Avia Tahlia
Welch silver

Avia at the 1995 Marilyn Kennedy Awards


September 5 1940 (age 71) , Chicago, Illinois


Josephine Tahlia (1940 - 1966) Avia Tahlia (1966 - 1973) Avia Chasse (1973 - 1984) Avia Tahlia (1984 - present)

Nationality: American
Political party: Republican

Jimmy Chasse (1973 - 1976)

Children: Tania
Alma mater: None
Occupation: Actress, Model, Icon
Religion: Church of America

Josephine Tahlia was born in 1940 in Chicago to an american mother and argentinian father. Her mother helped out at a local theatre and she sometimes used to go with her, it was at this time she decided she wanted to be on the stage. First appearing as a backing dancer in 1949 she gradually worked her way up to performing as Cinderella in 1957. She won the Illinois state beauty pageant in 1958 and succesively in 1959 and 1960. In 1961 she and her family moved to hollywood and she got a small part in the film Raiders of the night. She then appeared as minor characters in several films before earning herself the concubine/ playgirl typecast that would limit her career for the next decade. However in 1968 she had a major breakthrough with her role as Mary Swipe in Vincentzo. She appeared


Avia Tahlia 2011

Year Film Role
1961 Raiders of the Night Nurse
1962 Huckleberry Finn Steamboat Passenger
1962 Valley of the Kings Emelda Pettigrew
1963 Mission to the Moon Captain Stanton
1964 Zero Hour Hezzna's concubine
1965 For the Love of one Prostitute
1965 Mr Hugh Sarah
1965 Goddess Eva
1966 Camp Fortune Female Guard
1966 Wildgirls
1967 House of Blood Dracuella
1968 Vincentzo Mary Swipe
1969 BC: Age of the dinosaurs Eve
1969 The Generals Girl Isabel
1970 AD 2270 Meg 2351
1971 BC: Dawn of man Eve
1971 Beloved Cousin June
1975 Sabrina Sabrina

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