Anyone can offer (in talk page) their ideas abou my timeline

Point of Divergence (POD)

CONGRESSE OF WIEN (1815): after "Hundred days", to "punish" France, Holy Alliance gave to Austria former duchy of Lorraine and returned former Austrian Netherlands. As a result, France has intensified anti-monarchist movement (Republicans and Bonapartists) and France began to support of Pan-Germans, seeking to create a united German state around Prussia, was made informal Franco-Prussian military alliance, directed against Austria. Uprising of 1831 in Belgium was suppressed by Austrians. Belgium remained as Austrian Netherlands, no independent kingdom

19th century before European war (1815-1857)

Muhammed Ali, Turkish Sultan

In OTL, Muhammad Ali in 1831 failed to seize power in Turkey due to intervention of Russia. However, in this version, Egyptians took Istanbul before approach of Russians. Muhammad Ali announced himself sultan of Ottoman Empire, modernized army and formed military alliance with France against Russia and Austria. Chief of the Turkish army was Polish revolutionary Jozef Bem

French and Pan-German revolutions

In 1848 throughout Europe a wave of revolutions known as "Spring of Nations". In France, monarchy was overthrown and a republic proclaimed, led by Louis-Napoleon III Bonapart. In Germany, pan-German Frankfurt National Assembly proclaimed North German Confederation and Prussia become its leader, which availing of revolution to gain control over Germany. Although Hungarian and Italian revolutions were crushed by Austrian and Russian army, Prussia and France continued to support of pan-Italians and Hungarian separatists. In 1851 Napoleon III became Emperor of France and made anti-Austrian and anti-Russian military alliance with Prussia, Sardinia (which sought to unite Italy) and Great Britain (which sought to halt the strengthening of Russia)

Beginning of European war

In 1857, in Naples monarchy was overthrown. Naples revolutionaries began a campaign in Italy with aim of Italian unification, annexed Parma, Modena, Romagna and Tuscany. Austria accused Sardinia and France in support of the revolution, and declared war on them under the pretext of protecting the principle of legitimacy. Prussia as an ally of France, supported her, declaring war on Austria. Russia declared war on Prussia, Sardinia and France. Britain and the Ottoman Empire remained neutral until

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