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Alliance of Axis Powers
AAflag1966.png AACoat of arms.png
MottoDemocracy will Prevail
Largest city London
Official languages English
Demonym Axis Alliance, Axis, AA
Membership Economical and Military Alliance
Establishment July 29, 1944
The Axis Alliance was founded in 1944 by Greece, Italy and Belgium as an anti-Communist organization. Currently, their mission is to destroy oppressive dictatorships like those that exist in communist Russia. On the bottom right is the flag of the Axis Alliance. To the right of that is the Symbol of the Axis Alliance. The map shows all Axis members, and other organisations

Key: Axis Members

  • Dark Green- Full member
  • Light Green- Junior member
  • Lightest Green- Observer

Threat Level

  • Very dark red-Imminent threat
  • Dark red- Extreme threat
  • Red- possible threat
  • Pink- Slight threat
  • Blue- Non-Aggressive
  • Dark Blue- Non-Axis Ally


  • LOAN members-Yellow
  • Non Affiliated- Grey
  • Major terrorist activity- Orange
  • Suspected Terrorist Activity- Brown

As of 1965, the Axis Alliance is the only military alliance standing which has world-affecting consequences. The Axis Alliance spans Eurasia and can be compared to OTL NATO.


Members vary from Full, Junior and Observer Nations.

Full Membership

These are nations who have full membership in the Axis.

  • Italy
  • Belgium (Delegate: André Cools)
  • Greece
  • United Kingdom
  • Kingdom of the Balkans
  • India

Junior Membership

These are nations who have limited membership in the Axis. They may vote on certain issues, get appointed to certain councils, but do not have all the rights of a full member.

  • Netherlands
  • Korea
  • Bulgaria
  • Chile (Delegate: Gastón Acuña MacLean)
  • Nordic Union
  • Umayaad Republic
  • Brazil

Observer Nations

These are nations who are allied with the Axis, and will be helped in the event of an attack on their nation, however, they may not vote, or get appointed to councils. they may send a delegate to observe meetings, and raise certain issues. They are not required to assist offensive attacks.

  • Spain

Former Members

These are nations who have resigned, or been expelled, and are no longer affiliated with the Axis.

  • Nueva Granada
  • Tibet
  • Poland
  • ROCJ


  1. Any nation that does not vote on an issue will be considered neutral, and will not be counted. The final majority vote will be For/Against.
  2. Any nation can raise issues regardless of membership status, however, observer nations may not vote.

War Room

War on the Nations of evil

Greece:the entire axis combined arms will be devoted to the effort against Iran and the middle east.

Discussion board

I found this rather odd...

Greece: Has anyone else noticed that the UN is becoming defunct like the league of nations? I mean, they can't really get any resolutions passed, and nations are doing things (Spain for instance) completely without their consent, and getting away with it.

Poland: Well, it doesn't exactly have the power to enforce its resolutions. That, and no one goes to it to get anything passed. And if they do, I don't know about it, which is just proving that it is useless.

India: This will make an interesting world, and I hope this game finishes, because it has a huge potential for a plausible TL!!

Balkans: I agree, we need to finish this game!

Nations of Evil

India: Britain has already declared war on Iran to put it under a democratic banner, and although the Middle Eastern countries say they are democratic, we all know it is not true. What am I proposing? War on the Nations of Evil!! Look at the map and you will see what I am talking about. I think we should support Israel if it is invaded again and we should knock out Iraq and Iran. So what do you think?

Killing the Evil (Avaro)
Here is the invasion map. The blue is for the invasion of Iran while the Pink is for the invasion of Iraq.

Greece: Let's do it. Also - Britain is currently fighting rebels in Malaysia - and losing terribly. However, they have Joined LOAN, so any fight with them would lead to a war with LOAN. LOAN isn't really neutral, it's just full of nations who don't want us to invade them. in the future, I think there may be war with LOAN. However, LOAN is not the enemy- only certain nations in LOAN actually pose a threat.

