Timeline: The Global War Resurrected (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Austria-Hungary
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Austria-Hungaria transparency
Flag Coat of Arms
Location USGA 1919
Location of Austria-Hungary

Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter (German)

Anthem "KaiserHymne"
Capital Vienna
Largest city Vienna
Language German
Religion Christianity, Islam, Judaism
Ethnic Group German
Demonym Austria-Hungarian
Government Monarchy
Emperor Franz Joseph
  Royal house: Habsburg-Lorraine
Austria-Hungary is an Empire stretching from Central Europe to the balkans. It joined WWI on the side of The Central Powers.


Austria-Hungary: We begin modernising our army and ships are built in the navy. We accept the trade request from the USA and offer trade requests to Germany and ask them for joint military accesses. We build a railway system from Vienna to Budapest. We send troops to stop Yugoslav nationalists spread their ideas. We send an proclamation to Serbia demanding they end supplying nationals. We influence the Balkans. We demand all nations even Germany and Italy not to get involved in our endeavours in the Balkans.

Austria-Hungary: We send a trade request to Germany and thank them for aiding us. The army is sent to Bosnia to deal with the protesters. We continue our modernisation and have succeeded in most parts. We send another threat to Serbia and place an embargo on them. We continue our influence in the Balkans. We would like Princess Sophie to be betrothed to Prince Augustin of Mexico. Franz Joseph would like to meet the Czar in Vienna. We send aid to Brazil and support them in their rivalry with Argentina. Franz Ferdinand is declared heir to the throne. We attempt to boost the economy.

Austria-Hungary: The Congress of Vienna ends unsuccessfully. We continue influencing the Balkans and send the Army to Bosnia to threaten Serbia. We continue modernizing the army and navy. A massive protest in Sarajevo breaks out. We send Princess Sophie to Mexico and hope the Mexicans will approve of the betrothal.

Austria-Hungary: We continue influencing the Balkans. We send troops to the Serbian Border. We declare any man, woman or child who does not have an German or Austro-Hungarian identification papers can be taken into custody by these troops. We threaten Serbia once more and will take action against them if they continue to aid Bosnian Rebels. We improve the military and navy.

Austria-Hungary: We mobilize against Serbia. The Army is split into two, the First Division goes to crush the revolution and then go to the border while the Second Division will march directly to the Border. We ask Germany for assistance. We give Serbia an ultimatum, Stop aiding the Rebels or war will be declared. The Army is well organised and prepared if Serbia chooses the other choice. We warn Russia not to get involved

Austria-Hungary: The armies battle the revolutionaries. We manage to capture most of Tulaza back but due to a bad decision on leaving the artillery behind we lose the city. We plan to recapture it next year. We support Germany and ask them for aid. We thank Argentina for its support. We support the Ottoman Invasion and troops await on the border to assist the Ottomans. Hundreds Bosnian men are sent to prison for being "Rebels." Franz Ferdinand protests against this. We build up the navy. The Entente is warned not to get involved with our endeavours. We welcome Spain into the Alliance and hope Germany will accept them as well.

Austria-Hungary: Tuluza is recaptured. One of the generals of the rebellion is shot and his supporters are hanged. We invade Serbia and capture main towns in the North, our troops destroy the railway system. Franz Joseph creates conscription. 200,000 men battle the invading Russians. We send two Destroyers to attack the British Bases in Crete, Cyprus and Malta.