Autnomous Republic of Transnistria 
—  Republic —
Flag of Transnistria (state)


Coat of arms of Transnistria

Coat of Arms

Anthem: We sing the praises of Transnistria
Transnistria in Europe (zoomed)

Political status
Country Russia
Federal District External
Established September 3rd, 1990
Capital Tiraspol
 - President Igor Smirnov (1st)
 - Legislature Supreme Council
 - Total 4,163 km2 ( 1,607 sq mi)
Area rank 85th
Population (2001 Census)
 - Total 555,347
 - Rank 70th
 - Density 124.6/km2 (345/sq mi)
Timezone EET (UTC+2)
Official languages Russian, Romanian, Moldovan

Transnistria is the name of a country located in Eastern Europe. Transnistria is a part of Russia as an autonomous district. It has massive amounts of political power as opposed to other Russian province, due to its location and size. It is also, one of the only republics, to have a standing army.


The Autonomous Republics do not hold much power, as the constitution of the Russian SFSR details that they are merely administrative boundaries. The Revisions made for the 1997 Russian Constitution, gave the oblasts, and republics more power.

Transnistria one of the few republics to have complete autonomy. Transnistria is able to appoint its own leaders and control its own internal affairs. The Country models itself after the Russian SFSR and is governed by a President and People's Council, which is controlled by the Transnistrian Communist Party.

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