War with Germany

War with Germany seems more imminent. If we declare war, all nations besides Tibet will be active in this war. It must also be understood that war with CNAT will probably result, and nuclear war is not a very good choice. However, our ally needs our help. Even if we do not help an offensive attack, we will aid them in case their nation is attacked.



Britain: Way too risky, we should get prepared.


  • Belgium
  • Greece


Belgium: Currently this fight has stopped because Germany declared a ceasefire.

Greece: Taking all under consideration I think it would be wise to avoid direct war with CNAT for as long as possible, unless we have an advantage. if a proxy war can be fought without their entire arsenal coming against us, then so be it.

Nueva Granada: The best course of action in my eyes is to render the CNAT numbers useless because their biggest advantage is numbers spread there numbers as much as possible through any possible front we can establish if were to attack them through India and the Middle East large numbers would be spent defending deserts or at least make them attack there, I'll fight in South America and try to turn the est indies into a death trap (if I can convince Anisha12 to join the axis, that is) for either the Japanese or the Polish/Soviets and the other members can focus on Germany by encircling them and forcing them to fight on several fronts this will probably draw out the Soviet aid as well which will further aid our cause.

Greece: I agree. I think we have more members. When we get nukes, mutually assured destruction will be easy to achieve. Our research in missiles should grant us with nuclear missiles very quickly. If I'm correct, the mods said we'd get nukes in 1961, or sooner, if Britain agrees to our proposal. it would seem that direct confrontation with CNAT is inevitable. However, the longer we delay the war, the better it is for us.

Britain: My plan is we should get more members and to get more prepared. That way, we will have the chance of winning.

Aftermath of the War

Now that Communism has been mostly defeated, the Axis needs to pick up the pieces and put things back together. Some ideas for this are as follows:

1. Austria and Hungary are both given full independence.

2. The Sudetenland and Slovakia are given to Austria.

3. The Axis will continue efforts in Asia, hoping for a constitutional Monarchy/Republic of Japan and a similar one for China.

4. The Baltic countries will be given independence from the Soviet Union.

Please add any other thoughts.


Well, if i invade Mongolia, all of China is Axis and we could just call me the Republic of China and Japan. There is no way I'll give up all of my China. -Japan

India: No need to invade Mongolia. Japan giving up China is a worse idea than Austria making Democratic Poland pay for Commie Poland's mistakes.

Tibet: I'm not giving up my piece of China. Also, why are we giving that land to Austria? I mean, I've seen that huge argument, but isn't the idea of the Axis to create independent governments for those that want them like we're trying to do to the Baltics. If Austria wants land that land should be Soviet.

This plan is old and should not be taken seriously any longer. However, Romania would still like the Baltic countries to become independent.

War Room

Belgium: We are at the boiling point before this becomes a World War. It's going happen multiple fronts when it does. European Front will most like be a prong attack at Netherlands, Austria, and Belgium with naval blockade. Asia will become a land grab again. We could easy knock out Cuba and the VSSR. Any Ideas on Defensive Tactics for Asia and Europe?

Nueva Granada: I'll deal with the Cubans but might need some help against the Polish and Soviet enclaves in the Venezuela, I'll do what I can in Eastern Asia in the islands but I'm not sure what help I'll be. I suggest attacking the Soviet rear and establishing defensive lines throughout axis held Europe and use the naval forces to keep theirs in check and hassle their lines with Japan, it may be a wise idea to loan to join.

Belgium: The War has began! they're Going for Austria.

Britain: Nueva Granada, we should get American support before you try the plan. The US is close to Cuba also.

Austria: What can Austria do, and can I join the Axis officially? I say after the war, if we win, Germany be divided into four zones of occupation, one Italian, one Austrian, One British, and one American. And the USSR should be dissolved into OTL's post Soviet nations with Moscow under occupation.

