Austrian Flag


Austria has been weakened. It was once a great center of learning and military might, but because of Napoleon I those days are long gone. It is weak, politically unstable, corrupt, and fearful. Napoleon I is training Napoleon II by having him rule Austria. He is an incompotent ruler. Although the government in highly Pro-French, the people are not. The people rise up in open rebellion, and defy their monarch. Food shortages are everywhere, and this country's population is rapidly falling. One bright spot, is that after much work, Vienna is once again Austrian. Many in Austria believe that the Russians plan to invade. More violence is the last thing Austria needs right now. To the East, Crimea poses a real threat. There, the people are training everyday for war. Prussia, however is clearly not a threat. South, the Ottomans have close ties to Russia and Crimea, so if either of those nations get in a war, the Ottoman Empire will be dragged in. Fresh Blood is the last thing Austria needs...


Austria is Gold-Colored.

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