Tibet: I agree with the invasion of Iraq and Iran, but why are Egypt and Libya red as well?

Balkans: Why is Jordan considered an enemy nation? They have done nothing wrong in many years. Also, should we institute a constitutional monarchy in Iran when/if it is defeated?

India: These all are dictatorships with the control of oil (forget Jordan, they are not on our threat list). See where I am going with this? And yes, some members of LOAN are not the most neutral. Britain will only be able to control one half of its colony as the other half is controlled by Indonesia. In Iran, I think we should establish a constitutional monarchy, 'cause it suits us. We will then move onto Iraq and if Iran helps us, then they will receive the portions of Iraq which are Shia, while Kurdistan will be established and the remainder of Iraq will be decided about later.

Britain: We should probably negotiate with Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt to propose a plan for peace with Israel. Libya, Iraq, and Iran should be invaded.

Balkans: Problem with India's suggestion. Iraq is Arab, and likely would not support being annexed by a Iranian nation. I have a plan on how Iraq could be divided, but I have to make the map. Also, didn't Italy invade Libya and re-annex it?

India:I am not sure [to the Balkans]. And I think Lebanon should be left to Israel. For Iraq, only the Shia areas will be given to Iran and that is if they support our invasion. Balkans: Lebanon would never accept Israeli domination, and it's doubtful that the Israeli's would want it. I will work on the map for Iraq, but I do think that the Iraqi's wouldn't accept Iranian domination.

Middle Eastern Proposal One
Balkans: Our diplomats and ethnologists have created a possible plan for Iran and Iraq. While it is not mentioned on the map, we also raise the possibility of an independent Balochistan. Please give us your thoughts. Red: Republic/Kingdom of Iraq; Blue: Republic of Assyria; Brown: Republic of Kurdistan; Orange: Republic of Azerbaijan; Green: Kingdom of Persia/Iran. Tan: Khuzestan (which could decide by plebiscite on what country to join)
Iraq-Iran Division (Avaro)

India: We slightly disagree with the map the Balkans have posted and we don't agree with the independent Balochistan. Here is a map we made after our experts took the majority areas of Iraq (based on ethnicity) and made them into states. Gold is the Sunni majority state, Orange is the Kurdish state and light purple is the Shia state under Irani influence. I do think this map is a bit more accurate as we don't need to split up the area into so many states as the Balkans propose to do. (Sorry if I sound harsh, but this is just what I think :/)

Middle Eastern Proposal Two

This is our new proposal. We also ask that you reconsider about Baluchistan. You would not need to give up your half, however.

Balkans: (Can't talk for long, but I thought I should get this chirp in) Turkey is not involved in this war and should not have to be forces to give up land, and we reluctantly agree to no Balochistan. However, since both of our nations have a large history of ethnic and religious violence, it would be best to prevent that to the best ability. Assyrians are a persecuted minority in the Middle East, and this would only continue if they were not independent, no matter what government they were under. Furthermore, Azerbaijan would also desire independence, and it would appear that the Soviet Union would not grant it any time soon. With regards to Shi'ite Arabs, history shows us that people tend to care about ethnicity more than religion, and so the Arabs of Khuzestan should decide where their allegiance lies. I will make a revised map soon.

Britain: Yeah. I suppose we create independent Assyrian, Azerbaijani, Kurdish, and Iraqi Shia states. I disagree about Egypt because the Sinai is truly Egyptian and not Israeli.

Chile: The Chilean government also agree with the three states on Iraq and Azerbaijan, and put our troops to disposition for the military operation.

India: The Sinai was actually Israeli but the Egyptians took it off them in 1948. That is why the Sinai belongs in Israeli hands. We cannot form an Azerbaijan out of these two states as it is actually Russian responsibility. I am not really sure about the Assyrian state because my reason lies in the name (Assyrian). I think that my plan should be followed as the Kurdish really want their own independent state and I have taken a bit of land off Turkey as the area is mostly Kurdish (we will let the Turkish have a referendum in the area). My map has actually taken areas in which the respective ethnicity dominate (search up Wikipedia if you have to).

