: Support for the UASR's declaration is proclaimed and a meeting between Islamic, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, and other Religious leaders is proposed to take place in the Holy City of Jerusalem.


  • Italy: Italy sends heavy reinforcements and Special Forces to the River Po. A massive earth berm wall is built on the south side of the river, turning it into a giant moat to defend Italy proper and about 25% of northern bridges are either blown up or mined. Italian Bakelite Anti-tank mines [[3]] are sewn heavy on the north side of the Po, in the mountain passes of the Alpi Orobie, around Bergamo, around Venice, around Verona, around Napoli, around Farrera, around Rome and around Bresccica. A similar, but much less mined berm also lies on the south side of the Tiber, from the coastline to the town of Turie in the Appennine Mountains of central Italy.Turin is fortified with a berm. [M114 155 mm howitzers] join in the defence of the places that are shielded by mines and along most of the defences at the River Po. Several [| MIM-23 anti-Aircraft Hawk missiles] erect themselves at these points to as well as at Genoa, Trieste, Udine, Tripoli, Cagliari and Apolakkia. There are not all that many on the River Po berm wall due to supply problems. Some [M109 howitzers] and [4.5 inch Gun M1] artillery pieces guard various other points on the berms and the city of Bologna. Several tank regiments line up around Milan, Bologna, Reggio and the Berms. The cutting edge 'Gaspésie Garibaldi' [Leopard 1A5] comparable tanks are it’s back bone.
Several [Fiat G.50] fighters launch the initial counter strike, with a surprise attack from Bologna the on Austrian forces in Trentino, but are largely crushed by the Austrian air force. [Republic F-84 Thunderjets] equivalent and [North American F-86 Sabre] equivalent fighters roam the skies of Italy. An elite wing of [Lockheed F-104 Starfighter] equivalent interceptors and fighter bombers blunt Austria’s advance on Venice, but with bad Italian losses to. Venice city is held. [Aermacchi MB-326 Light attack aircraft] are put on standby. Two Capitani Romani class cruisers guard the Gulf of Taranto. [| the Italian aircraft carrier Aquila] goes to the Tyrrhenian sea, with its usual complement of Fiat G.50fighter aircraft and two [Trento class cruisers] on escort duty. A [| Zara class cruiser (Italy)] and [class cruiser] sails for the Ligurian coast. The [San Marco Regiment] is deployed in Lombardy and Lazio, but no one will be told of there location until fighting starts, since there operating on three covert special opps job. Three [Foca class minelaying submarines] put a mine field up just north of Palermo and in the Straits of Massina, outside the port of Reggio.
Italy is put on a war footing and on to a state of emergency decree. It’s all or nothing, they will fight to the death like ancient Rome. Most of the military and many reserves are sent to their posts. A citizen’s militia is also formed. Littoral Banovina is put on war alert and a few Bakelite mines, six Garibaldi class tanks and a M109 howitzer equivalent guard the city of Split, in OTL Croatia. Yugoslavia is told it is safe and no a target. Two [| Aermacchi MB-326 Light attack aircraft] symbolically bomb an Ethiopian convoy in a surprise attack as the colonial forces fall back to the south west of the Wabe Shebele and inside the city of Mogadishu. Two Fiat G.91 [[4]] patrol the skies over Mogadishu. Six Some [M109 howitzers] are place around the city’s north eastern perimeter.
A [[5]] Trento class cruiser is laid down in southern Italy. [Piaggio Aero] start building small scale underground test facilities in Tripoli and Turin. 32 Fiat G.91 fighters [[6]], a Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar [[7]] cargo plane, 20 [M109 howitzers] and 12 [Leopard 1A5 tanks] are made across Italy.
  • Ireland: The public sends some volunteers and illegal paramilitaries, which the government does not officially support, to Milano to fight the Austrians.
  • France: French Indochina declares its independence. The new republic is declared the "Indochinese Republic." A flag designing competition is issued, as the new government cannot decide on a flag.
    • Italian Diplomacy: French Indochina is recognised. French help is requested for fighting Austria. Both France and French Indochina are offered an alliance and trade deals. Yugoslavia is not an enemy and can rest in peace.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: The new Indochinese Republic is recognised. It is up to the new government to decide whether they are joining any pacts or joining the League of Neutral.
    • Yugoslavia Diplomacy: Recognise the new French Indochina's independence.
    • Poland Diplomacy: French Indochina is recognised.
      Indochinese Flag

      The flag Japan recommends for Indochina It has a 1:1 ratio (aka. it's a square)

