Senuistic Krofschip Avgrov
Timeline: Damalias Untold
Flag of Avgrov Avgrov
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Avgrov

Senuism, Seferendum! (Avgrovi)
("Communism, Liberty!")

(and largest city)
Other cities Juvan, New Avgrov
  others Damali


  others Catholic


Ethnic Groups
  others Fahrgravean, Tavrian, Evalonian
Demonym Avgrovan (Avgrovi)

Avgrovan (English)

Government Communist-Dictatorship
  legislature Communist Party
Communist Vice
Area 729 km² Metric
Population - 2015 Estimate 294+ million 
Independence from Baraton
  declared 1877
  recognized 1878
Currency Av
Time Zone GMT -2
Calling Code +107
Internet TLD .avg

Avgrov, officially the Communist-Dictatorship of Avgrov, is a large nation located in Damalias. It borders the Grand Valerius States to the north, Tavra, Aclana and Pavion to the east, Fahrgrave to the south, and Arkasia to the south west. Pelvir is Avgrov's capital and largest city, and is located on shore of Avgrov to the east. Avgrov is founding member of the Damalias Security Council, and is a member of the United Nations.

Avgrov was first coined during the Grand Crusades, when it was a member district of Baraton. Avgrov bordered Fahrgrave, Tavra and Vullif at the time, and was the only other Baratonian district to share a border with Arkasia. Avgrov was among the three remaining districts that were unclaimed, the others being Fahrgrave and Tavra, at the time of the Vakalonia-Baraton war. Avgrov later was among the districts that lit up the Baraton civil war, being one of the founders of the rebellion.

Avgrov eventually became independent in 1878, like neighbours Fahrgrave and Tavra. Vullif broke up into three smaller states, currently known as Pavion, Scena and Aclana. In 1943, Avgrov became a Communist-Dictatorship, and has been so ever since. Avgrov soon became a military power in Damalias, maintaining an army capable of challenging that of neighbors the Grand Valerius States and Arkasia.

Contact with Avgrov was largely avoided due to most nations having issues with Avgrov. Avgrov recently declared war on Tavra due to a trade dispute.


Grand Crusades

Avgrov was first coined during the Grand Crusades, in which Avgrov actively participated by recruiting and sending forces for mainland Baraton to employ. Avgrov remained untouched by the First Grand Crusade otherwise however.

Avgrov again managed to conscript military forces during the Second Grand Crusade for Baraton to employ. Avgrov also manufactured siege weapon on a very fast pace, allowing the Baratonian generals to pick up several siege weapons at least once a week. Avgrov's territory remained untouched by the spoils of war however.

In the third and final Grand Crusade, Avgrov took a bit more of an active role. Neighboring district Fahrgrave was early during the crusade occupied by the Sultanate of Abbzir, joined by Vakalonian forces. Avgrov and Tavra were among the districts most important to Fahrgrave's liberation, supplying a major amount of forces to aid in it's liberation.

Baraton-Vakalonia war

Avgrov was an active participant during the Baraton-Vakalonia war. Avgrov actively supplied assets and forces to Baraton to combat Vakalonian forces with, like almost all districts did. Eventually, Vakalonian forces managed to reach Tavra and Avgrov, which managed to push back Vakalonian forces and liberate the rest of Baraton through it.

Baratonian civil war

Avgrov was one of the nations that ignited the Baratonian civil war. Joined by neighboring districts Fahrgrave (Damalias Untold), Tavra, and many others, Baraton eventually was effectively destroyed by the revolt, and it's territory divided over the districts.

Avgrov was in first instance a monarchy, however, the monarchy soon failed Avgrov, and in 1943, Avgrov became a Communist-Driven Dictatorship, placing a Dictator in supreme command with a Vice from the Communist party at his right hand.

Modern era

Avgrov is largely avoided by the nations of Damalias, only seeking to trade with them from time to time. Avgrov and Tavra soon entered a trade dispute. When it became apparent that there was no peaceful way out, Avgrov declared war.

Avgrovan-Tavrian war

Avgrov declared war on Tavra following the trade dispute and the blockading of the latter's ports. Later, sacred constructions of Tavra were bombarded and destroyed by bombardments of Avgrov, and several days later, Avgrovan and Tavrian troops met in the field, only to push Tavrian forces back. Several nations in Damalias had urged Avgrov to stop, although Avgrov ignored this.

When Fahrgrave and Arkasia were about to declare war, Avgrov convinced Fahrgrave not to, by validating the dispute, after which Arkasia followed.

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