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Austria (Medieval Plague)

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Function Value
Monthly Income 20.8
Monthly Expenses 21.2(20.9 in investments)
Total monthly Profit -1.54(75.90 annually)
Manpower 16,419(28,012 max, gain:1,167 p/m*)
Government Feudal Monarchy
Tech Level 7

Aragon: 85

Byzantines: -65

England: 85

France: 85

The Mamluks: -65

Venice: 85

Allies Venice
Casus Belli against N/A
Provinces 10

*Per Month


Austria does not hold any vassals at the moment.


Green represents Austrian territory.

Deployed Army

Unit Name Unit Type Location Strength Morale
K.u.K Armee Mixed Wien 7,000(5k inf, 2k cav) Max


Name Location Finished in

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