Balkans: The Soviet government would never let Azerbaijan be independent, so we should do so instead. Also, the name similarity between Syrians and Assyrians is purely co-incidental, as they are actually different ethnicities, as regular Syrians are Arabs and Assyrians are not. Furthermore, Syrians are Muslim while Assyrians are christian. While we do agree with an independent Kurdistan, Turkey has done nothing wrong and should be left out of the issue for now. I also looked up respectful majority groups and such, which is reflected on my map as well. It would seem that the majority does in fact favour an independent Azerbaijan.


Full power of the Axis military be committed against Iran?


  • Greece
  • India
  • Britain
  • Balkans
  • Poland
  • Chile


No, but I'll Join the task force


Greece: what should we do about Poland. it doesn't seem like they're communists. However, we are unsure of their intentions.

Balkans: We wait.

ROCJ: I say we send in a invasion force to rescue the people. Also, could I become a full member?

Nueva Granada

This nation's aggressiveness towards South America has become a severe concern. We fear that it will be up to bad things once it takes over South America. Should we help the poor other South American nations to rise up against this giant?

  • On this matter I have to agree with Britain and say we intervene--Iyandelian 06:59, May 6, 2012 (UTC)
  • Greece: let's do it.
  • Chile: Delegate Acuña: The Chilean troops were part of the intervention since that our goal was the protection of the civilian and the end of the Brazilian dictatorship. What is the position of the rest of the Axis about us? --Katholico 01:10, May 7, 2012 (UTC)


should we admit the UIR


  • Greece
  • ROCJ
  • Chile


  • OK, so Chile, Greece, the Balkans, the Umayaads, and maybe the NU are the only Axis members still playing. fortunately, all Axis members are required to send troops in case a member is attacked, so we still have full military capabilities.

Left Wing Alliance:

The Left wing alliance seems to be almost a new form of CNAT, and a danger to the Axis. what is your response?

Axis Military

Show what weaponry is shared between the Axis Nations.



Neo-Zero Jet Fighters [similar to Heinkel He P.1079](created by Belgium)

Ram Jet fighters (copied/stolen from Tibetan designs)

F-9 Banshee, Air Craft carrier based Jet Fighters (created by Belgium)


J-45 Jet Bomber [similar to B-45 Tornado] (created by Belgium)

B-1 Thunderbolt [similar to B-52 Stratofortress] (created by Greece)


Angelus 269, tilt-rotor VTOL airplane [similar to Fock-Achgelis Fa 269] (created by Belgium)

Multi-role Aircraft

Fighter-Bomber - F-10 Thor [similar to Republic F-105 Thunderchief] (created by Belgium)


Angelus 223 [similar to the Focke-Achgelis Fa 223] (created by Belgium)

Ground Force


LAV series (Created By Belgium)

  • LAV-01 [similar to M1 Combat Car]
  • LAV-01A1
  • LAV-01A2
  • LAV-02 [Similar to M7 Priest/kangaroo]

Quad-Bikes (ATVs) created by Belgium

Tank Destroyer

  • TD-08 Bulldog created by Belgium
  • TD-09 Greyhound created by Belgium

Small Arms

MG Series (Gatling type machine gun)

  • MG-01 (prototype gas-operated self-powered Gatling type machine gun) Created by Belgium.

Pusca Series (Assault Rifle)

  • Pusca-01 (Gas-powered rifle with a mechanism for collecting spent bullet casings) Created by Romania.

