No human, dead or alive, can do everything at once. And while many would like to think so, even the Archdukes of Austria are not exempt from this rule. The Archdukes, from a time that the Habsburgs were mere counts in the lands known as "Further Austria", have had their councilors at court. This article aims to detail all of the positions, those that are simply honourary and those with real power, in the court of the Austrian Archduke. After the government reforms during the early rule of Archduke Albert V & II, the positions at court, at least the ones which wield real power in the state, have become regularized. Any man who receives an honourary title can sit at council at will, however is required to speak only after the regular councilors have spoken and has no responsibilities.

Positions at CourtEdit

Herrkanzler (Lord Chancellor) -- The Right Hand of the Archduke, Responsible for the day to day functioning of Administrative offices, de facto head of government and chief Justice of Austria in the Archduke's Absence. A Judgment of the Herrkanzler is considered to come from the Archduke.

Herrkastellan von Tirol, Wien und München (Lord Castellan of Tyrol and Vienna) -- Responsible for the finances and tax collection of the Archduchy (Head of the Treasury/Finance Minister), Head of the Archducal Mints, Head of the Austrian Archducal Bank of Commerce. (Basically the Austrian Name for the position of "Court Jew"). AS the number of Chartered Mints grew, it became common to simply refer to the position as simply Herrkastellan (Lord Castellan), as it became cumbersome to constantly say the name of each city with a mint.

Herroberkommandant (Lord High Commander) -- the head of the Austrian land forces, second only to the Archduke in his command.

Herrgroßadmiral (Lord Grand Admiral) -- The head of the Austrian Navy, second only to the Archduke in his command.

Herrvorsteher der Botschaften (Lord Overseer of the Embassies) -- Equivalent to a Minister of Foreign Affairs

Current Members of the CourtEdit

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