Austro-Czechoslovakian War
Axis vs Allies Resurrection (Map Game)
Date 1937-1939
Location Central and Eastern Europe
Result Allied Victory
  • Krakow Peace Talks
  • German Occupation of Austria
  • Yugoslav withdrawal from Albania

Invading Forces

  • Austria
  • Yugoslavia

Support From:

  • Soviet Union


  • Czechoslovakia
  • German Reich
  • France
  • Poland

Support From:

  • Netherlands
Commanders and leaders
  • Hans Markert
  • Milan Strojadinovis
  • Edvard Benes
  • Oskar von Hindenburg
  • Albert Lebrun
  • Andrzej Poplawski

The Austro-Czechoslovakian War, also known as the Austrian Invasion of Czechoslovakia, was a military conflict that began in 1937 and ended in 1939. The war began when Austria invaded Czechoslovakia with the help of their ally, Yugoslavia. Austria initially was successful, but then Poland, France, and Germany all declared war on Austria, and Austria was greatly defeated. In the end, the Netherlands, which supported the Allies, made a proposal in peace talks in Krakow after Poland's proposal. The Dutch proposal as well as the second Polish proposal featured the German Reich gaining control of Austria, which was agreed to. They also featured Yugoslavia withdrawing from Albania, which it had invaded in 1937. This was a major rift between communism and anti-communism, and caused many countries becoming politically against the Soviet Union. 

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