    • Japanese Diplomacy: The Japanese recognize the Indochinese government. It also proposes this flag.
  • United Republic of the Americas: Several volunteer cells and a stolen 1920's Bolivar class gunboat and a stolen USMC Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King [[8]] turn up in defence of Palermo with out the United Republic of the Americas' government's authorisation.
  • Poland: Huge infrastructure begins. five-year economic plan is developed and begins to update old military equipment with newer technology.
  • Yugoslavia: With it neighboring countries which are both that allies of Yugoslavia that are at war with each other, the Government refuses to join on either side of the war and passes the 1962 National Defense Law also known as the Total People's Defense Doctrine. This law allows the Kingdom of Yugoslavia to maintain or eventually re-establish its independent and non-aligned status should an invasion occur. According to it, any citizen who resists an aggressor is a member of the armed forces, thus allowing the whole population to be turned into a monolithic resistance army. Yugoslavia will remain non-aligned, and it will not accept foreign troops of either alliance on its territory. The doctrine does recognize the likelihood that one side or the other might try to seize Yugoslav territory as a forward staging area, to ensure lines of communication, or simply to deny the territory to enemy forces. Such action would be considered aggression and would be resisted. Regardless of ideology, the occupiers will be considered Yugoslavia's enemy. Poland is offered a contract to have AMG Dynamic Transports Factory be built there and allows the Poland to create as many as it see needed.
    • Poland Diplomacy: Accept the AMG Dynamic Transports contract.
  • Japan: The Japanese Army and Navy continue to improve their missile systems. The JDAC tests air to air missiles for use on planes. They are met with remarkable success and many of the fighters are retrofitted to carry the missiles. The JDAC also begins planing a new plane. The Japanese Defense Air Corps shoots down a plane taking off from Indonesia that was suspected of carrying supplies for the MalayCong. The pilot did not respond when it was hailed and thus was shot down. Twenty-four Indonesians lost their lives and the plane crashed into the sea, thus we'll never know if they were carrying supplies or not.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways. The Thai government also recognises the new Indochinese Republic.
  • Austria: Austria fortifies their side of the Venetian front and uses tanks to break to the coast east of Venice cutting off the Italian land on the other side, the land is occupied by Austrian infantry soon after. Meanwhile, air raids to the Italian side start to focus on heavy bombing of Italian forces. The German Volk brigades (who are 1.5 million plus strong) begin to push even farther south and west, continuing to take heavy casualties however remaining on the advantage due to the amount of land taken, their advance stops as they regroup and the new line stretches almost to the western coast and far west into savoy however advances south are still slow. Meanwhile, Bulgarian forces make a beachhead in Sicily, taking over the city of Syracuse and some of the surrounding area. Military production increases and more and more German Volk brigades are being equipped with Austrian standard weaponry.
    • Italy diplomacy: The 60+ year old deputy president is fired for spending all his time sleeping with other women, taking bribes and tinting his greying hair. He is replaced by a more astute opposition member. Italy calls on Cuba, Greece, France, Portugal and Spain, and the USSR for help. Military supplies are running low.
    • Hindustani Diplomacy: Hindustan propose a Status Quo Ante Bellum to the war. All Austrian troops will retreat from their positions and all Italian territory would be given back to Italy.
  • USSR: The USSR Complete their design for a Voshod Space Capsule, and Voshod is predicted to be able to conduct spacewalks(voshod-1). A special Space suit is designed, and construction begins on the Voshod Rocket.
  • UASR: Work on the ISS continues while encouragement of the worlds religious leaders to meet in Jerusalem is encouraged while Anglo troops presence is also volunteered to protect the leaders from extremists.
  • UAIR: Plans for the World's Religious Council are proposed and the meeting is set for 1964.6.


  • URA: The Greek Colonels take the opportunity to advance into the Greek mainland’s Pindus Mountains, they arks Yugoslavia if they want the ethically Albanian coastal enclave around the municipality of Epirus, which lies adjacent to coastal Albania. They chose to get involved as Venezuela and the Democratic Republic of Izmir look on in dismay.
  • Italy:: Italy bravely stands its ground as the two northern San Marco units are activated in Verona and Padua (one is also in an undisclosed Lazio town) as their terrorist bombings and sabotage raids disable several Austrian and German units. Italy calls on Cuba, Greece, France, Portugal and Spain, and the USSR for help. Ten North American B-25 Mitchell class bombers and a guard of 15 Fiat G.50 fighters bomb the Austrian army camp at Trento. It is an horrific loss on both sides as the base burns Austrian aircraft and anti-aircraft defences wipe out the dated and propeller driven raiders. A second elite wing of Lockheed F-104 Starfighter equivalent interceptors and fighter bombers launch Valiant, but costly raids on the front lines at Parma. Turin's military leader points some his anti-aircraft missiles at oncoming German and Austrian tanks, blunting there advance on the isolated city. The missiles knock out several bombers over other cities, but are not plentiful enough to stop the attacks as a whole. The occupation of Rijeka, east of Venice is hard with resistance fighters and petrol bombing youths battling Austrians street by street.
Tropas en Defensa

A group of encircled Italian troops in the foot-hills of northern Friuli-Venezia Giulia bravley hold out as supplies run short.

The last anti-tank mines are laid around Rimini, Fume (OTL Rijeka) and Brindisi. The remaining artillery peaces go to defend Rimini, Brindisi there and Taranto to. The power grid is upgraded in the war free zone south of the Tiber berm. 15 Sherman tanks trundle down to meet the Bulgarian landings and back up the dated WW-II Fiat models around Mt Etna and Palermo. 15 Sherman tanks are made and shipped to Spilt/Splitarno and five are revealed from an underground bunker near Tripoli.
The aircraft carrier Andria Doria stands watch in the Adriatic sea, with its complement of five jet fighters and one helicopter along the cruiser Conte di Cavour at her side. The battleships Littorio, Vittorio Veneto, Roma, Impero [[9]] stand steady of the west coast between Genoa and Sarlerno. The surviving cruisers Alberto da Giussano, Alberico da Barbiano, Bartolomeo Colleoni and Giovanni dalle Bande Nere [[10]] and a dozen or so surviving Gabbiano class corvettes [[11]] join them. Four [| Cagni class coastal attack submarines] pop out of the Adriatic and attack the Bulgarian fleet sinking a cargo ship and a landing craft. Four [| Marconi class ocean attack submarines] patrol the waters of the Mediterranean from just off Tunisia to just of Monaco. Five [| CB class midget submarines] start lurking of the Tripolitanian coast and then move off into the Straits of Massina. The battleships Conte di Cavour [[12]] and Andia Doria mush the Bulgarian navy at the Siracuse landing point. The battle damaged [| cruiser Capitani Romani ] and the [| destroyer Leone] fight their way into the Aegean sea and block the use of the Aegean Sea to hostile ships. The Greek colonels don't mind, some of their coastline is also in the Adriatic, but the Democratic Republic of Izmir is upset by the blockade.
The military is at full stretch and supplies are falling low.
15 Sherman tanks, 20[| Aer Lualdi L.59 utility helicopters], ten Fiat G.50 fighters, 20 Sikorsky H-5 equivalent helicopters and five [| CB class midget submarines] are made. Military supplies are now starting to run low due to war damage to industries.
A Caproni Ca 133 bomber bombs an Ethiopian bomb in the Somali interior, but is shot down shortly afterwards by the surviving Ethiopians. 16 Fiat G.50 fighters patrol the skies over Mogadishu, but can't hold on despite a heroic dog fight that is reminiscent of the OTL Battle of Britain. The colonial authorities are losing there nerve.
A commercial bizarre air freight link is made from Tripoli to Regio and Brindisi with an intermittent Caproni Ca 148 flight.
  • Ethiopia: Sends large numbers of Vengeance fighters and 15 PZL.23s to bomb as much of Mogadishu as possible the dogfighting over the city is brutal and large portions of the city are reduced to rubble.
  • Italy Vexillology (flag making): A modified Vexilloid of the Roman Empire is hoisted up onto the battlefield by Italian combat units to boost their morale.
    AvAr Vexilloid ofItalian Empire svg

