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Austria-Hungarian Empire
Österreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie
Timeline: French Trafalgar, British Waterloo

OTL equivalent: Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Former Yugoslovia
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918) Austria-Hungaria transparency
Flag Coat of Arms
Austria Hungary FTEW
The Austria-Hungarian Empire, c. 1840 (will be updated later!)
Anthem ""Gott erhalte, Gott beschütze""
Capital Vienna
Largest city Vienna
Other cities Budapest, Prague, Sarajevo
Language German, Hungarian, other languages
Roman Catholic
  others Protestantism, Judaism, Russian Orthadox
Government Constitutional Monarchy
  legislature Council of Nobles
Emperor Ferdinand I (will be updated later!)
  Royal house: The House of Hapsburg
Population 34,769,185 (as of 1840, to be updated later!) 
Established August 8, 1824
Currency Krone

The Austria-Hungarian Empire, also known as the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Austria-Hungary and the Dual Monarchy, was a state formed after the end of the Holy Roman Empire in 1804 as the Austrian Empire, but after the Hungarian Revolt of 1824, it was modified to become the present day state.

Holding a central position in Europe, and surrounded by the Russian Empire to the east, Germany to the north, Italy and Switzerland to the west and the Ottoman Empire to the south, with a small coastline along the Adriatic Sea.

Having been defeated by the French Empire at the Battle of Austerlitz in 1805, Austria became a virtual recluse from European affairs until the Prussian Expansion War, when the Empire became a battleground, and afterward, allied with France to stop the Northern Threat.

The empire is economically divided between industrialized Austria, Bohemia and Moravia, and agricultural Hungary and Transylvania. A high GDP and living standard is a result of this, as their isn't a great dependence on imports nor exports. The educational and healthcare system's, among the first in the world, are one of Europe's best.

A professional army, called the Imperial Land Forces, as well as a small navy, the Imperial Naval Forces, are some of the best equipped in the world, and have proven that they can stand their own ground against such nations as Prussia-Sweden and the Ottoman Empire in battle. A military alliance with France and Poland, as well as a neutrality pact with Russia, help secure her borders from hostile threats.

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