Zastava Series

  • Zastava M77B1 (Created by Belgium)
  • Goivanni M1A1 (similar to the Thompson) created by Belgium


Super Battleship

Firestorm-Class [Similar to Yamato-class Battleship] (Created by Belgium)


Charlemange-Class [similar to Bismarck-class battleship] (Created by Belgium)


Meinrad-Class [Similar to Akizuki-class destroyer (1942)] (Created by Belgium)

Light Aircraft Carrier

The Empire-Class (Created by Belgium)


Belgian Type I - a coastal defensive U-boat

Belgian Type II - Medium range U-boat, very agile on the surface and mounted the 88 mm fast-firing deck gun with about 220 rounds

Belgian Type IV - designed to resupply other U-boats. Nicknamed "Milk Cow".

Belgian Type V - extremely long range U-boat, able to make it Korea and Japan from Belgium.

Belgian Type VII - A U-bout capable of launching guide Missiles

Requests to use equipment

  • India: would like to use Axis equipment to crush the ongoing rebellion in its territories.
  • Belgium: Go head. If you need re-enforcement, I can send my one of my Paracommando Battalions to help.
  • India: Intel suggests Quetta will be heavily defended, we will need all the help there we can get!!
  • Balkans: We will send in our air force along with the navy already there, the people don't want to send in ground troops though.
  • India: We have all the ground troops, we just need tank support with aircraft accompanying it as well as a naval barrage to hammer the rebels into submission.
  • Belgium: I can have some TD-08 & 09 dropped in with my Paracommandos.


The Axis Anti-Terror Organization is a branch of the shared Axis arms that is used to fight terror around the world.

Council Members

  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • Greece
  • Chile


Heretics in India

Greece: as a note, any nation can apply to Join, I just picked the most obvious members for now (India has the problem, Britain set up a service already, Tibet borders India, and if they had to run somewhere, what better place to hide). Anyway, does anyone have any Ideas?

India: I am not sure. I like this idea though, that all countries will have their own intelligence bureau and there will be one which will be the international bureau. Its kinda like the OTL Comintern.

Britain: I believe that each nation should send a small patch of troops to the terrorist areas so each cell can be knocked out.

Chile: Delegate Prat inform that Chile join to the AATO and put our resources to disposition in the fight against terrorists.

India: Would gladly accept to joining of another nation against the War on Terrorism.

Axis Missile and Space Agency(AMSA)

AMSA was founded in 1949. Currently the headquarters is in Belgium, and the main testing facility is in Tibet.

AMSA council Members

  • Belgium
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • United Kingdom
  • India

Current projects

  • Put a man in space by 1960.
  • Arm missiles with nuclear warheads.

Completed projects

  • Create a short range missile device.
  • Create a long range missile device.
  • Send a satellite into orbit (completed by Japan prior to joining AMSA) (Completed by Axis in 1955).


Freedom I - launched in 1954. Did not make it through the upper atmosphere. It explode do to a Rubber O-ring breaking.

unnamed satellite - Launched in 1955. Makes it into orbit around the Earth.

Freedom II - Launched in December of 1955. Makes it into orbit around the Earth. It houses a dummy capsule of the planned rocket capsule.

Victoria- Launched in the 1950's. Makes it into orbit around Earth.

Mercury Program

Canis I - Launched in 1956.6, Had dog on board to see if Capsule held Air during the flight and to see if it could survive reentry and escaping the atmosphere.

Apollo Program

Apollo I- tested lunar module

Apollo IV- Lunar module orbits the moon

Apollo VI- launched in 1968. Sent three men to the moon.


Greece: I originally planned to send a man into space by 1960. It is 1954.5 now, so, I think with Japan joining AMSA, it would be possible by 1958 at the earliest. any thoughts?

India: 1959, to keep it as plausible as possible.

Belgium: 1959 or 1960. We still need to do animal testing.

Axis Nuclear Commission (ANC)

Certain nations in the Axis have nuclear weapons. Those nations are in the ANC. The ANC distributes nuclear weapons to countries, and boost other nations' nuclear programs, they may also stop nuclear programs, confiscate weapons, and/or stop a nation from producing Nuclear weapons.

