Progressive Party
Leader Leopold Füster
Speakers of the House Leopold Füster, Adolf Obermoser
Founded 1976
Headquarters Salzburg, Austria
Ideology Conservatism, Progressivism, New Nationalism
Official colors Teal
Seats in the Grand Council
2 / 20
Seats in the Austrian Senate
12 / 100
0 / 9
Speakers of the House
0 / 2

The Progressive Party of Austria is political party founded as an alternative to the jingoistic nationalism of the Austrian Nationalist Party. The party advocates for a democratic, progressive government, which regulates business and protects human welfare and property.

The party was founded by Leopold Füster in the city of Salzburg, which up until 1976 had remained a city state outside the reaches of the Nationalists. Following elections in 1976, the party remains the second largest political party in the nation.

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