War Plans

Greece: Knocking out the USSR and Cuba should be easy enough, if it is achieved quickly, before they can be supported. the SAACA and Britain should be able to do that with the forces currently stationed there. it has to be fast, though. If the Communists can send in reinforcements, it'll be a stalemate, and cost men that could go to other more necessary theaters

In Europe, the Netherlands and Belgium must not fall. Britain must send troops there and start the invasion of Germany IMMEDIATELY. if we can capture the German Atlantic Coast, that will be the last place for the Communists to Get/use supplies, and/or launch seaborne invasions from, besides the Baltic Sea. we need a proper blockade of the Baltic Sea, to prevent any Communist vessels coming through. that will put strain on them. The only other outlet is the North Sea, which also must be controlled. a blockade would be impractical there, though.

Greece, Britain and Italy can capture German Egypt easily. we must blockade the Mediterranean around Gibraltar to prevent Communist vessels reinforcing Egypt, or invading our home shores. The Red Sea must be controlled, as well as the Suez canal. the USSR will probably try an invasion of Constantinople. we must confine their naval operations to the black sea, and, if possible, invade Ukraine. Austria must also be reinforced, and Poland also needs to be invaded.

In Asia, East Turkestan, and Japan must be invaded as soon as possible, and Japanese occupied China. Korea must be supported, or else the Japanese will crush them. this will require naval superiority. Besides that, it is difficult to give a strategy for Asia. If anyone has any ideas please post them

Tibet: I can't actually fight against the Japanese or Mongolians, but I will happily attack and support you against the European elements of CNAT

Rockets must be used to our advantage. I have a feeling Nukes will be used in the war as well. fortunately all axis nations have Nuclear shelters. Tibet and Chile are not required to participate in the war, because they are observer. I hope they do. I doubt that CNAT will differentiate between them and us.

Italy: The Italians can attack Southern Germany if they need to and capture Munich. I also suggest that because of CNAT bombing campaigns we begin researching guided missiles and improve our air forces.

Greece: Good idea. Britain will do most of the fighting in the Caribbean theatre, as Nueva Granada has withdrawn membership. We need to hit them harder with our rockets and bombs than they hit us. if we cripple their industry, we can win the war. they are dependent on their industry.

Britain: Good. However, we will need bigger militaries and gain more support from American nations to make the plan not only better, but faster.

Belgium: Belgian Paratroopers have been deployed to Italy and Austria and U-boats have to the Mediterranean. Belgium has Arms Deal with Germany that mean we know some of each other tech. I plan to play a defensive role with my army for now. CNAT could easily steam roll me and the Netherlands. I have 2,000 peace keeping units in Korea but that won't help much. I agree with Britain, the US or Brazil.

Greece: If we can get the USA on our side, we will win the war. I guess Cuba is knocked out.

Nueva Granada: At a time when I can establish what the situation is in Latin America and Asia I might be joining the war again to succeed in my nation's desires. How I enter the war? I don't know yet but as things play out I may return to aid the axis.

Greece: If Nueva Granada can Knock out Cuba, or the VSSR, we'll return you to previous membership status. Due to the Japanese, we have a much better chance of winning this war. Do not attack Japan or East Turkestan. If the war is confined to Europe and the Caribbean, we stand a much better chance

Chile: I have a doubt. Why the CNAT is winning the war in the algorithm? I believe that there is a tie.

Austria: Austria can help, what do you want us to do? Can I join as a member? And after the war Poland should be forced to withdraw from Czechoslovakia and the Baltic States. Czechoslovakia could be annexed by Austria if that's all right while Poland is occupied by Austrian and British troops All CNAT governments must be turned into democracy's and their military's dismantled as well as their industrial/war sectors. Austria would also like Hungary and parts of southern Poland, the rest is all for the other Axis Powers.

Greece: We'll get to discussing land distribution when victory is in our grasp. most nations in the axis are junior members, which you are. This is only because you are "new." you are officially a member, however, a full member is just a step above that, kind of like rank or status. after the war, some promotions in membership will probably be due. the reason we have it like that, is because observers aren't really expected to fight. Junior members are regular members, and Full members do most of the stuff.

Speaking of the war, I just invaded the USSR, and will need help. Britain, Bulgaria, Italy, somebody, Help!

I send soldiers and ships to help you invasion.

Britain I will fund anti-Communist resistance groups in CNAT countries and will support Austria and Italy for CNAT aggression. Also, we need to try harder to get France to join this alliance.

