Austria, also known as the Austrian Empire, was the one of the most powerful empires in Central Europe, consisting of most of its empire in its OTL version during the OTL Napoleonic War. The term Austrian Empire has also been used, which usually refers to Habsburg possessions in the region. Austria was founded by Holy Roman Emperor Francis II (later Emperor Francis I of Austria), which was an independent state which covers his personal lands inside and outside the Holy Roman Empire.

It was officially formed in 1804, when Austria was defeated by the French under Napoleon and was forced to be his ally. When Austria suffered its greatest defeat at Austerlitz in December 1805, Francis II was forced to sign the Treaty of Pressburg in December 1805. This was followed by a cease-fire and peace talks. It also led to the end of the Holy Roman Empire (though it would be official in August 6, 1806), which most of it was formed into the Confederation of the Rhine. Some Austrian holdings were turned to France.

After the cease-fire, Austria was allowed to break away the forced ties with France. However, after the Second Napoleonic War, Napoleon crowned himself Emperor of Austria, thus annexing Austria into France.

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