Note: I do NOT support the axis powers in any way, but I do wonder what would happen if the axis indeed won.

Fall of Britain

As the blitz wore into 1940, Hitler decided to cancel the blitz, and finish off Britain. He loaded planes with over 50 troops per plane, and finally, bombed Britain, unfortunately, they also dropped soldiers into the British cities, and they tore the British apart.

In May, 1941, the Germans defeated the British at the battle of Liverpool, and marched toward London. In despair, Winston Churchill ordered all soldiers to blockade London, as a final hope. But it was futile. One June 2nd, 1941, London fell, and Churchill imprisoned, it was over.

With Britain out of the way, Hitler mopped up the last countries in Europe not under his control, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland, Hitler now controlled all of Europe, he then captured British holdings in Africa and other British colonies.

A new enemy

With Britain and Europe under his control, Hitler turned his attention to the last two superpowers standing, America, and Russia. Hitler knew that the United States were unwilling to enter the war, so he decided to end the war and conquer Russia.

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