    The Vexilloid of the Italian Empire.

  • Ireland: 20 Sikorsky H-5 equivalent helicopters are produced for domestic usage.
  • China: China bribes key members of the Indochinese parliament. They accept full annexation into China (72 from China sends supplies and new equipment to Austria with hundreds of tanks and aircraft.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways.
  • Japan: The Japanese Diet destroys the office of the President of Japan. He is replaced by the Shogun of Japan whom rules for life. The position is voted upon by majority vote upon the incumbent's death. This in-effect makes Japan an elected-monarchy. The new Shogun of Japan, Osami Shimada, who was the General of the Japanese Defense Air Corps, is bestowed the title of Shogun of the Japanese in Hiroshima. Shogun Osami quickly re-institutes the draft. The number of Japanese military personnel swell to nearly Second Sino-Japanese War levels. The JDAC begins patrols over Beijing and most of the coast of China. The Diet allows the Shogun to have near complete control, but the Diet can pass legislation, and veto a Shogun's actions.
  • UASR: Work on the ISS continues while encouragement of the world's religious leaders to meet in Jerusalem is encouraged while Anglo troops presence is also volunteered to protect the leaders from extremists.
  • UAIR: Plans for the Worlds Religious Council are proposed and the meeting is set for 1964.6.


  • Ireland: The neutral Pope and some leading clergy are rescued from the Vatican City by Irish helicopter forces and taken to Ireland for safe keeping if eventually Rome falls.
  • URA, Greek Colonels regime: They advance to the River Vada and dig in due to temporary shortages and stretched supply lines. An alliance is offered to Italy.
  • Italy: The air raid damaged cruisers Zara, Fiume, Pola and Gorizia [[13]] shell Ethiopian forces as they enter the outskirts of Mogadishu killing several dozen of them. Ten Aermacchi MB-326 Light attack aircraft bomb bridge and force a tank coulomb to take 2km diversion as colonial forces dig in.
Ten Fiat G.50 fighters and ten Aermacchi MB-326 Light attack aircraft fly over to Tripoli and guard the skies from Shirte to Tripoli.
Five Aermacchi MB-326 Light attack aircraft fly over to Split and guard the skies from of Split and the neat by islands.
Italy's navy cuts off the Bulgarian's see route and they are trapped. The Leopard tanks are split into five parts and centre on the Po berm, Tiber berm, Reggio, Rome and Rimmini. seeing Austria and company had just dug in, stood ground there ground and did not post in the previous turn, Italy had taken the opportunity to launch a counter strike moderate counter strike towards Turin by the badly damaged local army units as the air force deploys 20 surviving Fiat G.91 fighter bombers [[14]] hit the troops separating in from Genoa and Savoy. Ten Aermacchi MB-326 Light attack aircraft also join in, but all are lost, mostly before seeing action. The remaining Spica class torpedo boats Spica, Castore, Astore, Lira, Lupo, and Polluce all join in the attack on the south Bulgarian navy [15] of the coast of Sicily. Italian torpedo boat Albatros [16] goes on anti-submarine patrol in the Aegean sea. A Macchi M.70 [17], a Macchi M.26 [18], two Macchi M.C.100 [19] and six Aermacchi SF.260 [20] fly Split to Athens and stay there.
Supplies are dangerously low, but some factories have been repaired in central and southern Italy. Petrol and coal rationing is in use. Six Fiat G.91 fighter bombers are made.
Four hot-headed female nationalists from Milan go up to a local army check point, charm the men and reach into their handbags ...boom!... they just suicide bombed the check point, killing the five German guards in it. The locals are shock by this event-
The women were-
  1. Thérèse Simone Staiano- (39),
  2. Tatianna Annibale Silviaro- (34),
  3. Pilara Turina de Ayala- (24),
  4. Andrea Rosa Bonino- (22).
The locals vehemently disapproved of the terrorist event.
  • Ethiopia: assaults Italian lines all at once advancing deeper into central Somalia after several bloody battles.
  • URA: The Pan-American Highway building is begun in earnest.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways. Thailand also improves their infrastructure more.
  • UASR: Work on the ISS continues while encouragement of the worlds religious leaders to meet in Jerusalem is encouraged while Anglo troops presence is also volunteered to protect the leaders from extremists.
    • Can you please change ISS to Skylab? so far from what I can tell only you are working on it.
  • UAIR: Plans for the World's Religious Council are proposed and the meeting is set for 1964.6. UASR troops are welcomed to enter the UAIR to protect the world Religious leaders.
  • China: China offers to buy Australia and New Zealand for 25 billion yuan or ten billion pounds. China's economy is rushing forward at breakneck speed and money is poured into science, health and education.
  • UASR Diplomacy: The offer to buy Australia and New Zealand is declined but the offer is tempting, but as Australia and New Zealand are quite a few member republics of the Union, the offer is politely declined. China is given 2,000,000 pounds as a gift to ther Chinese people. An alliance is offered as well as membership in the International Space Council. The China 1 is launched as an adjoining part to the AHUISS and in honor of the nation of China. A naval and bare base is given to the Chinese in Tasmania, Southern New Zealand and in western Australia as a gift for 30 years.
  • Japan: The Japanese Shogun, in an astonishing act of courage, to not allow possible tyrannical succesors to take advantage of their power signs the 制限の偉大な憲章 (latinized: Seigen no idaina kenshō), or the Great Charter of Limitation, which makes only the Diet able to create legislation. The Shogun though has complete control over the military. Shogun Osami Shimada allocates more money to the Japanese missile experiments. The Japanese refuse to accept German/Austrian shipping in an effort to stave off the war. The Japanese offer the Italians ballistic missile support.
  • Poland: Military update continue on schedule. The new AMG factory is completed.
  • Yugoslavia: The H.A.R.P. (High Altitude Research Program) Gun is able fire small objects up to sub-orbit. Troops are move to the northern border. Italy is offered 50 M5 M831 Troop Transport "The Bus" and several Attero Dominatus Bombs.
  • Italy: We agree to import the Japanese and Yugoslavian military aid.
  • USSR: USSR start work on project codename "Big Ivan". A stable Voshod capsule is completed and a space suit capable of sustaining humans in space. Sovkosmos sends Luna 8 to the moon, making the first maps of the lunar surface. Meanwhile, Moscow and Leningrad are decontaminated. rebuilding and repopulation begin.