Get America to join the Axis, that will turn the tide in out favor, then France, and hopefully after that, start a rebellion in the USSR areas of the Ukraine and Kazakhstan and promise them independence.

Britain: The problem is that LurkerLordB, the nation's player, is not playing. Can you go ask him if he is still playing?

Will do.

Italy: Should we allow Austria to detonate nukes?

Romania: We should not allow any nations to use Nukes unless in retaliation. Also, Romania will send forces to fight in Italy and Austria, but they also request troops from India, Greece, and Bulgaria to help on the Romanian Front.

Chile: With change of government and now that Chile is junior member we can cooperate with the rest in the war. We will help Britain for recovering Jamaica, but also you need that we send troops to the European front.

Recent Setbacks

Romania: The Axis are having annoying setbacks in Italy. Even Romania and India have not stalled the CNAT advance. Right now we need to do something. Either redouble our efforts, or use nuclear weapons. Given that CNAT has nukes as well, Romania suggests that other Axis nations (Spain, Bulgaria, or Tibet) contribute more to the Italian Front. Romania also suggest that the Axis open two more fronts, one in Eastern Europe and one in central Asia to spread out the CNAT forces. Come on guys, we can do this!

Britain: First of all, Spain, Bulgaria, and Tibet should get involved more and more of at least disract them in another front in Central Asia (Tibet and India would do the job, but we need to get Afghanistan and Persia into this). Second of all, opening another front in Romania would be good as long as Romania is prepared.

Romania: With the tide turning in Italy, and Germany possibly seeking to withdraw from the war, the need for several new fronts might not be needed, maybe just another one or so.

Greece: If Romania could assist our offensive in Russia, then that would be just great, thanks

Romania: Supplies and reconnaissance will be given this year, actual soldiers will be sent next year. Where are you invading from?

India: Our mountain troops are well prepared and logistics should not be a problem if we are to open another front... right in the under-belly of Russia. All you need to give is the order and troops will roll into the Soviet heartlands...

Discussion Board

Tibet: Does the Axis have nukes yet?

Greece: Not yet, but we will soon.

Belgium Doesn't the UK have Nuclear Warheads?

Greece: They do, however they have not released the information to us yet. we offered them full membership for information on how to build nuclear weapons, however, they didn't respond.

Tibet: Also, what happened to Mongolia, is it no longer a threat?

Belgium: I do not know. Did the player Quit or something? Lucky hasn't posted in a while, it the Same with Brazil's Player.

Greece: I listed Mongolia as no longer a threat, because they have been less threatening.

Belgium: Good point.

Britain: Britain already has nukes. Mongolia should be a big threat as it is next to British China.

Belgium: Russia, Poland and Japan are more threats then Mongolia, due to the fact that they have nukes as well.

Greece: Britain has not yet instructed the axis how to build nukes. Britain has Nukes, but all Junior members develop Nukes on their own. the Axis Nuclear program will grant Nukes to all full members.

Britain: I will give every Axis Member the knowledge of nuclear weapons. Do not share this unless specified.

Greece: I would only give nuclear information to full members. the Junior members could leave like Nueva Granada did. That doesn't mean that we won't base nukes in those countries, but we would be the only nations to produce nukes.

Tibet: Just a question, what is this algorithm they keep using to take over Austria with almost no losses? because as it's Britain, Greece, Italy, Tibet and Austria vs Poland and USSR, I'm not sure how they are winning?

Chile: Delegate Gonzalez ask about if, at the end, the junior members of the alliance also receives information about nuclear technology or not.

Nueva Granada

Nueva Granada has committed treasonous actions against the axis. In the UN, Currently we have more people on the security council. We could pass an embargo resolution, or something. We'd have to come up with a good excuse, though. We'd have to get more nations against them than just us.


