Empire of Austria
Timeline: Qu'il Tous

OTL equivalent: Most of Austria and the Czech Republic, parts of Slovenia, Croatia, and Slovakia.
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy Austrian CoA (Nat. 1848)
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Vienna
Largest city Vienna
Other cities Brno, Graz, Linz, Ostrava, Prague, Salzburg
Language Austrian German, Czech
Demonym Austrian, Austro-Czech
Kaiser Karl I
Prime Minister Wolfgang Geissler
Currency Austrian Gulden

The Austrian Empire is a nation-state in Central Europe that was once one of the dominant powers on the continent. Following its defeat in the First European War, and the Rhineland War, as well the secession of Hungary, it was greatly reduced both in size, and in territory. The Emperor would resign in favor of his nephew in 1864. Currently, the Emperor, since 2007, is Karl I, son of Otto I, who died in July of 2011, having resigned the throne in favor of his son four years earlier.

Rulers since 1864 have been:

  • Ferdinand I, 1835-1864
  • Francis Joseph I, 1864-1916
  • Charles I, 1916-1922
  • Otto I, 1922-2007
  • Karl I, 2007-Present


Government and Politics


International Relations

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