  • Italy:Italy agrees to import the Japanese and Yugoslavian military aid. Italy accepts the Greek Colonels' alliance. 15 Sherman tanks, ten Fiat G.50 fighters, 20 Fiat G.91 fighters and 12 Leopard 1A5 tanks all push north east from Bologna and free the front line town of Ferrara and the resent beach in the River Po Berm is filled and land-mined one more. The enviggored people of Venice and Milan rise up en masse; riot and petrol bomb the occupying forces. All major collaborators are shot and the local women that regally slept with the enemy’s men are subjected to a ritualized public head shaving. The last unit of San Marcos is activated in Turnie, Lazio. They get on a cargo plan in Turnie and go north under fighter cover and reach Trento, which they liberate after a bloody fight with the local mixed Austrian and German garrison.
A new wave of unsolicited suicide bombings go off in Rijeka seven women and two men sacrifice their lives taking out part an enemy encampment. The city is still desperately trying to kick out the Austrians.
  1. María Flora Musso (62),
  2. José Giuseppe Musso (41),
  3. Giovanni Antonio Kraxi (40),
  4. Emma Maria Canaries (38),
  5. Edith Anna Berlusconi (32),
  6. Joan Giuseppina Marconi (31),
  7. Léonie Angela Macchi (28),
  8. Leonida Giovanna Pippstrel (18),
  9. Zoë Annë Contie (17).
The phenomenon is of much concern and debated heavly in the Italian parliament.
20 M109 howitzers and a new Trento class cruiser are sent to help the garrison on Rhodes. 12 Fiat G.91 fighter go to Split to patrol the skies.
15 Sherman comparable tanks and 15 actual Sherman tanks join the bloody fighting in Siracuse, Sicily. The Bulgarians fight on bravely and many Italians die, but the Bulgarians are very low on supplies due to the naval blockade of the beachhead. They are offered a honourable surrender as is the Bulgarian nation.
Piaggio Aero start building small scale underground test facilities in Rome and Split. 15 Sherman tanks, ten Fiat G.50 fighters, ten Leopard 1A5 tanks and 12 Fiat G.91 fighters are made across Italy. The factories are rebiludit in several places, but supplies are still very low. With time, both Italian moral and production rises.
  • France: France recommends the Indochinese Republic use the Japanese's flag proposal, and they accept (based on Also, French diplomats, concerned about the colonies trying to break tries with France, visit the African colonies to try to keep them intact.
  • URA: The URA gives 20 modern (OTL 1960's USA type) trucks, 30 WW2 style Opel Blitz trucks and 20 QF 4.5 inch Howitzers to the Italians. An alliance is offered to Italy. The URA pledges to send troops to stabilise the French colonies.
  • Ireland: An alliance is offered to Italy along with some emergency food exports.
  • Japan: The Japanese launch several ballistic missiles from bases in Japan into Austria, they hit major population centres such as Vienna, Berlin, Nuremberg, and Königsberg. The Japanese kill almost 178,000 people and cause over $760 million in damage. The Japanese Navy sends the Shiro, Fukutsu no seishin, and the Shi (which are all missile carriers) to the Adriatic where they launch nearly seventy missiles into the German troops. This causes a large amount of confusion and their morale being lowered significantly. More to come...
  • UAR, Democratic Izmir and The Greek Colonel's Regime: The Greek Colonels hunker down and prepare to sit it out on the banks of the River Varda. Democratic Izmir is outnumbered by Fascist Bulgaria, but Islam stiffens Izmir’s backbone. Izmirie forces move out of the Thracian enclave and over the border by several dozen sq km, but the enemy is determined and hold out on all fronts despite having poor ammunition due to slow development and premature entry into the war. Izmir recognises the fact both nations were the victims of hostle geo-politics, bullying neighbours and arbitraly drawn borders, so they offer Bulgaria an honourable peace and retaining the status quo on one condition- they dump Austria’s and Germany’s fascist block. All war criminals will also be put on trial. A similar deal is offered to Austrian occuped Transilvania. Izmir offers Italy and The Greek Colonels an alliance.
The Bulgarian Pekhota Division (the standard fighting unit of the armed forces, adaptable to many situations), the Bronya Division (the armoured unit of the armed forces, used specifically to break enemy lines) and Mekhanizirani Division (The mechanised unit of the armed forces, used for infantry roles requiring greater mobility) all earn Italy and Izmir’s mutual respect as worthy opponents.
  • UASR: Threatens to nuke Rome and Vienna if the war between th two nations of Austria and Italy does not stop. Three of the original UASR Nuclear bombs are dropped offshore of Italy to show that the UASR means business. Specific satleites in orbit are positioned to decellerate and fall on certain Italian cities if the war does not stop. 400,000 UASR troops land in southern Italy and begin to go up the boot of Italy. Nukes are not to be used unless absolutlely needed. As Austria's ally, the UASR declares its support of Austria and 300,000 Anglo troops land on the Italian coast just west of Rome, march east, and lay siege to the city. Thousands of tanks, planes, cruise missiles, troops and billions in aid are given to the Austrians and Germans. A non-aggression pact is offerd to the USSR, and if it is broken by the UASR, Australia will be given to the USSR no matter what or war will continue between th USSR and its allies until the UASR agrees to cede Australia.
    • USSR Diplomacy: USSR agrees to non-aggression pact and the terms listed.
    • Italy: Uses one of its 1947-48 type 1.5kn bombs to evaporate most of a German army in northern Veniza-Frullia. The fright makes Romania and Bulgaria surrender, with their honor and regimes intact, to the Greek Colonels and Democratic Izmir. Troops from Turin connect with Milan, most of Istria and lowland Veniza-Fullia is free as Rijeka and Venice are conected to Bologna front.