  • Greece



Nueva Granada Diplomacy: I have nothing against the axis powers and will not fight against them and ill continue to support your side of the war as well with oil and arms if you don't attempt anything against my nation, consider this third party diplomacy on my part, i need to advance my nations agenda as much as possible with as little casualties as possible and i have a arrangement with Korea, and Indonesia to aid them in sustaining their independence and the best way to do that is letting go of my nations prejudice toward other nations and their ideology other wise my efforts will be hampered by the CNAT and also half the council is CNAT nice try trying to secure an embargo on my nation which also at this point is fairly self-sufficient

Greece: I'd be hard pressed to get it passed through the general assembly, but, through the security council, maybe. there are six axis members, five CNAT members, and two non-aligned members on the security council. For the record, you did drop out of the axis, and provide aid to CNAT in exchange for the VSSR.

Britain: Oh, really? In a recent move you said that you were going to support the CNAT if they let you control Venezuela. THAT IS BETRAYAL.

Nueva Granada: I know quite well that giving supplies to CNAT is a backstab to the axis but who said I won't supply the axis as well, I'm merely trying to get what my nation needs with minimal losses. (sorry about the betrayal guys. I wouldn't have left the axis under different circumstances but all the nations I had wanted had been removed before I even joined the game and I've been having a hard time getting around Colombian diplomacy, plus i really wanted to unite the old vice royalty of New Granada) i will like stated earlier attempt to sustain ties with both sides, and which ever side tries to pressure me will loss my support.

Britain: If you want to stay in the Axis, DO NOT SUPPORT THE CNAT IN ANYWAY WHAT SO EVER. Got it?

Austria: Hey, be nice to Granada, do you want them on our side, or on CNAT, because if we piss them off, they will join CNAT. I'd rather have a few small issues then be at war with them (Nueva Granada).

Britain: Sorry for my rudeness.

Austria: I'm sorry I ranted like that, but I don't like people "yelling" at one another.

Greece: Take a chill pill, everybody ...... it's just a game..........

Romania and India

I just received word that India and Romania have joined the Axis. What is your response?

India: We have pledged support for the Axis and we intend to help in any and every way possible. We have the troops, all they need is arms. Provide them, and we're unstoppable!!

Romania: Romania will provide manpower and oil to the Axis in return for upgraded weapons, vehicles and nuclear technology.

Germany's Withdrawal

Germany has just announced that it will leave the war and the CNAT. What is your response?

Romania: Romania is pleased, but suggests that a new government might be needed and that Germany might need to be defended by CNAT

Greece: According to Germany they are not Communist. The Axis deal included a few reparations to Germany(i wanted to make sure that they were out of the war to ensure total victory). The war is turning in our favor.

Italy has pretty much been won, and Austria, too. Romania is initiating attacks on Poland and Russia. We will capture Warsaw, and rid Eastern Europe of Communist Poland. However, will we secure Moscow? it is uncertain whether we can or not, but we need to try and destroy the USSR while we have a chance. Japan and East Turkestan are not as enthusiastic toward Communism as Russia is. Their culture isn't very used to it, and without the USSR, Communism will not influence them. I suggest that after we win the war, we divide up Poland and Russia, and hold them under plebiscite. They will not be able to choose Communism, however.

Romania: Romania does not support the division of all of Russia, but parts of Russia and Poland should be made independent.

Polish Civil War

Currently, Poland is in a civil war, and the USSR is the only CNAT nation left that will fight us. What is your response?

Greece: The way I see it, we have a few choices:

  1. Do nothing, and continue fighting the USSR.
  2. Intervene in Poland and establish a government.
  3. Fund/Aid one of the groups fighting there (the three groups fighting are the Anarchists, the Generals and the Communists) without getting involved in the conflict.

I don't know if the generals are Communist, Fascist, monarchist, or democratic, but the other two groups don't sound like they're worth supporting. if we did nothing, then Poland, left to its own devices, may not turn out very well. An intervention could cost men and supplies needed in the war against the USSR.

One thing is for certain - we can't afford the USSR to stay Communist. If we don't establish a non-Communist government, they will find allies elsewhere, and continue the fight.

Britain: We should probably fund the anti-Communist faction to make sure Poland is no longer a threat.

India: I would support the white, democratic/monarchist side, just to be safe. If the Russians are facing problems in Poland itself, take out CNAT Austria in the disarray. Do not open up a new front until we are nearing victory in Austria.

