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This time-line revolves around a reunification of Austria and Hungary. Please note that this isn't necessarily complete. There will be updates from time to time, so please watch this page.


October 4, 1986 - Austria and Hungary reveal plans to reunify starting on January 1, 1988, after almost 70 years. The UN revokes Hungary's membership and forces it to piggyback on Austria for UN-related things to prepare for it.

January 1, 1988 - Austria-Hungary is reborn after almost 70 years! The reborn union picks a Monarchy-Democracy hybrid system, and the "Monarchs" effectively function as Vice Presidents and "Second Presidents." Austria and Hungary are the original 2 states.

May 5, 1988 - The USA agrees that Austria-Hungary will have 50% ownership of Florida, and the USA will have the other 50%.




United Kingdom

Russian Republic

United States


Austro-Hungarian states



Florida (Shared with USA)

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