Spring, 1940

Since the invasion of Poland 9 months earlier, the United Kingdom and France have been at war with Germany. Nation after nation has fallen to the German war machine: Poland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Norway.


The Soviet Union and Germany have signed a secret protocol, splitting Eastern Europe between them. The Soviets attempted war with the Finns. The weakness and humiliating defeats suffered by the Red Army did not go unnoticed by the watching eyes of Nazi Germany. Both sides prepare for what they believe is the inevitable war.


Before that day, Britain and France had to be dealt with. With an objective of nothing less than total domination of Europe, the Allied powers in Europe must be dealt with. The Allies are finding themselves in a smaller and smaller perimeter of operations. Just as the German Army was about to crush the French and British armies on the coast of the English Channel, ships of all kinds throughout the channel donated their space to pick up these soldiers and take them to the safety of Britain.


In the Mediterranean and Africa, the Allies prepare for the fight of their lives in trying to hold back the Axis Powers from capturing Egypt, the Canal, Africa, and the whole middle east.


In the Pacific, Japan is at war with China. Japan walks a tight rope between increasing its influence in China and avoiding war with the Europeans. The Allies in Europe do not desire a war with Japan, fearing the overpowering might of Germany.


Despite trying to avoid war with the West, they feel more then prepared for war whenever it comes.

However, in the Americas, things are peaceful. The US, despite being locked in an economic depression, still holds the greatest industrial capacity of the entire world, but militarily, they are unprepared for war.

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