Tibet: I say we support anti-Communist groups in Poland and attack Russia at the same time.

Greece: Excellent Idea. Most of us are in favor of supporting the generals, so that's our plan of action.

We need to:

  1. Support the Generals (we could send aid, or actually use our military, either one)
  2. Invade Russia from two fronts

When Poland is finished with the civil war, we need to ensure that Hungary and the Baltic countries gain their independence. invading Russia through Romania is a must. We need a few nations supporting that invasion.

The second front in Russia must be through India. The problem is, I'm pretty sure India doesn't share a border with Russia. India would have to invade either Afghanistan or East Turkestan. East Turkestan is a Communist CNAT member, however, they are not in the war and they are close allies with Japan. In my opinion, Afghanistan is the safer route. Britain had posted about invading Afghanistan before, but i'm not sure how that turned out exactly. It would be even better if they could Join the Axis, but it seems implausible, and Afghanistan isn't a user-controlled nation.

India: As we have won in Poland, we will not head into Russia as that would be stupid. Instead we will give Poland the Baltics and help their democratic government. We will then establish a DMZ with Russia and settle in for a nice long cold war.

An Iron Curtain

Tibet: The USSR is the only CNAT nation putting up any resistance, and as it will immediately launch nukes if we invade, I suggest a iron curtain of sorts. Troops From all axis countries will be posted in a huge defensive line, entrenched about one km from the Russian border, stopping Russia from accessing the rest of Europe. this should reduce its power by stopping much of it sending troops or trade west, and block them from sending reinforcements to Poland. to break through they will have to kill axis troops, meaning they declare war on us. and if they don't, they will wither in isolation

India: I agree. However, we will push them out of the Baltics first, and then establish a DMZ with Russia in Europe to be on the safe side. Poland will be given the Baltics if the democratic government triumph, if not then we let the Baltics become an independent country.

India: As Russia as going into Isolation, we should have more of China united. Tibet, would you like to invade and take over E. Turkestan? If yes, we will launch a joint campaign and you can control it all. To solve the problem of a huge no of Muslims, convert them all to Buddhism and Hinduism, where I will help as well.

Tibet: Understand now, that I will not attack Mongolia or Japan, however East Turkestan is a possibility.

Greece: Invade it. Japan is in Chaos. nothing stands in our way, now. In fact, the Republic of Japan wishes to join the Axis

The war ended with the dissolution of CNAT. that's good. the only thing we were unable to accomplish is bringing down the USSR. a DMZ must be created. also, the Baltic countries, and Hungary must be granted independence.

BTW, Austria, and Tibet have been promoted to full members for two reasons:

  1. they've been here since pre-WWII
  2. they both played a pivotal role in the war.

Also I've marked a few things that should be archived. I don't know how, so if somebody could, then that would be great.

India: We should also get promoted due to our mapmaking and archiving skills, LOL. Hungary and the Baltic might not be given independence. Hungary, probably but the Baltics have been in good hands, even when they were under Communist Poland's control.

Britain: Yes, yes, yes! We have to establish a military fortification in Europe between the USSR and the rest of Europe, That way, the wall could temporarily protect the countries from being attacked. We have to rebuild the countries badly needed to be protected from the USSR, such as the ROJC, Poland and Hungary. Also, we need to gain support from the Scandinavian countries, Persia, Turkey and Afghanistan. Also, we have to fund resistance groups in East Turkestan, Mongolia and the USSR.

Balkans: Hungary is now safely in the Kingdom of the Balkans, but we do agree that other nations in Europe need to be protected from the Soviets. Also, when is the Baltic Plebiscite going to take place?

What do we do now?

Greece: I see a cold war coming between the Axis, and the USSR. we definitely have the upper hand. Our peacetime agenda should include

  • Space Exploration (we're scheduled to send a man into orbit by 1960, any sooner would be great)
  • Take out East Turkestan and Cuba (the only remaining members of CNAT that isn't the USSR)
  • regulate new technology (the USSR only has nuclear BOMBS. if we create ICBMs [very close to making them] we can probably invade the USSR, if we have air superiority.
  • Take out New Granada (growing a bit too powerful)
  • Get USA on our side.