16 Germans died Trento as suicide bombers blow up an army baracks.

The martyrs are-
  1. Francesco de Mussin (61)
  2. Mario Scorsenni (52)
  3. Luigi Musso (43)
  4. Antonio Prodi (43)
  5. Giovanni Baroso (42)
  6. Maria Emelda Baroso (39)
  7. Rosa Emilia Boras (29)
  8. Anna Baros (23)
  9. Millisandra Pilara (22)
  10. Adele Luigia Boras (21)
  11. Pilar Turino (21)
  12. Leonara Suritis (15)


  • UAIR: UAIR sends aid to the Germans, Austrians, and Anglo forces in Italy while the Elite Republican Guard numbering 50,000 men is sent to help the Anglo Union and its Allies. Aid is requested from Hindustan as well as troops to help stop the fighting in Europe in favor of the Anglo-German-Austrian-UAIR Alliance.
  • Austria: Austrian troops stop the Italian advance and along with there German allies, check the Italians at the 2nd Battle of Trento, retaking the city after a fight even more bloody than the last battle. Anglo aid begins to reach the front lines and bombing raids against all of Italy within range begin high.
  • Germany: The German Army, along with its Austrian and Anglo allies, begins to push the Italians back and the enemies advance is finally stalled thanks to Anglo aid. The Tiger-7 tank is released and mass production begins of this new weapon.
  • Italy:Eventually surrenders.

The surrender is accpeted by the Allies. Terms take place on my talk page DeanSims 15:04, October 22, 2011 (UTC)

Announcement: Italy is annexed by Austria, and this is accepted (he bullied meant Tim!) by Oxford 1972. All Italian colonies are given to Germany. UASR troops help keep defeated Italy under control. DeanSims 15:20, October 22, 2011 (UTC)


The world after the EU is formed and both the Czech Republic and Switzerland join the EU. Both Belgium and the Netherlands declined joining.

  • Germany and Austria vote to unite and form the European Union, and Italy is given equal representation to all other German and Austrian provinces. The formerly Italian, German and Austrian colonies are given seats in the lower Legislative house of the European Union, called the House of Colonial Representatives. The EU capital is put in Vienna. Membership in the EU is offered to Switzerland and the Czech Republic, and using, both excepted due to them both choosing odd numbers from between 1-500 (119 and 253). Membership to the Dutch and Belgains are both declined due to giving them both even numbers. 3.7 (if post is Germany/Austria's then two million max, if others are in on the coalition then fine) million Allied troops are stationed on the French-EU border as well as 1000 tanks, 100 cruise missiles and hundreds of the latest planes and jets. War with France is not wanted, but if France attacks, all hell will break lose. 700,000 UASR troops prepare to land in France if France declares war.
    • Do you not understand how extremely implausible that is? You're going to get a million cyanide bombs, 5000 tanks and 300 cruise missiles in less than a month? This is the reason why half the players on the map game have quit, because of these implausogasms.
    • I agree -Lx
    • And no...Switzerland will never join the EU... not until at least 2004 because of their neutrality. -Lx
    • And which country is this? If it's Germany and Austria, please put your Nation names in bold. -Lx
  • UAR: The UAR doesn't condone the recent attacks on Italy (nor does it seem to make any sense. I'd propose a rollback but it seems like the mods have given up on this ruined game.) It also doesn't condone the recent annexation by the Indochinese republic, in a statement by the president saying: "The reason the Indochinese broke their ties with the French is because they don't want to be a puppet anymore. I strongly ask that China give up their Indochinese Republic claim, or there will be an imminent attack on China." They prepare their military for any war.
    • French diplomacy: France agrees with the president's statement and agrees to war to return Italy to become its own country again.
    • I would support a rollback, from what I can see I'm a mod...and could somebody please change ISS to Skylab? because only one nation is working on it.LxCaucassus
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways. Thailand also builds a few harbours.
  • USSR: The USSR starts broadening their horizons, after four Voshod capsules were launched, one containing the first woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova, the Russians shoot for another goal, ultimately going to the moon. Sovkosmos strats by planning a space research center. On June 10th, the Soviets Blow up the Tsar bomba, a 57 MT Hydrogen bomb, the largest ever erupted by any nation of the world. The original design was to be 100 MT but the soviets realized that the fallout would reach areas populated by the Soviet Union. Sovkosmos starts drawing plans for a capsule codenamed "Salyut". During all the Voshod missions, EVAs (or extravehicular activities) AKA spacewalks were conducted, proving that the Russian Space suit design can sustain a man in the vacuum of space).


