Austrian Independence Party
Österreicher Unabhängigkeit Partei
Leader Karl von Innsbruck-Brno
Founded October 4 1852
Dissolved July 30 1860
Headquarters Vienna
Ideology Austrian nationalism
Political position Right-Wing
Official colours Red and White

The Austrian Independence Party (commonly known as the Austrian Party) was a right-wing Austrian party that advocated for greater regional authority in Austria. Founded by Karl von Innsbruck-Brno, Councillor of Austria, the party rejected the more leftist advocation for centralization. In the 1852 elections , the party played an active role in supporting the All-Danubian Conservative Party. The establishment was often attacked as a separtist organization by several notable figures, including Vice-President Ion Horsa Codrinaru, and RUF leader Peter Sík, though it rejected these notions.