That's about it.

Chile: Well, to finish with Cuba should be the first, since this war began time ago. I already joined in the battles in the Caribbean sea, and recover the half of Jamaica. After complete that, to invade Cuba seems the next. Also, support the idea of to create ICBMs for an eventual full invasion of USSR.

Romania: Expand into science, so that the Axis is the most scientifically advanced organisation on the planet. Suggest defeating Cuba outright, but East Turkestan probably isn't necessary. Secure Europe from Soviet Domination and aid the transition of a democratic Japan.

Tibet: I vote we follow Romania's plan.

India: New Granada should be allied with, not be invaded. If they can be made an observer, that would be brill. Space still is good, but remember, space exploration and going ASB with that killed off the last two AvAs (I was partially responsible for the second one). Therefore, it is put across, don't go ASB. Quickest we can launch a man into space should be '59 and latest '61.

Fate of SE Asia (Avaro)
Here is what I think the fate of China and SE Asia should end up like. I think I should receive Indochina while light Green is Japan. Light Dark Green is Tibet while Dark Green is Korea. I think this is what we should try to accomplish. With this, all Asian powers would become strong enough to repel any Soviet invasion!

Greece: That map looks good to me.

Austria does agree on these borders for Asia.

ROJ: Just an Idea, how about I can get French Indochina and while Tibet invades East Turkmenistan, I'll go after Tibet.

India: Why do you want to attack Tibet? Tibet is part of the Axis. I still want Indochina.

ROJ: Sorry, I meant Mongolia :). I still want French Indochina and you have no historical claim to it and I am about to become the Republic of China and Japan.

India: Ah, OK. It called Indochina for a reason. C'mon, you have a large country, let me have the area which is Indian influenced more than Chinese influenced.

ROJ: Wait, French is in LOAN, why are we deciding the fate of Indochina. How about an idea, we make it a independent country. If not, you have a large area too and as of now, my land is small. If we are talking about a United China, I got a lot of it and I am going to become ROCJ.

India: Considering I would be the first to recognize the ROCJ. I wasn't going to invade Indochina actually.

Britain: I agree with everything on the map except the Turkestan and Indochina parts. They can decide on their own future.

Greece: The Republic of China and Japan is a good Idea. Indochina should be independent, as long as they don't become Communist. I'm fine with Tibet taking East Turkestan.

India: But I want Indochina to be part of India. And I think Tibet can decide whether it want to invade Turkestan or not.

Tibet: Not currently invading East Turkestan. However, be careful in Poland, as there's a chance the leaders could be killed by "Communist rebels."

India: I think there is enough security for the Polski President but I will sent a team to protect the Polski President until I think it will be right to call them back.



Greece: OK, first of all, everyone calm down ..... It's just a game, not real life ......

Secondly, I think that, while Poland's empire does need to come apart, and the countries under it's rule should become independent, Austria should gain compensation in land for being taken over. perhaps they could take a part of Hungary (not the whole thing), the Sudetenland, and Slovakia. If anyone has any other diplomatic solution that does not involve screaming, feel free to post it.

Not intrude on the Axis page, but Germany already stated: the Sudetenland has an German population, not an Austrian population, a German population, However, Germany is willing to sell it to Austria for an suitable price that Austria can agree on. ~ German Government. (Enclavehunter 16:50, February 25, 2012 (UTC))

Austrians and Germans are both part of the same Germanic culture group

Poland: How about I give them all of Hungary, while Slovakia stays Polish. There have been Polish settlers who moved here and created a new combo of the two cultures. That is even more than before.

Greece: I agree with Poland.

Austria: No.

Poland: Well, what do you want exactly, Austria. Everyone else has been making different proposals, but you keep demanding the same thing over and over again.

I created a section about this above, called aftermath, should we move the discussion up there or keep it here?

Austrain borders
Greece: OK. how about this-

Any land lost by Poland is the olive green. Austria got Hungary, and part of southern Poland, and parts of Slovakia. The Baltic nations are independent.

Austria accepts the proposal fully, and the Army is re-mobilized and resumes its former activities in fighting CNAT.