  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways.
  • Japan: The Japanese Shogun allows the installation of chemical and biological weapons onto the warheads of their ballistic missiles. A Japanese artist creates the first anime art book. The anime art book sells like wildfire in Japanese markets. Soon many other artists begin creating anime.
  • URA: The URA assaults a base in Japanese Mexico.


  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways. Thailand also improves some of their harbours, airports and infrastructure.
  • URA: After assaulting the base in Japanese Mexico, the American army then moves forward into Japanese Mexican territory, seizing many towns and small military bases along the way to the capital.
  • Japan: Builds more aircraft, neutron bombs and a 'vacuum bomb'.


The Japanese forces begin to falter and break in Japan’s remote Mexican holding. The base the UAR attacked falls.

  • Ireland: Amps up its navy and Luas car produciton.
  • France: Offers a trade, mutual defence and protectorate deal to Ireland, Monaco, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Suriname, Poland, Holland and Luxembourg. The Pluton rocket nuclear weapon is developed. The harbour at Cherbourg is expanded. Plutonium and diamond exploration begins in Mali and Niger.
The public referenda (Random.Org results (0-5= No, 6-10= yes) ).
  1. Ireland=7 (Yes)
  2. Norway= 9 (Yes)
  3. Sweden= 3 (No)
  4. Belgium= 8 (Yes)
  5. Suriname= 7 (Yes)
  6. Holland= 10 (Yes)
  7. Luxembourg= 1 (No)
  8. Poland= 2 (No)
  9. Monaco= 3 (No)

-- 16:18, November 1, 2011 (UTC) (AKA Billy)

  • URA: Japan is forced to cede Japanese Mexico to the URA.


  • France: Colonial troops stationed in the French Sudan quicly take over the UK's colony of West Togoland and mixture of French Colonial troops and Algerian/Tunisian militiamen enter the western one-half of inland. Tripolitania. Opersition by rival colonial forces was light in the desert, but is hevyer twards the coastline. The moutain roads in Franch Contie, the coAstal railways of Algeria, Tuniasia and Morocco and Algires Airport are upgraded. 19:40, November 2, 2011 (UTC) (AKA Billy)
  • URA: URA and Cuban diplomats meet in Havana that proposes unification between the two countries.
  • Italy: Invades Malta and captures Valetta.
  • Ethiopia: Attacks the north of Kenya and moves ten km inland.
  • Spain: Annexes Barbados.




  • France: France makes a short armoured thrust from Provence and Lyon into northern Italy. Both several battalions of Leopard 1 and two tanks, plus several dozen Mirage 1 fighters strike home. The occupied Italians put up little resistance and on occasion help the French as they advanced. A beachhead forms at Livotno in Toscana. The Austrian and UK Forces are taken by surprise and are caught off guard, leading to an initial loss, but they hold the Austrian line well at Parma, Verona and Pisa. The parts that are OTL Savoy, lowland Lombardy, Piedmont and Liguria become a French client state called 'West Padania'. An alliance is offered to the URA. (AKA Billy)
  • Hindustan: After disscussions with the British, the Brits finally allow Egypt and Sudan join the Central African Republic. The colony of Nigeria also joins this 'Central African Republic'. Infrastructure is continuously improved.
  • URA: The URA happily accepts France's offer.
  • UASR: UASR and the UES invades France and begins to force out the French from Italy.


Sir Ian Smith declaries UDI in north and south Rhodisaia. The United States of South Africa is formed out of South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Angolia, Namibia, Bostwana and Malawi. After much deliberation, Rhodisaia also joins. Issues of regonal autonomy make Tibet and Urger Region abruptly free themselves from Chinese rule. Mongolia and Tanu-Tuva also merge. The mountain use Eastern part of Kergysia and a couple of ethnically kindred minor Oblasts in Russian and Kazakh borderlands join in.

BlankMap-World-2009-2011 (AvAr 1967.6 key)

These are the new Asian states OTL locations.

  • France: French political funds go to The Parti Québécois (PQ), Front de libération du Québec, Rassemblement pour l'Indépendance Nationale in Quebec, Canada. Francophone Haiti is also of interest to France. A trade deal is offered to the RCA and the URA. France first proposes the creation of the Ariane space rocket project. A coastal motorway links all the major coastal settlements in Côte-d'Ivoire.
A couple of divisions of the French Foreign Legion and the Scharnhorst derived battleship Bois, leave Tunisia and take over the port facilities in Tripoli, with some gains made by the forces from Algeria entering deeper into the south of Tripolitania. The FFL later take the islands of Elba, Pantellera, Lamipone, Linosa and Lapadusia islands with little resistance as war weary Italians quit their posts and the UK, German and Austrian forces are defeated. Porto Torres in Sardinia saw heavy fighting and only a small French beachhead occurred after a horrifically server fight with a German SS Panzer-Grenadier unit. Six Davy Crockett equivalent nuclear mortars [[21]] pop off in lowland Lombardy and vaporise two German armies in Highland Lombardy. A Special 1kt Atomic Demolition Munition [[22]] breaks the River Po’s berm and lets a section of the French élite forces take Bologna. The Pluton short range ballistic missile with five-tonne Conventional High-Explosive type warhead [[23]] explodes in the Brunner pass, killing 26 Austrian soldiers in a major convoy that was using the pass. Highland Lombady, Valle de’A-osta and Emillia-Romangya save for Rimini and Ravenna are finally free after tough fighting with the occupying Austrians and Germans.
The borders of Côte d'Ivoire colony and the Franco-German border are heavily re-inforced, entrenched, mined and spiked with Czech-hedgehog obstacles. Hindustan is offered the hand of frendship and a trade deal. (AKA Billy).
  • Ethiopia: Expands its number of military divisions while lowering taxes and cuting red tape to incentivize foregin investment.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways.
  • URA: Cuba and URA are politicaly united.


