Axis Powers
Axis Flag.png
Map showing the Member states of the Axis Powers by color.
Official languages German, Russian, Finnish, Spanish
Demonym Axis
Type Military and Economic Alliance
 -  Quadripartite Pact 18 September 1939 

The Axis Powers, known informally as the Axis is a military organization formed on September 18, 1939 between Germany, the Soviet Union, Finland and Spain. Mexico joined the Axis on June 8th 1940. The Axis was created to allow the four nations to expand their spheres of influence and become more influential in world affairs.

Member Nations

Members (Green)

  • Reichskriegsflagge38-45 Third Reich
  • Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
  • Flag of Hungary (1920–1946) Hungary
  • Flag of Romania Romania
  • Flag of Poland (with coat of arms)Poland
  • Flag of Czech Republic (Vegetarian World) Czech Republic
  • Flag of First Slovak Republic 1939-1945 Slovakia
  • Flag of Spain (1938 - 1945) Spain
  • Flag of France Vichy France
  • Flag of Thailand 1855 Siam
  • Flag of FlandersFlanders
  • Flag of Italy (1861-1946) Italy

Observer Members (Yellow)

Threat Boards

International Relations

Status Nation Notes
At War United States of America Our greatest enemy, the United States has finally declared war on the Third Reich. Must be destroyed.
At War Great Britain One of our greatest enemies, Great Britain must be destroyed if the Third Reich is to survive.
At War Australia Weak lackeys of the British, the Australians are a thorn in our side and must be dealt with.
At War New Zealand Even more lackeys of the British. Must be destroyed.
 Neutral Japan Neutral for now, Japan is a dangerous threat. Hopeful alliance.
Destroyed Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia has been crushed and replaced by the Czech Republic and Slovakia in one of the first conquests of the Third Reich.
Destroyed France One of our most powerful opponents has been crushed under the boot of the Nazi war machine.
Destroyed Denmark The small nation of Denmark has been overrun by Germany.
Destroyed Netherlands The cowardly Dutch have surrendered after a light bombing.
Destroyed Belgium A small servant of the British, the Belgians put up a fight before being put down like the dogs they are.
Destroyed Luxembourg Luxembourg has been taken by the mighty German army.
Destroyed Norway For protection of German trade with Sweden, Norway has been invaded and destroyed.

Current Algorithm

  • Germany (M+5)
  • Soviet Union (M+5)
  • Vichy France (MV+2)
  • Poland (MV+1)
  • Slovakia (MV+1)
  • Czech Republic (MV+1)
  • Bulgaria (M+2)
  • Hungary (M+2)
  • Romania (M+2)
  • Spain (M+3)
  • Italy (M+3)
  • Belgium (MV+1)
  • Netherlands (MV+0)
  • Luxembourg (MV+0)
  • Total: +26


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