Nationalist Party
Leader Karl von Habsburg
House House of Habsburg-Lorraine
Speakers of the House Amadeus Grün, Walter Hanl
Founded 1971
Preceded by CV Flag of Austria 1920-1941Austrian Political Parties
Headquarters Vienna, Austria
Ideology Nationalism, Conservatism, Reactionary,
Official colors Red
Seats in the Grand Council
17 / 20
Seats in the Austrian Senate
83 / 100
9 / 9
Speakers of the House
2 / 2

The Nationalist Party of Austria is a reactionary, conservative party that supports the claims of the Habsburg. The party was formed originally to repel the pre-doomsday Austrian government, which many believed had inadequately defended the Austrian people. The party would become intertwined with Karl von Habsburg and his campaign to restore his house as the leader of the Austrian people, and lead Austria to greatness.

The party believes that Austria can once again be strong and rise up as a global super power. The party calls for the creation of a strong military that can defend Austria, as well as conquer zombie infected Europe and restore order. The leader of the party is considered to be the current head of the Habsburg family, which is currently Karl von Habsburg, although the majority of party decisions falls to the command of the party.

First founded in 1971 the party quickly grew as one of the only forces in central Austria that hadn't been overrun by the zombies. The party was well equip and helped to clear Vienna and much of the surrounding area. With the Habsburg family the party would continue to rally support, combating the pro-democratic forces that remained since doomsday.

In 1976 Austria was taken by the Habsburgs, loosely controlled by Nationalist officers which Habsburg had appointed. The new government of Austria was established, acting as a constitutional monarchy. In the first election the Nationalists managed to secure eighty-one out of the one hundred available seats in the senate, solidifying their claim as the predominate political party in the nation, and electing Amadeus Grün and Walter Hanl as Speaker of the House and Vice Speaker of the House, respectively.