Tibet, Urger Region-Eastern Kergyzia and Mongolia-Tanu-Tuva all chose to rejoin China after a bit of hard bargening with the cental government. Local autonomy and farm subsidies are sorted out and they return to central government rule. 01:37, November 5, 2011 (UTC) (AKA-Billy).

  • France: France offers the war-weary Italian rebels and the collapsing Austrian lead occupation force terms of surrender. The Austrians and Germans will go home unhindered to sort out there nations, while Italy will become part of the new 'Federated Francophone Union'. Sea mines are dumped all across the English Channel and several conventionally armed Pluton rockets badly cripple the UK's industrial-military complex. They are warned to keep out of Italy this time. All Italy's remaining colonies become French, save for Somalia, since Ethiopia can keep the part it has taken.
As post-colonial chaos reigns in Ghana, French forces annex the sparsely populated northern 20%. The Francophone issue is still being promoted in Quebec and the two most Francophone Swiss cantons (Canton of Jura and Canton of Neuchâtel). Ticino is being reminded of its Italian roots in another political campaign. A French expeditionary force tries to restore order in coastal part of (Francophone) Zaïre. Kinshasa, Bas-Congo, Bandundu and the south west Équateur provinces are formed into a French protectorate (the FFL will land net turn) while the rest is left in pre-existing tribal chaos.
The RCA national football team is invied to play a mach with the French national team. A trade and defence deal is offered to Ethiopia.
  • Ethiopia: Easily annexes the rest of Somalia as the Italian forces are focused on the homefront. Ethiopia agrees to the French deal but makes it clear they want to remain a free and independent nation.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military, and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways.
  • Yemen: Yemen, led by Peter Hernandez, Spanish ex-member of Spanish MMP Party, asks for the independence from the countries on their original territory.
    • France-diplomacy: France offers a trade deal with Yemen and recognises its right to ask for independence. Ethiopia is told that France is no threat to them either.
France offers a trade, mutual defence and protectorate deal to The Faeroe Islands, the Ionian islands, Malta Liechtenstein, San Marino and Andorra. With this the 'Federation of United European and Francophone States' (a sort of EEC/EU type body) is born! A trade deal is offered to Finland, Germany, Denmark, East (grey) Romania, Iceland, South Africa and The Portuguese Empire.
The public referendum results (Random.Org results (0-5= No, 6-10= yes).
  1. San Marino= 4 (No)
  2. Malta= 2 (No)
  3. Andorra= 8 (Yes)
  4. The Faeroe Islands= 2 (N0)
  5. Gibraltar= 10 (Yes)
  6. Ionian Islands= 9 (Yes)
  7. Liechtenstein= 3 (Yes)
A few states like Finland will be invited 19 1968.5-1969.0 and will freely hold referenda with results acording to Randon.Org.

France-diplomacy: (AKA Billy)

  • URA: The URA forces push deeper into Japanese Mexico, capturing forts and towns and have besieged the capital. Meanwhile, Brazilian and American diplomats propose Brazilian unite with America.
  • Japan: after several bloody battles the Japanese repel the URA form portions of Japanese Mexico and dig in deep. They also heavily bomb Hawaii in response to the unprovoked attack. A colony is established on the island of Sumatra.
    • Hindustani Response: Troops raring to see battle get their chance and are shipped to Japanese America. A blockade of the URA is begun with the Japanese navy.


Leaderless (grey) Aden and Socotra Island become independent as the Yemen. The Yemenite states of Hadramawt, N. Yemen and south 'Asir Province areasking to leave and join Yemen.

  • Yemen still requires an independence from the countries on their original territory. Yemen begins massively urbanizing their country.
  • France: Troops land in Zaïre to secure the Francaphone part. forces are reduced in Tripolitania. 'Federation of United European and Francophone States' (a sort of EEC/EU type body) to five more minor grey states.
  • The public referendum results (Random.Org results (0-5= No, 6-10= yes).
  1. Spain= 2 (No)
  2. Spanish Morocco= 3 (No)
  3. Channel Islands= 10 (Yes)
  4. Finland= 1 (No)
  5. The Baltic States= 3 (No)

French diplomats and minor forces take over the small and frightened (Francophone) Comoros islands and annex the grey islands of Zanzibar and Pemba with the Idea of giving Pemba to Ethiopia and Zanzibar to Yemen.

Oil is drilled for in southern Tripolitania. France calls it a day and give up the globe trotting and flag hoisting antics. 20:10, November 5, 2011 (UTC)

  • URA: The URA and Brazil are officially united. Meanwhile, the URA troops deal with Hindustani and Japanese troops in Japanese Mexico. After many bloody battles, they manage to drive away the Japanese and Indians thanks to Cuban and Brazilian reinforcements. In Hawaii, the URA sends many warships to defend the islands. In Japanese Mexico, what only remains of it is Southern Baja California. The URA calls for all of its allies and France to help the URA forces fight the Japanese and Hindustanis.
    • Did you basically say "screw you algorithm"? The opposite happens.
    • You need to learn to use the algorithm. I will put the key on the talk page again!! 1 Imperium Guy 14:47, November 6, 2011 (UTC)
    • What is this algarithum suposed to do, contain or work like? 16:33, November 6, 2011 (UTC)(AKA Billy)


South Cyrenaica-Timbou joins the RCA. Yemen is born out of Aden and Socotra island, The other lands are still Hindustani until if/when they are set free or rebel. The grey part of Zaïre is equally split by the merger with RCA and S. Africa.

