Austrian Armed Forces
Österreichisches Bundesheer
Austria Bundesadler 1919-1934
Founded November 8, 1918
Current form 1972
Service branches Landstreitkräfte (Land Forces)
Luftstreitkräfte (Air Forces)
Headquarters Vienna
Commander-in-Chief Karl von Habsburg
Minister of Defence Gerald Faerber
Military age 17
Active personnel 300,000
Reserve personnel 425,000
Domestic suppliers Steyr Mannlicher
Glock Ges.m.b.H.

The Österreichisches Bundesheer (German for "Austrian Federal Army", officially referred to as the Austrian Armed Forces in English), is the name for the military of the nation of Austria.

The current form of the Austrian Armed Forces was formed after the Nationalist success in the Austrian Civil War. The reformed military was consolidated from the rebel forces which fought against the national military in the war, using the old organizations of the pre-apocalypse Austrian Military.

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