ANC members

  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Greece

Nations Developing Nukes

Nations Given Nukes

  • Balkans (from Axis)
  • Netherlands (from Axis)
  • Chile (from Tibet)

Nations able to produce Nukes

  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • Belgium
  • Greece
  • Tibet
  • Republic of Japan and China
  • Balkans
  • Korea
  • India

Nations Misusing Nukes

Withdrawn Nukes

  • Spain (returned to Axis)


Greece: Thanks to Britain for giving Nukes. I withheld nuclear technology from Junior Members, However, they have been given actual Nukes to use. this way, if they are ever misused, or they wish to quit (like Nueva Granada), we can take them back. I withheld nukes entirely from Bulgaria and Spain, simply because they were new members.

India: Is hoping to buy nukes off any Axis power willing to give it to them.

Chile: So, Chile can not buy nuclear tech, right?

Tibet I'm Happy to supply Chile with nuclear tech in exchange for an alliance and trading rights in South America.

Chile: Thanks, Chile accept the deal.

Watch list

These are nations or organizations that may pose a potential threat to one or more members of the Axis, and have been put under surveillance for that reason.

  • USSR - Slight threat (LOAN member)
  • Iran- Imminent threat
  • Iraq- Extreme threat
  • Syria- Possible threat
  • Egypt- Possible threat
  • Libya-possible threat


Pacts, alliances, and diplomacy

Non-Aggression Pacts

  • New Granada


Nueva Granadian Diplomacy: My nation has no quarrel with the axis alliance and we are not harming, we will leave your nations alone and not get involved the cold war and you let us be?

Greece: I'm fine with that.

India: I like the sound of that as well, however I would have liked New Granada to become an observer in the Axis but oh well.


Nueva Granada: The N.G. Republic has been looking with concern at the continued rule of the dictator in Brazil and we wish to explore the possibility of a joint intervention with any axis nations that may wish to join the movement and establish a democratic Brazil or several Latin American republics out of the current Brazilian state. A major concern for us is the possible ill treatment of Venezuelans currently living under the rule of the mad man in Rio. With the ineffectiveness of the UN and previous tensions between our countries due to past actions of N.G. which we apologize for, we see this a possible solution to improve relations, this will also allow the backwards and pre-ww2 Brazil to move forward. What do you all say?

India: For any help for Nueva Granada, they will have to rejoin the Axis as a Junior member. If not, we will not be able to help you.

Greece: Brazil is currently an Axis member.

Nueva Granada Diplomacy: hence the diplomacy with the axis nations we are requesting the permission of the axis to begin operations inside the lands of a nation which has no relations with the exterior at the moment and is due to its lack of technology and freedom speech, along with lack of basic needs in certain areas of the country causing problems for its population in the amazon we only wish to begin aiding and providing the people of the region. This is an act of rapprochement as well I am doing this as a means of diplomacy nothing more.

Chile: So, what is the decision of the alliance about this?

Tibet: I say humanitarian aid only

Chile: Delegate Acuña MacLean inform that the Chilean government has decided to take part in the recent "intervention" begun by Nueva Granada, with the goal to help to the Brazilian population. If nobody is opposed to our decision.

Nueva Granada Diplomacy: due to the British declaration of war on the Republic of Nueva Granada we hear by renounce our non aggression pact with them and with Tibet who is supporting them, we will not remove it with the other nations who remain neutral, we request that chile either support us as a fellow Latin American nation against neo-European colonialism or remain neutral seeing as we allies since before the creation of the axis alliance.

Chile: By the moment, we are neutrals, but only for try to avoid the war. Remember that we have been part of the Axis Alliance over almost 30 years. The only attempt of unity of the continent was the the brief SAACA but nobody tried to promote it.

Nueva Granadan Diplomacy: we withdraw from Brazil having completed our goals there and have began an internal and economic matters yet we still haven't received a reply returning to normal relations with the axis. We request that relations stabilize.

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