  • France: France begins to mull over its rule of Italy and is irked by the growing ethnic divisions in the dying Yugoslavia. A FFL unit secures Monte Negro's lowlands after a bitter struggle with local Militias. After hopefully taking Monte Negro's highlands next turn, France will hunker down and stop expanding. Savoy is annexed to France as an autonomous prefecture. Canton of Jura and Canton of Neuchâtel had been successfully whipped up into an ethnic Francophone frenzy and join France gladly. A new road is under construction uniting French West Sudan's cities. It runs from Conakry in Guinea to Niamey in Niger via Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. Quebec is ethnically French and culturally Francophone, France started a propaganda campaign a few turns ago and like the two French Swiss cantons of Canton of Jura and Canton of Neuchâtel, its Gallic south ceseds and joins France. France begins to arm the unfairly ignored Yemenite separatists.
France Offers a trade, mutual defence and protectorate deals that are in the 'Federation of United European and Francophone States ‘to the final nations on the list.
The public referendum results (Random.Org results (0-5= No, 6-10= yes).
  1. Iceland = 0 (No)
  2. Free Bohemia= 7 (Yes)
  3. East (grey) Romania = 8 (Yes)
  4. Ifni= 10 (Yes)
  5. South Bohemia= 8 (yes)
  6. Polish Galicia= 2 (no)
  7. Portugal= 3 (no)
  8. Cyprus= 4 (no)
  9. Albania= 9 (yes)
  10. Corfu= 1 (No)
  11. Crete= 3 (no)
  12. Transdanubian Hungary= 2 (No)
  13. Benghazi-Cyrenaica= 7 (Yes)
  14. Yugoslavia = ??? 01:47, November 6, 2011 (UTC)AKA Billy

  • China: Manchuria re-joins China after suffering sever manpower shortages and lack of skilled and professional workers which results in the economy collapsing. ( 7)
  • URA: URA forces defeat Hindustani-Japanese forces in many areas in the southern Baja California. The Japanese are officially driven off from the Americas. In Hawaii, the URA forces finally drive off the Japanese from Hawaii. Meanwhile, Argentinean, Uruguayan, and URA diplomats meet together proposing unification. The URA recruits men from Cuba and Brazil and calls from it allies help to defeat the Japanese and Hindustanis.
    • Look at the algorithm, your army is crushed, the reverse happens. 1 Imperium Guy 14:03, November 6, 2011 (UTC)
  • Meanwhile, offers are sent to buy all possessions in the American continents from the countries who own them.
  • While urbanization process is currently paused in Yemen, it begins massively recruiting soldiers and police officers for the protection of their country.
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways.
  • French diplomacy: France demand that Hindustan give Yemen its independence. Land transfer - Pemba to Ethiopia and Zanzibar to Yemen. 13:37, November 6, 2011 (UTC) (AKA Billy)
  • Japan: The Japanese Army pushes the URA forces out of Baja California. They begin a massive bombardment of the URA with Ballistic Missiles from Japan. The URA Army in Japanese Mexico's morale is crushed. They are soon forced to retreat from the significant forces of the Japanese and Hindu Armies. By the end of the six month period all of Japanese Mexico is liberated. In Hawaii the Japanese Navy surrounds the island and refuses to allow any food, medicine, etc. into the island.
  • Hindustan: The Tanks of Hindustan use the desert terrain beautifully to crush the rebels near Oman. A rebel neutralizing campaign is begun and is expected to take around a year.
  • Ethiopia: Begins to take control of portions of Southern Sudan sending large numbers of troops to the area and taking control of their government. Ethiopia agrees to annex Pemba.
  • Yemen: The Yemenite leader resigns from his position, and officially changes his name to Vladimir Glodarev. He forms a new political party in Soviet Union, to replace the current leadership, which lacks common sense.
  • URA: Argentina and Uruguay officially join the country. Canada, Greenland, and all other areas in the American continents owned by other countries are bought. With the exception of Japanese Mexico, all of the American continents are part of the URA. Meanwhile, URA forces finally managed to get reinforcements from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Canada. Until their call for help from its allies has been answered, the URA forces are in a defensive posture.
    • France diplomacy: Yemen is politically recognised by France. The French foreign legion moves out of the Zaïre and lands in force in Aden. They push an armoured column forward in bitter fighting, towards Sa'ana and hope Hindustan gets the point! Yemen wants independence as a viable nation, with more land than just Aden, Zanzibar island and Socotra island. The heavy hand-to-hand fighting to take Monte Negro's highlands is nearly over. France settles down and waits for a response over Yemen.
    • France, I am begging you to help me fight the Japanese. I accepted your offer for an alliance, will you please help me?
    • French response: Forces in French Polynesia, Tahiti and Maraura attack and cripple a Japanese armoured naval supply ship as it lands its cargo in Japanese Mexico. French 30,000 regular troops land in the east of Mexico and start marching towards Japanese México. The 'Chiglie' weapon will be used if Japan does not agree to a UN-run truce. Japan will evacuate Mexico and give asylum to those who want to stay Japanese, whist those who like being American can stay in Mexico. I will reveal the OTL weapon ATL code name 'Chiglie' next. turn. 17:45, November 6, 2011 (UTC)AKA Billy
  • Thailand: Thailand continues to build up their military and continues to build the subways in major cities, trains and motorways.
  • USSR: People are not happy at how fast years go by. Vladimir takes over the Communist Party leadership and becomes the leader of Soviet Union. He sends several militia officers to restore peace after the wartime and send supplies for dying people.
  • French response: As the Communist cells lead by Vladimir leave Yemen and move to the USSR, France gives up the thrust to Sa'ana and stops arming the remaining rebels. Peace is made with Hindustan. The Proto-Yemen that does exist becomes a French protectorate and be treated fairly.

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