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United Republics of Greater Austria
Vereinigte Republiken von Groß-Österreich
Egyesült Köztársaság Nagy-Ausztria

Timeline: No Napoleon

OTL equivalent: Austria-Hungary, including Montenegro, Veneto, Trentino-South Tyrol and Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Flag of the Habsburg Monarchy
Flag of Austria

Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter (Latin)
("Indivisible and Inseparable")

Capital Vienna
Largest city Budapest
Language German, Hungarian, Czech, Polish, Ukrainian, Romanian, Croatian, Italian, Serbian
Roman Catholicism
  others Protestantism, Eastern Orthodoxy, JudaismSunni Islam
Demonym Austrian
Government Unitary semi-presidential constitutional republic
Population 68,528,650 
Established 1924
Currency Krone (kr)
Calling Code 36
Internet TLD .au
Organizations Union of Europe

The United Republics of Greater Austria, commonly known as Austria, is a nation in eastern Europe. The republic was a result of revolution in the aftermath of World War I, where Republican Revolutions became rampant across Europe. It is comprised of sixteen republics and fourteen autonomous enclaves.


Austro-Hungarian Empire

World War I



Main article: Republics of Austria
Map of Austrian Republics (No Napoleon)

Map of the 16 Austrian republics

Austria is comprised of a total of sixteen republics, as well as fourteen autonomous enclaves:

  • Flag of Austria Austria
  • Flag of Bohemia Bohemia
  • Flag of the Czech Republic Czechia
  • Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina (No Napoleon) Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Flag of Slovenia Carolina
  • Flag of Croatia Croatia
  • Flag of East Galicia (No Napoleon) East Galicia
  • Flag of Hungary Hungary
  • Flag of Montenegro Montenegro
  • Flag of Moravia (No Napoleon) Moravia
  • Flag of Slovakia Slovakia
  • Flag of Szekely Land Szekler Land
  • Flag of Transylvania before 1918 Transylvania
  • Flag of Veneto Venetia
  • Flag of Vojvodina Vojvodina
  • Flag of Poland (1807–1815) West Galicia


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