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Genghis Khan travels back in time just to ally with Napoleon and the Nazis and they take over the world.

Then they meet Obama and make him their puppet and they use him to take over the USA.

the fact is that The Dixies arrive to battle the coalition, they win and take over half of Europe.

Then the ISIS dude blows them up and rallies Muslims around them world, who do suicide attacks with gun powder barrels.

They use Jack's magic beans to grow a bin Laden since the last one died.

Alfonzo of Spain decides to ally with Alexander the Great and they sack Carthage.

Tehran strikes back goes in DVD now and its distributed throughout the realm.

The gays make parades through China and Chinese commies execute them.

Osama grew up to become an atheist pacifist hippie, that demanded all Muslims to believe in Justin Beiber.

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