French troops and Austrian rebels meet for armistice talks.

This article is part of the Napoleon´s America timeline.

The great Austrian Empire had been under French rule for over 40 years. As with the German people, they decided to stage an uprising as soon as Napoleon was dead.

When the French Emperor died, the leaders of resistance movements in Austria attacked the French authorities and troops occupying their country. Since France had a heavier military presence there than they did in Germany it took longer for the Austrians to achieve their independence. As soon as Germany was independent again, all French troops

They were sent to Austria to prevent the loss of another large part of their territory. Fighting against a whole

Uprising of Germany
Date 1864-1865
Location Austrian province of the French Empire (Austrian Empire).

Vienna Armistice

Austria becomes an independent state again.

France loses the Austrian province of their Empire.
  • Austrian Empire
  • France

country and suffering the same problems that they did when fighting the Germans, the French troops quickly decided to give them an Armistice and grant them their independence. This was done with the condition that Austria would pay a relatively small fine for the dead soldiers and lost equipment during the war

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