1976 CV Flag of Austria 1920-1941 1984
Austrian Election, 1980
Bull connor Senator Castro 459px-William H Avery
Party Austrian Nationalist Party Austrian Progressive Party Austrian Liberal Party
Percentage 73.17% 14.41% 12.42%
SotH before election
Amadeus Grün
Elected SotH
Amadeus Grün
Nationalist Party

The 1980 Senatorial election in Austria was the second election in Habsburg Austria. Seventy-three seats out of one hundred were won by the Austrian Nationalist Party, securing Amadeus Grün to his second term as speaker of the house, and his running mate Erwin Grosskopf from Wien as Vice Speaker of the House.

Fourteen seats were won by the Austrian Progressive Party, led by party founder Leopold Füster, and his running mate Julian Kronburger. The two individuals were unable to secure Speaker of the House positions, and would instead serve as two of the twelve seats.

The Austrian Liberal Party won twelve seats in the senate, led by Karl Neuner and Lukas Roster.

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