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The Soviet Union contains within its borders eight autonomous republics (Russian: автономные республики, avtonomnyye ryespubliki). Under the constitution, the autonomous republics have similar characteristics of the republics of the Soviet Union, but are not regarded as full republics. Because of which, they are subordination to the laws and jurisdiction of a republic, but are entitled to separate representation within the Soviet of Republics.

Much like the republics, autonomous republics were established following the formation of the Soviet Union in 1922 as part of Vladimir Lenin's national delimitation and korenization. In affect, they were designed to become homelands for the many peoples of the former Russian Empire. Under which, a hierarchical system was established within the USSR, with the republics on top and several levels of autonomous regions which were under the jurisdiction of the republics. Over the decades, many of these autonomous regions were either discontinued or upgraded (many becoming full republics by today).


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