Woah, hold up a second. Why is the Baltic states being removed. I get the Austrian cessions, but why the Baltic states.

The Baltic States are nothing like Poland, but that's not saying much as Austrians aren't like Polish people, and I want parts of Poland. Although I do think their independence as one nation would be cool.

Well, we never agreed to that. The Baltic states are Poland's only access to the Baltic sea, which is our only water way.

true. The Baltic states can be discussed later, Austria agrees to its proposed borders as well the new borders for Germany.

Well, that ends this problem.

Austria: Actually, I think if Poland has actually sent settlers to the Baltic States, then they should remain as part of Poland, better they remain Polish then become Soviet possessions.

India: Now I can agree on every point put across the table. :D

Austria: Here is the final map, in Europe frame and the world frame.

Britain: It disagrees, as Slovakia and Hungary should be independent.

Romania: How about this: Since no nations can really agree on what to do, we have a plebiscite in three regions: Slovakia, Hungary and the Baltic countries.

1. Slovakia: There are three options, become independent, join Austria, or remain in Poland.

2. Baltic countries: There are two options, remain with Poland or become independent.

3. Hungary: There are two options, join Austria or become independent.

These plebiscites would be decided by an unbiased mod to ensure fairness.

Chile: Agree with the plebiscite idea.

Greece: I agree, to. we'll have to get a mod who ISN'T in the Axis or CNAT to ensure that this is unbiased.

Just wondering, when did Germany get the Polish Corridor?

Avar'53 6
Austria: NO PLEBISCITES!! We refuses.

Italy: Maybe we could give Austria Hungary, then have a plebiscite for the other two. The Baltics should definitely have one.

we agreed on borders, the large sized world map above is official, we agreed

Romania: Not all of the Axis agreed to the previous idea. Since more agree to this idea, the Axis will go with that. If you refuse the plebiscites, we'll just do them anyway.

Austria withdraws all support from the Axis and begins talks with the League of Armed Neutrality and CNAT.

Romania: Why are you taking this so seriously? A neutral mod decides, so if you don't get anything, blame the mod, not the other players. This is the most realistic option and is what would have been done at this time. Remember, its just a game!

Austria withdraws all support from the Axis and begins talks with the League of Armed Neutrality and CNAT and the possibility of uniting with Germany.

Romania: I wouldn't join CNAT if I were you, their power is basically broken.

ROJ: Your loss.

Poland: I agree with the Plebiscites. If the Baltics form their own nation, then it was all up to luck. However, the borders posted above aren't completely accurate as it shows the Soviet's control of Poland, and they will be pushed out soon.

Romania: Austria is to unite with Romania soon, so Romania is now in charge of its affairs. Plebiscite for the Balkan nations.

Greece: Romania's full membership is accepted, however, it will not become effective until 1955. As for Hungary, I'm fine either way, so the rest of the members can decide on that.

India: Hungary will go to the Kingdom of the Balkans (technically, Kingdom of Central Europe suits you better as Greece and Albania are the Balkans).

Romania: Kingdom of Central Europe might be more correct, but part of the country is in the Balkans, and Kingdom of the Balkans sounds better anyway. :)

India: Point noted.

Britain: Alright. I agree with everything. But is Austria really breaking away?!

Axis Nuclear Commission (ANC)

India and Spain

Should India and Spain get Nukes?

Give India nukes

Give Spain Nukes

Give them both Nukes

  • Belgium
  • Britain
  • Romania

Give neither Nukes

Result: India and spain both get Nukes

Pacts, alliances and diplomacy

Acceptance of Nuclear Proposal by CNAT

Will the Axis agree not to use nuclear weapons, I have already received CNAT's agreement not to use them as long as the Axis Alliance agrees, so what do you say? DeanSims 18:42, February 18, 2012 (UTC)

Note: Austria will appear to join CNAT and attack Italy. Do not be alarmed, I will return these lands when I have earned CNAT's trust and then launch a full fledged attack into the German and Polish heartlands! DeanSims 18:59, February 19, 2012 (UTC)


  • Greece
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Britain (better than destruction anyways)



Greece: YES, accept the treaty.

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