Austrian Empire
Kaisertum Österreich
Timeline: The Rise of Austria: Victory of the Hapsburgs

OTL equivalent: [1]
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Imperial Coat of Arms of the Empire of Austria (1815)
Flag Coat of Arms

Durch den Sieg, Ruhm (English)
("Through victory, glory")

Anthem "Österreich über alles"
Capital Vienna
Largest city Constantinople
Other cities Budapest,Munich, Breslau, Krakow, etc.
  others Hungarian, Greek, Polish, Turkish, etc.
Demonym Austrian
Government Constitutional Federal Monarchy
  legislature Austrian Reichstag
Emperor Ludwig Hapsburg
  Royal house: Hapsburg-Lorraine
Reichskanzler Julius Liebknecht
Population 3,545,000 
Independence July 12 1806
Currency Schilling
Time Zone GMT +1 (Central European Time)
Internet TLD .ost
Organizations European Defence League

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